in the wings

a repost for my new friends from July 9, 2013,
and a special ty to my friend Cindy Knoke, an
incredible photographer for always rummaging
in my archives.
a great big hug to my daughter on her 14th birthday
for sharing this song which inspired this story/poem.
please feel free to listen to it as a soundtrack.

in the wings

they seemed to meet, quite by accident
but something in their eyes, told them otherwise
this wouldn’t be their first conversation
but.. it always felt like it could be the last

like a patient, who knows their time is near
with so many faces yet to see
and…confessions to make
and…sunsets to end

their now daily talks lasted for hours
even after they left that little cafe
feverishly texting on the bus back home
sometimes…through the hush of their night

they would talk of paintings, songs and poetry
any silly thing, as long as there was a reply
the hold on each other, so tenuous
an undertow…
the pull of fear as real
he not so accidently, brushed her hand on the table
she instinctively recoiled, placing it on her lap
she apologized quickly, she was sorry
but regretted showing him so much

his practiced stoic reaction, said little
this time his heart, tried valiantly to follow
‘but isn’t that how it always goes?’
setting a few more bricks in the wall

he was a little braver than she was
or maybe his clock, was just ticking faster than hers
he said the words, that they both feared
and knew it was wrong…
the moment he spoke
two hearts… waiting in the wings
for love to speak and heal their pain
all the words… they shared between them
could not help them say goodbye

100 thoughts on “in the wings

  1. I too hug your daughter for this music matches and is as genuine as your words. I tried to choose a favourite stanza, first I thought the 4th and 5th but I read through twice and I cannot choose….stunning.

    • ha..i just did, she’s just waking up. i showed her your message and she says hi!

      she plays piano, violin and sings so music is a big share between us, we do it all week texting. she suggested this yesteray and i was so taken, this story just came pouring out, i finished at 1am last night.

      thank you so much for reading my words, you just push me on to the next poem with so much encouragement.

  2. Tammy Jane Lepp smilinglikecake says:

    beautiful. your words made my breath catch.loved this.

  3. Oloriel says:

    I am puzzled as to why this did not appear in my Reader! Is it some conspiracy to make me miss beautiful poetry? Anyways, I loved the poem and it is really hard for me to pick a favourite part. The music was very inspirational aswell, your daughter has a good taste!

    • LOL…a conspiracy we can overcome, no doubt and thank you for telling me that, i think it’s happened before.

      i told my daughter what you said driving her to school, she raised both hands and said “yay! i think it made her day and mine as well, thank you.

  4. xn3art says:

    oh, and i only now realized you are not only a poet but also a painter! just like music and dance, poetry and paint belong so well together. i can only imagine that your paintings would be as beautiful as your poems. hearts just waiting to be painted in the wings. and thank you for your visit to my blog. you tiptoed through my work like an angel…and blessed me.

    • …your words deserved such a hushed visit, i loved every tender thing i read, reading them again and again.

      are there better compliments to us who write than yours, i truly doubt it, thank you.

  5. happy says:

    Great choice of music.

    I am glad you have, also, shared this with us 🙂

    ….I should do the award thing

    • the music really took my breath away…after listening for a few hours the words just flowed. thank you.

      ha. this procrastinator is finally getting around to mine, i hope to post it this Saturday, i have 3 to acknowledge including yours. i inttend to bundle them together as other folks do, so could you possibly find the one you sent my way. and thank you again.

      beside, my OCD is screaming…if you look at my sidebar that 4th space needs to be FILLED! LOL

  6. I have nominated you for the most influential blogger award, dear friend. Please click on the link below for more information. Please accept and oblige.

  7. Ms. Marie says:

    This just invoked memories for me… Quite sad memories yes, but ones I still like to keep close to my heart.

    Such a heartwarming piece. :))

    • i’m glad for that then, a little history there for me as well…and i hold those sad memories close too.

      ty for reading so many of my words,
      i really appreciate it. 🙂

  8. claudia says:

    what a tender development….the sharing the things they both love…the attraction….fear…going steps…

  9. brian miller says:

    oh this is so sad….the inevitable….the waiting the little clues they dont want to see or be seen…still clinging to each word…once love, the goodbye is so hard…wishing it was like it was…

  10. Such a sad story.. about an end like that… and how you don’t dare… oh melacholy.. makes such good poetry.

  11. Timoteo says:

    Love is so about feeling your way along, isn’t it? I guess you can take that whichever way you want.

  12. Beth Winter says:

    This hits home. I met someone who moved at a different pace and when I couldn’t keep up, he looked elsewhere. The goodbye was incredibly difficult.

    • yes, i’ve been there too, and it’s almost impossible to reconcile anything when that happens…the questions and sadness just seem to linger. ty for taking the time and sharing , it means a lot to me.

  13. shanyns says:

    Ah so true, and so well written.

  14. yelena says:

    …incredible. Ludovico Einaudi is my favorite composer and pianist, and it’s amazing to meet a poem inspired by his music. i love the softness of this, a softly-colored melancholy unfolding..through your story..sad yet it is through piano keys. thank you so much for sharing this~

    p.s. there’s something inspired by Ludovico as well on my blog, hope you like

    • ty for your beautiful comment, he is quite amazing, isn’t he? my daughter plays piano and we share all types of music, on the first listen of DNA i knew a story would emerge. and now you had a similar inspiration, ty for sharing that song, i hadn’t heard it before. it’s a perfect accompaniment to your poem which i enjoyed immensely, especially this:

      and above this fragile oblivion
      eastern winds reveal ether’s palette,
      sing the litany of watercolored spheres
      for a pilgrim’s childheart,

      just wonderful imagery there, ty for leading me there. 🙂

  15. annotating60 says:

    Well put thoughts toan all too common situation.>KB

  16. Victoria says:

    This is such a sad reality in so many lives and how well you express it, using sensory details to draw us into the scene.

