our words




can, will,

write, scribble,
scratch, claw, type, etch
click, bleed, shout, scream,
whisper, cry, smear, speak, copy,
rethink, doubt, edit, erase,
dream, paint,


w o r d s.


yours spell
just like mine.


for any



connect, relate,
understand, fathom,
experience, absorb, believe
empathize, sympathize,
respond, remember,
listen, hear




not feel so

abandoned, frighteneed,
severed, lonely, misunderstood,
unreacheable, anxious, numb,
singular, distant,



this very
m o m e n t

w e

n o w.
t o g e t h e r.

talk to me




hear, feel…

109 thoughts on “our words

  1. Adored, loved, admired…. what else can be said – wonderful my friend. x

  2. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    ah but you have a special way with words

  3. Noora says:

    This is wonderfully penned! Loved it a lot.

  4. Eva van Beek says:

    loved this one…not sure what is about – but for me it sounded like you trying to overcome a serious argument with your loved one – because it feels like that every time I argue with mine…thanks for sharing.

    • ….oh Eva. ..we’ve certainly had our share of arguments over these 10 years like everyone else… ..and i was remembering that very first one, how shocking it was, that first one usually is.

      ..Scout left for work without saying goodbye she was so hurt, i just couldn’t take it so before she came home that night i set up a picnic blanket in our livingroom, lights down, candles and some wine…she walked in and it just changed everything….and i looked her in her eyes and said ‘talk to me please….’

  5. Wow! Simply wow!

    Did I just witness a magical show of words? Bow to you, sir. My journey in this blogosphere is very new, but this is one of the best pieces of verse I’ve ever read! The flow of thoughts, the usage of vocabulary to raise the intensity – simply astounded by your mark! Thank you for this, it helped me learn a lot about writing poetry, the real art of it. πŸ™‚

    I tried my hand at one unique form of verse as well, a humble attempt though. Do read it, whenever you find time…

    Best wishes

    • my friend Tanumoy, you humble this novice writer with your praise. i’m new here as well so we have that to share, in addition to our love words…since writing poetry only since April, i have become fascinated with them, their meaning, spelling, appearnce on the page. so i guess that’s the genesis of this poem and how it came to look as it did.

      thank you so very much.

      and my friends who are reading this, please follow the link to Tanumoy’s blog, there you will read some inspired poetry with always an uplifting message. i will be there a little later my friend, i will see you then.


  6. Twig says:

    This is simply awesome – loved it!

  7. Oloriel says:

    This was very beautiful and warm to read. I did not have much time basicly these passed few days, so forgive me for just pressing “like” and not writting anything. In so few days with no time for this place I have missed reading words very much.

    • Oloriel, please no worries, we all have life outside our blogs. sometimes LIFE gets in the way too much, maybe we should all try and figure out how we can change that, so we can all read and write to our heart’s content! and thank you for always wanting to be here, to read my words and share your tender thoughts…it means so much to me.

  8. So beautifully said . . . thank you for sharing.

    • so sorry, i seem to be having problems with my comment function, my reply to you from this afternoon was posted out of sequence..

      a very warm welcome to you, thank you so much for your kindness. i admire your writing as well.

  9. And the Maestro sculpts yet another Masterpiece — leaving David and Pieta to thirst eyes, while this marvel to amused minds.Β 

    Because… he can
    And… he will
    So… he does
    If… he feels
    When… he desires

    Stone, they speak… and gleam too.
    Thank you for such a “piece of stone”, Master Who!

    • and a lesson i learned so late in this life that when i need, i need only ask.

      and from those who care i recieve in torrents and sheets, of warming rain and encouraging words

      and this humble scribbler thank you for gracing his pages with your kindness and woven tapestry of words and poetry, until we meet again please know you’ve sparked another *smile still*

      • …. and I visited again to, relish your marvel, and savor the ‘sparked smile’.
        *she still knows how they spark; those stones*

      • …and he remains reverential in every word she writes, his imagination sparks and heart warmed, this cradle of encouragement can only spur another close listen of his heart, another reason among many to *remain in smiles*

    • Reading both of your words and experiencing the worlds behind them makes me realize every time: I’ve lived my life, it’s a circle now… *smile of peace*

      • Tanumoy, now i fully understand this comment…i didn’t notice at first you had addressed this to my new friend.

