clouds are free


and there are days after days when
this gritty world holds so liitle appeal
…to be anyplace, but where i stand

in submerged pain when this history
so swift a snare, in its bear claw trap
jailed in recall…in tragic rerun memory

i tire of these arms, these familiar legs
so weary of this face i already know
and a name, i never asked to own

where do i find this release
where is that, wipe my slate clean
and this shapeless anonymity i need?

it’s weightless that i want to be
to catch a current…to float without fear
follow any breeze because clouds are free

…these clouds i crave

……to be in them

……….to be through them

……………to be of them

to be recognized one minute
and so simply gone the next,
with neither pain nor regret

because it’s weightless, that i want to be
to catch that current, slow floating without fear
and just follow any breeze because clouds are free

‘is there a time
to let go of the past
and live for the life
you do not yet know?

let it go, let it go, let it go’
Emer Kenny

harp, dreamy voice, a slow electronica beat
to read by and was written to::::enjoy::::

101 thoughts on “clouds are free

  1. Sky Vani says:

    Dear Mr Who, I think I will adore this one. I need to return to it later… Maybe I will reblog it if you don’t mind. This was the love at the first reading!

    • ty Sky…this has been rolling around in my head for few days and then!….i found this song i had not listened to for years. and of course, as always you can reblog if you want and thank you for that honor to be on your pages.

      • Sky Vani says:

        when i reblog it, it doesn’t appear whole on my page 😦 i would like to have it in one piece and to read it sometimes 🙂 i have to find another solution

      • hhmm…that happens to me all the time when i reblog to 20 Lines,i don’t know why it does that Sky…but maybe after a day or so you can delete the reblog and i can send you the HTML info as a cut and paste….that way you can post the whole poem in your own template…do you know what i mean?

      • Sky, i just sent all the code to you in an email.
        did you get it?

      • Sky i’m so sorry, i forgot to thank you…i am so honored to be on your pages.

  2. Mike Roberts says:

    Absolutely fantastic, I really got a lot out this, thanks for drawing it out yourself, it was worth the pull.

    • thank you for that M, you are very wise. there was certainly a lot of push me-pull you in writing this, usually when a poem i begin starts that way that’s how it ends….i guess these days i’ve figured out how to release myself and not just get mired in the muck. ty again for taking such time to read my words and feel them as you do, it means an awful lot.

      M, i left a long comment on your about page, in case you might have missed it. 🙂

  3. xn3art says:

    ah. i close my eyes…enter into the heart of the clouds…and hear my mind open to the vision of my imagination. and the wild faeries appear and whisper ‘dance dance dance with the clouds that are singing’.

    ~ thank you for inspiring and sharing your light!

  4. Sky Vani says:

    Reblogged this on STAIN and commented:
    “it’s weightless that i want to be
    to catch a current…to float without fear
    follow any breeze because clouds are free”

  5. Such a beautiful post! Touched my soul. 🙂

  6. you have painted the picture and as the clouds, I float along to your words – stunning my friend.

  7. VERY Brigadoon feel in your floating dance of beautiful words!

  8. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    The other day compassion was free. Today, we have free clouds. Do I ever stop and wonder what is free in my life that I take for granted?

  9. new friend, ty so much for this honor, and i guess i’m learning these days most everything i need is already here, if i only ask..

  10. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    I am so enjoying the music…
    floating feeling as i listen…
    .and watch the clouds take shape outside the window
    where I sit and think
    this is a wonderful post… many know the whispers of the thoughts you just set to words…Wonderfully free falling
    Take Care…

    • thank you ladyblue…i am glad you enjoyed the music, you and i always seem to post music with our poetry, seems like it’s as important toyou as it is to me…so glad my words could take you away for a bit, we all need to just float away sometimes.. ty again.

  11. Oh, my friend, I definitely LOVE this. This, is, incredible!
    Poetry for the soul. I feel full-up from this. I appreciate it, fully.
    “it’s weightless that i want to be
    to catch a current…to float without fear
    follow any breeze because clouds are free”

    • and you have put a smile in my heart tonight, ty so much. i will forgive myself now for breaking my own rule to not ‘self advertise’, but after absorbing your story i was almost positive you might find something in those words, and i am so grateful and happy you did. thank you as well, for introducing me to beradadisini through your reblog, we have become new friends today.

      the circle of kindness and creativity continues….

