the why of rain

the why of rain
and sitting here
alone and content
at the worn wooden picnic table
just beyond the kitchen of our farmhouse,
sipping a glass of homemade iced tea.

in this quiet i hear
the soft clattering of
dinner dishes being cleaned,
and the voices of those i love
finding their way to my ears

and to my heart
from the half open window above the sink.
…now a steady pattering of raindrops through the trees.
how i so readily accept the why of rain
here on the farm, because

there are no
umbrellas parked in the foyer
and no scurrying for cover
to dodge every drop. i’ve
decided instead

to enjoy being wet. closing these eyes
i savor and absorb these warming drops,
as they dot my arms
and soak my hair.
i’ll agree

nod in approval with
this year’s crop, the budding
soybean plants who sustain our farm
when in unison whisper,
‘there is never a nuisance in the rain.’

57 thoughts on “the why of rain

  1. ManicDdaily says:

    Well, I have lived through a few flooding situations (!) but I know what you mean — very pretty poem –you set a wonderfullly vivid mood–one can hear the clink of dishes, and the drops. k.

    • well, thank you Karen. and i’m so sorry about the flooding, we seem to be experiencing such extremes these days. so just to clarify, my blog friends know i live in Chicago and we are restoring this family farm house, currently no one lives here full time though there are plans to. the crops are tended to by a local farmer, we lost half our corn crop from the drought last year, so water, water everywhere is quite welcome this year!

  2. brian miller says:

    nice…its like a ccyle of the water…and shows as well how much water is involved in our life…all we eat and drink…in washing up…i love the sound rain makes as well…its refreshing….nice peaceful read…

    • hi Brian, not sure you got my reply last night, but thanks a lot for reaching me on my blog about posting a poem for Friday’s prompt. i ended up falling asleep as i usually do on Friday night.*smiling*

      thank you for your insight as well, you’ve totally understood what i was trying to express, how much water is involved in our life, the little things we take for granted and the bigger things we shouldn’t, like our food. i get a different perspective being at the farm coming from Chicago, it keeps me real.

  3. Giver of light and seed for see we share for sea to see. Love ya sea see.

  4. Oloriel says:

    A resonating peace and beauty, I especially liked the noding to the crops. I am most glad you are enjoying!

  5. Mary says:

    I do know that farmers really understand the WHY of rain. Living in Wisconsin, I know a lot was lost by our farmers last year as well. If only there could be a balance, which so often in nature there is not. I understand the mentality of deciding to enjoy being wet. I think after a while we must just go with the flow and learn to like whatever Mother Nature hands us. I had a friend who wrote a book called “No Umbrellas.” Her philosophy of life was just THAT! Nice meeting you here at dVerse!

    • hello Mary and a warm welcome to you, thank you.

      No Umbrellas, such a perfect title. and the acceptance of what is before me, what is given, has been part of my journey. thank you for recognizing that in my words, i really appreciate your insight. yes, and i wish there were a balance too, though these days the weather extremes seem worse than i can remember. we lost much of the corn crop last year for lack of rain, as did so many others. this year, the rain is abundant thankfully.

      ty again, *smiling now*

  6. I agree on the need for rain on those crops ~ Not too much for the flooding but the relief and coolness of these raindrops ~ Enjoyed this one ~

  7. Loved this, and like you but on a much smaller scale, I have learned to welcome the rain.

  8. Outstanding imagery throughout this poem. AJM

    • you warm my heart with your compliment, thank you. as a former painter, an observer all my life, i notice the small details. i think it helps in my writing, i have a head full of images to draw on now. *smiles*

  9. claudia says:

    nice…the deciding to allow the rain to nurture and drip on us…the no umbrella policy…smiles…i also like how you carefully paint the scene…nice

  10. aka_andrea says:

    I love the idea of surrendering to the rain, to ‘enjoy being wet’. It rains a lot where I am and some days I just walk outside and let it soak me, it’s a very cleansing feeling. The sustenance for the farm gives it a whole other kind of power to consider. Great write.