        …a full circle indeed and how lucky are we?..*smiling still*

  10. You have captured the contrasting emotion of all artists who create from their heart here – I am still stunned every time I read something you have written. I keep returning after the fact, once I have gathered my thoughts (at least a little) to comment because I can not simply let it pass without offering my tiny little words of encouragement. Beautiful poetry speaks to each reader in its own language – that is a true gift – YOUR true gift and our incredible good luck that you share it with us!

  11. anabrav says:

    Reblogged this on loosepen and commented:
    Just Loved it…

  12. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    and you touch more than you know.with your thoughts you have spun into beautiful words…
    this is wonderful!
    Take Care…

    • oh ladyblue, your heartfelt replies always place a smile in my heart, ty.

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

        once again…I enjoy the flow of thoughts as they seem cast upon the winds of time…
        looking forward to you being back…
        Take Care…You Matter…

      • ty maryrose, this first transistion week is coming to a close,
        my words are starting to arrive again. i’m just grateful to have
        a 4 day work week, off Sat to Mon, i certainly need it this week!

  13. Your words are in my breath and heart…beautiful…amazing…penetrating…true!

    • and a poem in your incredible reply, ty so much for such a hearfelt response to these words, it means so much.

      and thispoem was borne from pain, the very first disagreement my partner and i had. i wrote a description of that day in another comment in this thread. and now we both try very hard to reconnect as quickly as possible.
      even today we had a little spat, i got quiet as i usually do. she came into my room and said ‘look at me, i’m sowwy’ and gave me a kiss. and all was right in the world.

  14. brian miller says:

    and to me that is the magic…when our words connect…the please talk to me in the end is rather evocative to me…communication seems so hard for many and once lost can be the death of a relationship…really like the cascade of your words…its effective in the delivery of this…

    • a warm welcome to you, and thank you so much for your kindness.

      this poem, like so many of mine is born from memory, from the very first time my partner and i had a spat. that first time is always a little shocking and this was no exception. i really needed to reconnect so i laid out a picnic blanket on our living room floor, some wine and candles and when she came home and saw me sitting there waiting…well, it just made taliking again so much easier.

  15. Loved this – the stanzas were like waves washing up on the shore. Delightful!

  16. Grace says:

    I hear you loud & clear ~ I love the words connecting us as writing can be a very a lonely world ~ Nice to meet you as well ~

    (I have two blogs & I am responding from my WP account)

    • thank you, i’m so glad i finally joined d’verse, i’ve been hovering for weeks. i’m a member of the 20 Lines a Day community and i felt the need to expand these horizons a bit.

      i did just find everyday amazing and loved the post about AMMA, a huge proponent of the {{{ h u g }}} myself. i’m looking forward to revisiting, so i can read more of what i’ve been missing! πŸ™‚

  17. Pamela says:

    Love the cascade of words here, wckt. It is all about connecting with other like minded individuals. I see you are new to dVerse. Welcome and it is a pleasure to meet you.


    • a warm welcome to you as well, thank you. i finally took the leap after hovering for a few weeks, i’m glad i finally posted and got a chance to read such incredible poetry…made a few new friends too.

      your poem ‘lip gloss instead’ reached that meelancholy place, that mile deep well i have that always seems so easy to tap into. your words brought back a lot of good memories as well, so thank you. very tenderly written.
      i am sure to return to your blog, to catch up on what i’ve been missing.:-)

  18. claudia says:

    for me the key part was the listening in the close…we have unlearned to listen to what others have to say….and communication is only possible if we do both…well penned

    • a warm welcome to you and yes, i believe you are absolutely correct about the close. this poem, like so many i begin to write roll out on their own, i knew what i wanted to say but i wasn’t sure how. adding that at the end created a conversation, and held the promise of understanding while listening. and as you so correctly say, a skill we need to relearn and practice.

      thank you for such astute insight, and for taking the time to comment. the encouragment means a lot to me. πŸ™‚

  19. You are so blessed…to have someone to converse with…to share with..to have them respond…to feel connected–yes–what we all long for…beautifully said and pleaded…

    • you are so right, it was my plea to her at the time. if you read the previous comments, i just couldn’t handle us not talking. i am blessed, i know it now and that word has taken on a much different meaning to me since we met. ty, for reading and feeling so much from my words, i can’t tell what that means to me.