      • That’s WONDERFUL to hear!:D
        From one beautiful soul to another the circle of kindness and creativity grows and inspires and continues.
        That makes me so happy. What a wonderful day.
        Please, never ever hesitate to tell me about your work that you feel drawn to put me in touch with. There’s a reason for it. I will never think of it as self advertising.
        Clouds are free… that’s sticking to me, and it’s inspired me.
        Thank YOU! 🙂

      • oh, you are most welcome, and for you now i will make my own exception to my rule and not hesitate again.
        for those who write, probably not a higher compliment than hearing that my words have reached you in some way, there really isn’t a way to describe this feeling, so i will ::::namaste:::: and ((( h u g s }}} to you today 🙂

  12. yelena says:

    when i first read it, i should confess i was absolutely speechless. there are poems that resonate so deeply that we’re left in blissful silence and just keep on re-reading those lines that touch us most. i think my favorites are
    ‘it’s weightless that i want to be
    to catch a current…to float without fear
    follow any breeze because clouds are free..’
    but i loved it all 🙂
    thank you so much for sharing your poetic brilliance.

    • thank you for your kindness, and those are my favorite lines as well. 🙂 that poem was totally inspired by that song, as much of my poetry is. i was thumbing through my ipod, hadn’t listened to it for years and then the words just fell out…and those lines were the first thing i wrote. 🙂

  13. floating in the clouds…yes…quite amazing piece of poetry! and the song…floats me away…what I needed to hear today…thank you, neighbor!

    • ty for the reminder because i sometimes read this poem when i need to escape, like you, like today. i’m so glad it could take you away for a bit…we all need to just float away sometimes.

  14. claudia says:

    it’s weightless that i want to be
    to catch a current…to float without fear
    follow any breeze because clouds are free…. nice…i too know these moments when i just want to float with the clouds and breeze and oh be able to fly – fearless – how wonderful would that be – on the other hand it’s also good to have some weight for the footprints we want to leave…smiles… love the dreaminess of your verse – and welcome at dVerse

    • thank you so much, the welcome here from everyone at d’verse has been so welcoming, i really feel at home already. i wrote this when the weight of the world had left it’s footprints, i was overwhelmed and these are the words that arrived. it means a lot to me that you related, not a higher compliment for someone who writes, ty again Claudia. *smiling now*

  15. Oloriel says:

    I could have swore I wrote a comment! -_-
    This was beyond powerfull my friend, these lines :”i tire of these arms, these familiar legs
    so weary of this face i already know
    and a name, i never asked to own” – a fate, a tear and a spear to rip through the bad days of future. You remind me of all the things we cling to and love only to walk standing through another day. I am very happy to have met you, for I know now that be it a sunny day or a sorrowfull night I will feel your thoughts and I will know I am not alone and knowing you will perhaps feel the same way because of me will give me extra strenght.

    • and i am happy that we met as well, Oloriel. i’m a survivor, and i’ve been through a lot but as you said we have to somehow put one foot ahead of the other…..and keep walking. you have a friend here, a listener whose door is always open. thank you for your continued encouragement and friendship. {{{ h u g s }}}

  16. brian miller says:

    powerful piece…it hums along nicely and carries the reader with it…the desire to join the clouds to be the clouds, so carefree in light of present circumstances…perhaps feeling trapped…an escape…lots of feeling in your verse…a keeper…

    • hi Brian, and thanks so much. i don’t read my work once it’s posted, but i have come back to this one more than i care to remember….especially these days. your insight and encouragement are really appreciated.

  17. annotating60 says:

    I catch your drift. Well done>KB

  18. Pamela says:

    I love your title and poem that follows, wchk. Very nicely written.


    • thank you so much, Pamela. and ‘who’ is just fine with me.*smiling*
      it’s funny about words, how they just arrive sometimes. clouds are free
      just showed up one day while i was walking a dog, go figure?

  19. ManicDdaily says:

    Hard to feel free. You describe that difficulty well. k.

    • yes it most certainly is, and thank you. i wrote this on a day i felt totally overwhelmed and defeated, then i thumbed through my Ipod and found that song, which i hadn’t listened to in years. the words began to arrive, and i guess i’ll confess that just in the writing, the act of not succumbing as i usually do, helped immensely.

      i hope it helped you escape a little, as well.

  20. SSMatthews says:

    To be free of this shell of mortal flesh and the illusions of pain which accompany it, is fanciful perhaps, but like the way you go about describing it. By what is the spirit bound, if not by imagination, or even lack of vision. I like the way you let that spirit soar!