    • well, thank you for such kindness and a warm welcome to you. we are restoring this family farm and currently live in just struck me how differently we view rain in a crowded urban environment versus a working farm, where rain is a blessing. we again found that out last year, when we lost half our corn crop to the drought.

      and you are so right, it is a cleansing feeling, one that i will try and remember and take back with me to the city. thank you for such a thoughtful reading and for sharing your own relationship with the rain. *smiling now*

      • aka_andrea says:

        I lived in Chicago for a brief time, I can imagine it hard to remember anything good about Mother Nature’s Ways in that city. Best of luck on the farm and thank you so much for your kind attention to my blog.

      • oh you are most welcome, i’m so drawn to your poetry even though i’m not in that melancholy place, i spent a lot of my adult life feeling that way. i bookmarked you to return and read some more. *smiles*

        and you are so correct about Chicago, could there be a starker contrast between a farm and this city?…ok, maybe New York, where i lived for a long time as well. i’m glad we met through d’verse, i’m sure we’ll be talking again.

  11. Can I say how much I love these lines?
    and the voices of those i love
    finding their way to my ears
    you brought me comfort and family with this – so thank you {hugs}

  12. Mohana says:

    i just adore this piece!

    • oh, thank you so much and a warm welcome to you. that is how i feel about my life since i met my partner , almost 12 years ago now. i write about her a lot, i just can’t help it! *smiles*

  13. beeseeker says:

    Beautifully presented: you should be especially proud of that ending !
    I really enjoyed reading this, could imagine the crops nodding.
    More please.

    • well, ok then…i guess ‘more’ is on the way! *smiles* honestly, i really appreciate you pointing out the ending, because that last sentence is where this poem began. it was the last thing i said to my father in law, we just had a very long conversation about the farm, his childhood memories, droughts and us losing nearly half the corn crop last year. we needed one more good rain for the young plants to set their buds, and we got it. YAY!

      and i think this poem broke a barrier or two for me as well, so we’ll see what arrives next. i thank you very much, friends like you are so appreciated that you take this much time and effort, and leave comments as you do. ty.

  14. a real swirl of emotions ~but it was the dinner dishes and the feeling of home routine, that’s a wonderful body of power!

  15. Vivid picture…one that I love. As kids, in the summer, when we heard the rain we all ran out of our houses and played, dancing and jumping, our faces turned toward the sky, mouths open, trying to catch the drops on our tongues. LOL Love poem…I can feel it, as if I had been there.

    • ‘dancing and jumping, our faces turned toward the sky’

      i love this image hitandrun, and ty. it’s exactly what i did too.
      Rain was a joyful event, not a nuisance as it is as an adult.
      but geez, when it rains in Chicago, folks, especially drivers
      act like they’ve never seen the stuff before!

  16. Chess says:

    Beautiful, really beautiful. Also, I accidentally unfollowed you and had to “RE” you, my apologies.

  17. Wonderful! As I read this, it carried me along visually. I loved the phrasing as well.

    • hi mishunderstood, ty. this was one of those transitional poems for me,
      my poetry took a little leap after writing it. the serenity of the farm,
      the still and absolute quiet has proven to be a writer’s retreat for me.

  18. dawnhosking says:


  19. Have u always been this sensitive about the surroundings that rock your tunes from within? There’s a happy whistling in between these lines~ Indeed, earth and sky have many melodies !

  20. Chrissy says:

    Beautiful. I love the shot.
    Thanks for visiting my blog as well.

  21. BEAUTIFUL! I love the rain πŸ™‚ The sounds it makes, the smell. I love walking in the rain too. πŸ™‚

  22. kalabalu says:

    Rain is dear πŸ™‚
    that much is clear
    lazing away from dishes
    soaking with drops from sky
    did someone ask “why”

    rather its rains
    filling the surface drains
    in cities we sometime detest
    yet, farmlands it is purely a bless

    lovely fresh and plain
    greens that stretches miles
    and helps hope to regain
    losses and empty terrains
    when it didn’t rain..

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