  20. beebeesworld says:

    Thanks for continuing to read my blog. I enjoy yours as well. best wishes, beebee

  21. SpotlessMindID says:

    I love this one, sir πŸ™‚

    • well ty so much, and a warm welcome to you this morning!
      i was recalling the first big spat my partner and i had
      12 years ago, we weren’t talking and i couldn’t take it.
      so i laid out a picnic blanket on the livingroom floor
      complete with candles and wine, and waited for her to
      open the door when she got home….and it worked!

      • SpotlessMindID says:

        You did so much for her, sir.. and I know she felt grateful toward you. Maybe, if I and my best friend have a big problem, I will do the same just like you πŸ˜€

      • her anger just dissipated when she realized what i’d done,
        what it meant for us not to be talking. it was a great night,
        and remains one of my favorite memories of us!

        yeah, i sure think it’s worth a try.

  22. Poem about a person who is full THERE. Present. It was wonderful.

    • wow, ty. i wish i could tell you how your kind words
      warm my heart hitandrun, it’s taken a lot of work
      and dedication to rid myself of so much baggage that
      was just in the ‘WAY’, of being HERE and NOW,
      if you know what i mean.

  23. Tiffany Coffman says:

    Having recently just found you, I’m glad you did reblog this piece to give those of us that missed it the first time a chance to experience it. To me it shows that not much is needed in the way of gaining understanding and connection with another if we just keep it simple, stand still, and tune in instead of clouding everything over with grand words and movement. Beautiful.

    • ‘keep it simple, stand still, and tune in’

      yes, Tiffany you are so right. this was a learning experience for
      me and Scout also, as we navigated our way back to each other,
      and talked it all out, let it all go. those were our early days,
      both of us full of spit and fire, these days we are best friends
      and crave serenity.

      it’s rare we find anything to get that worked up over now.
      ty Tiffany, yours is such an insightful comment, i’m so glad
      we’ve found each other’s poetry.

      • Tiffany Coffman says:

        I think, or at least I hope, as we get older or find love later in life that we have learned how unneccessarily draining it is to argue over nothing when the hourglass sand is getting low when we really should be even more intimate with each other, not dividing and conquering.

        I’m currently single, but if the day comes when I find myself in another relationship, I won’t have it any other way because my hope is that he will be the final one I ride the rest of my life out with. The way you describe the place you and Scout have come to is what two failed marriages have taught me. And it’s what I will demand because life is fleeting, it can be taken, and I don’t want to miss moments with him over petty things. Being single for so long, I see the beauty that some who jump from person to person, or who have become complacent, don’t: having someone to share lives with is amazing and not worth destroying simply because one is not willing to be still, or be present, or be wrong.

        Please keep sharing.

      • ‘still, or be present, or be wrong’ Tiffany, these 3 words you
        wrote on the surface might seem so simple, but in the day to day
        of our relationships, our dialogue with one another it’s all too
        easy to forget.

        i think there is something about the press of time closing in,
        but there is also the recognition, the difficult introspection
        that needs to happen to realize what our responsibility was and
        is, in our past relationships.

        believe me, there is no perfection here, only trying real hard.
        Scout and i have had our problems, they were very difficult to
        navigate but we have become such devoted friends over this decade
        plus, we just realize there is just so much to lose for us both,
        for my daughter who she has become a stepmom to, and that there
        are far more important things at stake now. our egos have a much
        easier time taking a back seat, where they belong.

        i love the concept of being coupled, married and monogamous and
        devoted to one person, i always have. i just never gave up on
        the possibility it could happen, i was very close but then Scout
        arrived serendipidously one night and here we are. i wrote about it;

  24. This really describes the last three weeks of my life so well!!! Thanks for reblogging this my friend!

    • hhmm, you know i just read a group of your poems i’ve missed the
      last week, and i wasn’t sure if they were presentt tense. Poetic,
      these conversations are profoundly difficult as you know, pain
      and passion run so deep, it’s emotionally exhausting to keep
      reaching back, trying to be patient, to keep our egos in check.

      i empathize with you my friend, so glad you found some
      of yourself in these words, ty.