    • thank you, and you are so right. at least for me it is the mystery and magic of imagination. it is my lifeblood, and always has been and now having words to accompany the images, and music as my inspiration it is becoming easier as an adult to take myself away, if i need to.

      it is part of the message i was trying to convey in ‘there comes a time’, restore childhood innocenece and fearless curiosity, 2 prime drivers behind a lively imagination. thank you so much for your wise and thoughtful insight, i really enjoy when you respond to my words and offer so much for me to think about. *smiles*

  21. Beth Winter says:

    It seems that on some days, gravity holds us in a tighter grip and we resist while on other days, we invite the sun to kiss our skin and give light to our steps. Well written.

    • thank you so much for your compliment, it means a lot to me. i wrote this on a day i was definitely weighed down, defeated and heavy. i just decided to cretae my own release, my own passage to the clouds. it’s fun up there…*smiles*

  22. aka_andrea says:

    ‘so weary of this face i already know
    and a name, i never asked to own’
    I live here often and felt right at home in this piece. very nice write

    • i do as well, and i don’t reread my poems once they post very often,
      but i do find myself coming back here more times than i care to remember.

      thank you, it means a lot to this person who writes, that you could
      find something of value in my words.

  23. “to be recognized one minute
    and so simply gone the next,
    with neither pain nor regret”…
    total non-attachment…total freedom…total ONENESS…
    …profoundly deep echo felt within me as I read your words…

    • i think of all the comments on this poem, you might be the first to mention “oneness’. although this was a poem about release, about escape, my secondary meaning that i was trying to express, was just that ‘oneness’, thank you for feeling so much from my words, it just means so much to me. *smiles* and {{{ h u g s }}}

  24. I am awe struck! This poem is an echo reverberating in my soul. This voice is my own affirmation of where I am. Thank you for sharing this.
    Love and light!

    • oh, that you feel that way just makes me so incredibly happy! thank you, ty.

      when i wrote it i was feeling so defeated, i just didn’t want to ‘be’
      anywhere or ‘be’ anyone. i go back to that poem every so often, and
      it’s like a reset button for me now.

      and of course you are most welcome, words are for sharing.
      love and light gratefully accepted, and given to you from me.

  25. BeWithUs says:

    Awww…the generosity and creativity of Mother Nature!

    Thank you for sharing! Cheers~ 😀

  26. dawnhosking says:

    That was beautiful!

  27. “let it go, let it go, let it go” …
    Love this, what a great song.

    I love clouds too. Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” is one of my favorite ‘cloud’ songs.

    • ty so much Christina, that song inspired thie poem.

      it’s amazing what we learn from our readers, that poem got reblogged
      maybe 3 times. a poem i wasn’t even going to publish ’cause i didn’t
      think it would resonate with anyone but myself.

      and yes, Joni and i go way back too, i actually like her
      more mature, smoke affected husky voice.

  28. rjl2727 says:

    awesome!! just awesome! and even more so as you also write in only lowercase, as do i (except for a recent satirical piece to deal with a ruthless attack of a fellow blogger). very nice.

    • well ty, ty very much. i’ve always written my poetry in lowercase,
      there is a humility expressed in l/c that appeals to me and e.e. cumming’s
      poetry was all lowercase also. i don’t remember too many folks complaining
      about it! lol!

      • rjl2727 says:

        yes to both reasons, emphasis on humility. thanks for reply. look forward to getting into more of your writing.

  29. kalabalu says:

    clouds they float light and clear
    clouds they turn from light to dark
    thunder and gets cleared
    but clouds that fall as rain from sky
    I want to feel the clouds on me
    soaking and clinging like a wet lingerie
    yet no one stops..the clouds to float..
    for clouds are free 🙂

  30. “there are days after days when
    this gritty world holds so liitle appeal
    to be anyplace, but where i stand…
    “And just follow any clouds because clouds are free”
    I feel like this so often! It’s such a pretty poem, but I’m not sure it fits me today, because today I feel more stormy like a cumulonimbus than cumulus and fluffy. But it’s nice to think that when clouds feel that way they can fight back or simply float far away.

    • well ty, it seems a lot of folks feel this way, i was shocked this poem got the attention it has.
      i was so unsure about it i almost didn’t post it. lol! i’m glad you have the energy to feel ‘stormy’,
      i just want to float away to someplace warm, with long lazy days spent near blue water.
      can you telli’ve had my fill of winter? lol

      • I can tell you’ve been Wintered out! 🙂 Maybe you need a burst of storm clouds too to get you energized, instead of all these soothing snow clouds. And the best poems are the ones that make us feel uncomfortable, so I’m glad you went on a limb and posted this anyways!

