over the wall

dear friends, i found a song and video that
inspired this poem. the words are written to the
tempo of the song and if you have the time,
please watch this incredible video.
Stubborn Love/ The Lumineers
It’s better to feel pain, than nothing at all
The opposite of love’s indifference
So keep your head up, keep your love
Keep your head up, my love
Keep your head up, keep your love
Head up, love

over the wall
i saw a smile today…

shining from a stranger’s face

and bundled from the bitter cold

it leapt over the wall

to meet me eye to eye
i woke a girl today…

and kissed her pale forehead

as i did on that night she was born

tears just poured over the wall

at the miracle in my arms
i drew a face today…

trusting these hands again to say

what my eyes have always known

climbing over the wall
’cause fear is the enemy of art
i risked it all again…
and shared all the secrets
of my troubled life
her patient Love tore down the wall
to heal an injured heart
now i won’t pretend to know

why this life can be so hard sometimes

and this world will bruise our tender hearts
because i am just the sum of all my pain

the kind that can never really be repaired

i just learned to wear the scars beneath my skin
i saw the sun today

so bright through the clouds

even the greying slush did

sparkle and gleam across my boots

and i… just keep walkin’ on

54 thoughts on “over the wall

  1. Oh Jack, I woke a girl today and I drew a face today..so loved these verses love the repetitive over the wall. We all wear scars beneath our skin, but you are an artist, both with brush and pen…their should be no pain. Hugs my friend.

  2. Nomzi Kumalo says:

    “climbing over the wall, ’cause fear is the enemy of art” sublime. And a lovely positive song too. Thank you 🙂

  3. Just lovely! Hope you are doing better. Good to see you posting. Blessings to you…and may Magic flow through your day today. 🙂

  4. Gentle and beautiful.

  5. This is such a wonderful soulful read. I love it! As certain as the sun will rise again each morning, we will rise to greet each day with love. As sure as the stars will sine each night, we will be embraced by the wonders of our dreams. Thank you 🙂

    • As certain as the sun will rise again each morning,
      we will rise to greet each day with love.
      As sure as the stars will shine each night,
      we will be embraced by the wonders of our dreams.

      wow, Shirley what a poetic response, i love this!
      ty for being here, you are an inspiration.

  6. wunderwench says:

    The song is beautiful, your words are beautiful, your scars and perseverance… beautiful, YOU… absolutely beautiful.

  7. Mary says:

    Beautiful words leaving images that haunt and give hope.

    • ty so much Mary, our never ending winter has me looking for hope wherever i might find it, the sun came out, a stranger smiled and a new song….i just needed to capture the feeling.

  8. SirenaTales says:

    Tender and glorious, vulnerable and triumphant. Love this, MW. xoxo

    • oh Chloe, i really admire your extensive vocabulary, you always seem to
      remind me of words i don’t use nearly enough….triumphant….glorious..
      this poem illustrates what the sun and a smile and song can do for my
      gloomy winter outlook!

      • SirenaTales says:

        Thank you–so pleased my love of words inspires. They are my palette, and I LOVE a vast palette :). Here’s wishing you a day of sun and smiles. xoxo

  9. Miranda Stone says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. The honesty in your words makes it all the more moving. As painful as this life may be, there is beauty to be found all around us, as your writing here makes abundantly clear.

    • and ty for always taking the time to pen a wonderful comment Miranda.
      this poem was pure inspiration from the sun coming out, the stranger smiling,
      the hope in our city that our long winter might finally be over, and then i
      found that song and video when i returned home. i never miss a chance remind myself that we are surrounded by beauty, and hope for our future.

    • hi Audrey Dawn ty, and a very warm welcome to you.
      heh, i dig your compliment! and ty so much for liking
      so many of my poems and the follow. i really appreciate
      you being here!

  10. There is a sense of clarity and hope for the future in your words. This is a wonderful piece of work. The inspiration from the video makes it even more interesting. Geez….I just really admire your writing. 🙂

    • what a wonderful compliment misunderstood, ty so much!
      the video really caught my imagination and tugged at my heart,
      any story that speaks about our perseverance commands my attention.
      and Tuesday the sun did finally break through, a stranger smiled,
      the hope we all felt that day here in Chicago, that this long winter
      might be finally ending was palpable in the city. ijust needed to capture it.

  11. “i just learned to wear the scars beneath my skin” Magnificent poem this line stood out to me especially because it could be a poem in and of itself it conveys so much

  12. Eva van Beek says:

    wonderful poem, reflecting in a way my state of mind 🙂

  13. lumar1298 says:

    Once again, lovely….

  14. stacilys says:

    Reblogged this on A God Coloured Girl in a Grey World and commented:
    This is just amazing. I’m saying this with a very full heart in tears.

  15. stacilys says:

    With a very touched heart, I’m speechless and in tears. And this is not mere flattery.

    • oh my gosh, what an honor to share your pages Staci, ty so much! this poem has
      such a profound meaning to me on many levels, i wasn’t really sure it would resonate
      with anyone but me. ty for putting a beautiful end to those doubts, i’m humbled.

      • stacilys says:

        I don’t know if you saw what Richard wrote to me, but he also really enjoyed your poem. He was vulnerable and shared a little of his story too. I broke down.
        And you are more than welcome. I really love it when I find a blogger that I appreciate.
        Blessings =)

      • yes i did, i got goosebumps reading Richard’s story. if you have a chance, please read my reply,
        i deeply appreciate when folks share their stories, so i shared some of mine with him.

        yes, so do i.lol it’s like gift from the Universe isn’t it?

    • geez, i’m not sure what to say, but ty ever so much Staci.
      what an incredible community WP is and continues to be!