      • Well not all those poems were present tense but some were! You are so right, it’s exhausting sometimes running at full emotional throttle but sometimes it’s unavoidable! Thanks for the understanding my friend, always nice to know we’re not alone right?!!

      • poetic, it’s my pleasure, anytime. i think the relationships,
        the connections we establish through sharing our lives in our
        poetry are significant, these converstations we have don’t
        happen in my real life as easily as they do here. normally,
        i’ll crawl into my shell and suffer in silence, so yeah, i’m
        very grateful knowing i’m not alone.

        so Thank You for your understanding as well!

      • While I am a fairly outgoing person but I must say I just don’t meet too many people in my day to day life that can appreciate the nuances of emotion and have in-depth conversations about love or philosophy or poetry! So like you, I cherish the connections and friendships I have on here very much and Im honored to count you among them πŸ™‚

      • ty, and i you as well, poetic.
        i consider these connections a gift
        from the universe to be cherished
        and handled with great care.

        peace, my friend.
        my door is always open.

  25. dawnhosking says:

    Eloquent in both presentation and prose. Loved it truly

  26. tinemagpayo says:

    beautiful πŸ™‚

  27. you are waiting for new words to arrive .lol that’s so cute..do they come like by stork or someone? i will place an order also. you ALWAYS have beautiful words.

  28. Twig says:

    I have have completely fallen in love with this. Quite amazed at how much intensity is held together proving not only the words, but where they fit together is paramount to its measurable impact. Not a wasted word. Thanks for the read. This poem is gravity felt in the soul. Now how in the world does that happen? Love it.

    • ‘gravity felt in the soul’

      oh Twig, i love this image! it so perfectly
      describes what i felt when i wrote this, when
      Scout and i experienced this and exactly how
      i’m feeling these days. what a wonderful worded
      description you’ve written, ty so much.

      simultaneous weighted and profound emotions,
      but a purity that is both light and timeless.

      i’m so glad i decided to reblog this poem!

  29. Quite simply put….it is perfect. Thank you for sharing your heart once again.

  30. Wonderfully

    I love the conversational stream this form portrayed.

    “Talk to me please” reminds me (vaguely) of a piece that I wrote.

  31. Hi, just wanted to say how much these beautiful verses resonated with me. Could I please reblog this? Kindly please let me know. Thank you

  32. secretangel says:

    I absolutely love this. Beautiful.

    • ty so much secret angel, and a very warm welcome.. you humble me with all you have taken the time to read and like today. and i have to tell you i LOVE your screen name, i always felt that i had a secret angel on my side, shielding my child’s heart through those very dark days.

      • secretangel says:

        You just melted my heart with your comment! I am so sorry that you and your son have walked that path of heartache that so many of us walk. I know that as I look back on my life and my children’s, I know that God’s Hand of protection was over us and I know that He does the same for many more. So I agree with you. God has His “angels” working behind the scenes every moment of the day. May God pour out His blessings upon you and your son!! Thank you so much for your kindness and support.

      • oh secretangel my mistake, i think i mislead you with my words. my ‘child’s heart’ was referring to me as a child, and my own experiences with abuse. i can assure you my daughter has never experienced anything close, barely a raised voice from me in her 14 years. it’s a promise i made to her when she was born, that the tragic chapter in my family would end with me. and it has, a promise kept.

        i was definitely saved by my angel, we all need a little help along the way. blessings to you secretangel.

      • secretangel says:

        Oh, I am so sorry that I misunderstood. My mistake, not yours. I know that there are mothers also that are abusive. I am so sorry that you were abused and praise God for healing you and raising you up to be the Godly role model for your daughter. I too was determined that the cycle of abuse would be broken off of us so that it will not continue into our future generations. God bless you my friend.

  33. Lulu says:

    Simply beautifu. Loved reading this one and the comments too. It’s a beautiful thing when you can say something and it clicks with someone at exactly the time they need to hear it.
    Glad to hear you have lots of Serb friends too πŸ™‚ I’m gonna try to squeeze in a visit with Ororiel when I go to Serbia. So looking forward to meeting her πŸ™‚ Hope you’re enjoying your time away!

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