  31. SirenaTales says:

    MW, Beautiful and honest, as always. Very intriguing to go back here after keeping up (and loving) your more recent work. The voices are related, but my sense is that the tone here is more weary, and frankly, not as assured. The senses of longing and poignancy are still present now, but your tone, to me, has become more potent, and commanding. With your artwork added in (possibly a source of the assured tenor), your current work has gone to another level. Yay you, mon ami. Xoxo

    • SirenaTales says:

      p.s. But what the heck do I know….

    • well… April will mark a year since i wrote my first poem and the first few months i was writing from the purest inspiration of discovering something very new. with 150 poems under my belt now, i think my free verse might be finding its true voice. the fine line to walk, at least for me, is to continue writing without fear but always with a deep sense of humility. i don’t want to become a ‘poet’, listening to my heart and trying to convey what it feels without the ‘confidence of ego’ is my constant commitment.

      the hurdle i’ve overcome to begin drawing again, has filled the gaping void in my creativity, chained the circle and made me whole. i’m not sure i see that in my words yet as you do, but i have no doubt you are right because i do sense something very significant happening. i can’t put a word on it yet, i’m just letting it take me where it wants to go.

      it’s incredibly helpful to have your ‘historical’ insight Chloe, your friendship means a great deal to me. i may not always say it or show it, but please know i’m a very complicated character lol with lots of competing real life responsibilities and tensions that pull me in every direction. honestly, it’s a minor miracle i can maintain this blog and my creativity at the level i do. ty, ty, my humble ty.

      • SirenaTales says:

        Oh, dear. I am afraid that in my exuberance in celebrating your trajectory with writing that I may have overstepped. If in any way my comment was read to mean anything less than my wholehearted appreciation of you, your talent and your path, please forgive me and my deficient draftsmanship. Rock on, MW. Xoxo

      • oh now i’m Chloe, i think our words are shooting past each other without landing. honestly, i could NEVER believe that, even if you wrote it in the sky i would think you were somehow mistaken. nope, what i said early on in reply to one of your perfect and always perceptive comments still stands, if there’s ever a book you will write the intro.

        you get me, how could i possibly misunderstand
        or not appreciate that fact? we’re all good Chloe!

      • SirenaTales says:

        Yay. Off to my 5 hour rehearsal. Hope to read your new post soon.

  32. enjoy the theme..clouds are free..some colorful expressions in this poem ‘jailed in recall’ love this one and this whole stanza
    ‘to be recognized one minute
    and so simply gone the next,
    with neither pain nor regret’ puts into words so eloquently how we often feel when memories tear at our heartstrings..good write

    • paintswithwords, my apologies for so late a reply, WP placed your comment
      in the spam file and i just found it. ‘when memories tear at our heartstrings’
      yes, for years i allowed certain traumatic memories to rule my life, ruin my now.
      there are a few benefits to getting older though, time dulls the sharp edges and
      i’ve learned to savor the now, it’s not always easy but i try. ty for taking the time
      to leave so much kindness, it means a lot to me that you enjoy my poetry.

      if i can ask, is yours a private blog?
      are my comments posting because i’ve tried to post some?

      • I am not sure what you mean by private blog. I do not allow log ins but comments are allowed and easily done. I did receive your question about private blog and answered, both of which appears on my blog. That is the only comment I received. Was there more..have not had any problems that I know of..but would certainly check if you have left more and I did not receive

      • oh i wouldn’t worry about it paintswithwords, i was just checking to see
        if my comments posted because there is no immediate indication that it does,
        at least on my screen. i’ll keep reading your wonderful poetry and writing
        comments, you just keep writing! lol

      • thanks..they do not post immediately..why you do not see..needs my approval. I appreciate you..thank you for reading 🙂

  33. Twig says:

    wow… this hits your bones with a lot of weight. The emotion evoked from the first line took my breath from me for a moment. I love this.

    • i went back to read this poem again after reading your comment, it’s a little shocking to realize this was written in June last year, 2 months after i started this poetry journey. i remember thinking at the time that this a threshold poem, the word combinations we’re so different than anything i had written before, half of that poem wrote itself. i was in a trance like state late one night and i woke up in my chair, shocked at what was on the screen.

      heh, i became obsessed with poetry that night. ty Twig,
      getting comments like this from you just make my day!

  34. Lulu says:

    Glad to hear this poem inspired your obsession for poetry 🙂 it is worthy of that. I’m looking forward to reading more.

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