  16. richardmax22 says:

    It so brings to mind the many years ago I had to tell my three kids that mama and I were divorcing and I was moving out. It absolutely tore me to pieces to see the look on their little faces. They are all now in their 40’s, but I will never, ever forget that day.

    • hello richardmax22, ty you for sharing such honesty and in sharing you found the essence
      of this poem and why this video inspired me. i am the child of a very difficult divorce,
      i was that kid on the receiving end of the news. to see the young girl eventually smile
      at the end of the video is the journey i took, your children took. we made it through….

      ty richardmax for your profound insight, that you experienced this poem as i tried to convey
      my emotions…well, there is no greater gift to one who writes.

      • Yes, Dearest Brother, this video is an incredible introduction, indeed.
        And you do convey your emotions; more vividly than you know.
        Your Light shines all the way to our Goddess-forsaken country.
        Plutonia and I are the children of two destructive marriages, and keeping our heads up is so very hard most of the time.

        I am grateful for your healing presence in my life, my brother.
        You touch my soul with each one of his poems.

      • oh Brother of Light, you honor me with your trust and open heart,
        that you have found a fellow refugee in this sometimes apathetic
        world warms my heart, i did too and she altered the trajectory of my life.

        it was our soul sister Holly who told me after doubting the label of writer,
        ‘if you can elicit heartfelt reactions from your words, you are a writer’
        i listen to my heart when i am still, the words are the truth i’m no longer
        afraid to tell after living with fear nearly all my life. poetry is a mysterious
        and miraculous thing, allowing us to share what we normally wouldn’t or can’t.
        for that i am grateful and now devoted to it’s writing, ty for reading so many poems
        and for so much of your kindness, it’s profoundly humbling.

        i will need to visit your blog now, i’m intrigued, expect me this weekend when i have
        the uninterrupted time to read. if i can ask, what country are you living in?

      • In
        (the mercilessly bombarded, only this time with weapons of economic warfare, German colony of modern)
        Among the many victims at the bottom of the social ladder,
        and this with each and both of us having trudged through a lifetime of terrible oppression and material lack.
        I am not whining at all, just stating the facts and the reason for my suffering, please believe my heart when I say I am so happy that your Brooklyn wounds are healed and that you have a loving family with your fellow refugee. I wish divine protection and immeasurable blessings for all of you.
        From the first words of your About page, which I visited first in your beautiful refuge, I knew that our being here together is a prayer for each other and the balance of the Cosmos. And I believe we already have a confirmation: have you noticed my “his-poems” mistake at the end of my previous comment? Picture me kneeling and praying with gratitude for our rare brotherhood: “He touches my soul with each one of his poems”.

      • what a tragedy happening in your country, i’m so sorry. i’ve read a fair amount about the fascist current that is running deep in Greece, it is profoundly disturbing. and there is no love for the corporate vampire squid Goldman Sachs, the architect and perpetrator of this false ‘austerity’ they helped orchestrate upon the working folks of Greece. i was active in
        Occupy here in Chicago, i was a victim when the bankers crashed the world economy too.

        Leon, if my words happen to offer a handshake across the ocean, a few rays of hope when you need it, then it’s inspiration enough to continue to write. the Universe has it’s way of sending us what we need…. it’s no accident we have met. many blessings to you Warrior Poet

  17. Noora says:

    “because i am just the sum of all my pain
    the kind that can never really be repaired
    i just learned to wear the scars beneath my skin”

    … this is extremely moving. I truly admire your honesty, vulnerability and wisdom in your heart. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

    • ty Noora, there are so many memories contained, buried in overview in this poem. it was very emotional experience writing it too. you are most welcome, thank YOU for taking this journey with me Noora.

  18. Beautiful, you. Such tenderness and truth and I too am learning to wear my scars beneath.

    “because i am just the sum of all my pain

    the kind that can never really be repaired

    i just learned to wear the scars beneath my skin”

    This is a poem unto itself and resonates deeply.

    Love and light to you.

    • ty, i thought it might, you and i know the meaning behind those words dear Melanie.
      i just got tired of continually picking at the scabs, that they would no longer rule my life.

  19. bgbowers says:

    I’ve just re-read this poem. I love the opening stanza so much:

    “i saw a smile today…

    shining from a stranger’s face

    and bundled from the bitter cold

    it leapt over the wall

    to meet me eye to eye”

    So eloquently descriptive x

    • that really happened, on an awful cold snowy day here in Chicago and her effort to connect
      with me eye to eye through all the elements, and the usual fearful anonymity of urban life really
      helped snap me out of my S.A.D. hibernation. some poems begin with a title, some with a last line,
      i had this whole phrase written in my head for days and the poem just developed from there after
      finding the song.

      ty Bianca for taking the time to read through and write such an encouraging response, it means a lot!

      • bgbowers says:

        I know those moments so well. I think we have a lot in common, in terms of creative inspiration – the majority of what I write just comes to me & then spills onto the page… Very often I’ll write a few lines & then return to read them days, weeks or months later & be astounded (did I really write that?) 😉

      • (did I really write that?) yes, that absolutely happens to me as well. lol
        it’s the mystery and miracle of inspiration and poetry and honestly
        it’s the only way i know how to write. i don’t sit down and decide to
        write, i need to be compelled to write and it’s probably why i can’t do
        prompts and challenges…i’m just not wired that way. i don’t know if
        that’s good or bad, it’s just how it is for me.

  20. […] wrote this poem soon after reading the poem of a blogger friend. He shared a video as well and it made me cry. It’s about a little girl in a car, leaving […]

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