    • thank you, and yes you are so right, maybe it’s just me but i seem to be seeing it more than i did in the past.
      i’m such a novice at poetry only writing since April, i drew upon my storytelling days to create texture, thanks for noticing it too.

  17. I held my breath as I read this piece–so wonderful, how you capture their interplay and the feeling of it—I loved this!

    • i’m not sure there’s a higher compliment for someone who writes, than a reaction like yours…thank you so much. i was just so taken by the piano / cello interplay, the minute i heard it i began writing this story.

  18. Pamela says:

    Very beautiful poem with such a sad ending, wckt. Sometimes love doesn’t work out well.


  19. I echo others as I say yes to the music. Your words draw me in and I find I hold my breath. Per chance I should let out air, I’m afraid I’ll miss a word and I can’t allow that to happen.

    • for someone who writes, i’m not sure i can tell you how your words make me feel, thank you. and i will make a confession to you, this poem is my secret favorite of everything i’ve written. i remember when i wrote it, the words just spilled out as well as the story after listening to that incredible song nonstop.

      thank you for reading and liking so many of my poems, and for taking the time to leave such wonderful, inspiring comments. it means a lot to me. *smiling*

  20. Very cautiously written as the steps of a dancer, every sharp note balanced by the flat ones! Lovely waltzing.

  21. “…like a patient, who knows their time is near
    with so many faces yet to see
    and confessions to make
    and sunsets to end…

    … two hearts, waiting in the wings
    for love to speak and heal their pain
    all the words, they shared between them
    could not help them say goodbye”

    Wow! Your words, like priceless elixir, always have that miraculous effect on the heart. I almost became a part of the poetry while reading this. Profound and touching.

    • thank you Tanumoy, the priceless elixir for this poem was the music, all of it borne from the conversation between the piano and the mournful cello.

      • True that, sir… instrumentals have always been my lifeblood. And this piece was a perfect haven of solace.

      • yes, so perfectly said, ‘a haven of solace’. i come back to this piece quite often when i’m in need of reflection, the sadness keeps me humble.

        and i’m beginning to understand that music is a driver of your poetry, as it is mine. if i can ask, do you write while listening, like i do?

      • Absolutely… music is the first push behind every alphabet I think of. Whenever I have a ‘writer’s block’ (or rather, in my case, a poor ‘scribbler’s block’), I tune into my playlist of instrumentals (I prefer them over lyrical songs… lets me develop my own words around them). And Voila! Some thoughts do emerge, out of nowhere… and thus begins my journey, with the flow of music, till the very end. That has been the case in almost all of my writings.

        Glad to find we share the same journey of word-processing in our heart. 🙂

      • i’m glad too, i was beginning to think i was an anomaly (again) *smiling* my process is pretty quirky, i must have the title , then the music, then the image all before i begin writing. and i can silence the lyrics in a song because the music for me always provides the tempo, the pacing of the words, without fail. and once i begin writing, that will be the only song i play through my headphones until the poem is complete, a total immersion that takes days sometimes.

        it’s one of the reasons i embed a youtube, i like to think it’s a peek behind the process for someone reading. i am always curious about how others create.

      • And that’s truly a magical way of creation indeed…

        I prefer to stay away from the lyrics or any video presentation of a song, as I want the reader to think on his/her own way, how he/she wishes to perceive the words and the music. So I personally prefer Soundcloud, ’cause they allow me to embed the audio. Otherwise, occasional short movies are attached, when they influence me too well.

        It’s such a wondrous feel to share our techniques with each other and learn so much. The world is indeed a small place and has lots to unfurl. 🙂

      • heh, just a novice’s adaptation for lack of training, but i guess it works and that’s what matters to each of us. and yes, our world is getting smaller and kinder, with friends like you. *smiling now*

      • Hehe, we are all children here. *wags his proverbial tail*

        And yes, connecting with you has been one true essence of my short journey through the blogosphere. A delightful company always, sir.

  22. so very sad…fear is a terrible thing… life is a risk and risks are meant to be taken

  23. Tiny says:

    What an inspired story/poem about life, just like the music! Beautiful.

  24. Nomzi Kumalo says:

    “two hearts… waiting in the wings
    for love to speak and heal their pain
    all the words… they shared between them
    could not help them say goodbye” and the music…brought tears to my eyes. Because letting go is necessary. Giving another person space to fly is so important. Protecting ones own space to fly is so important. Happy birthday to your daughter. You two are lucky to have eachother. 🙂

    • hi Nomzi, it’s interesting to read the reactions to this story because i tried to write it from a ‘neutral’ position, that no one was truly at fault, these things happen in life because one or both people are just not ‘there yet, if ever.

      and i agree as you said, letting go is so necessary sometimes, it’s imperative for us remain truthful to ourselves.
      ty for the birthday wish, i’ll pass it on and ty for leaving such an engaging comment too. have a wonderful day Nomzi.

  25. Miranda Stone says:

    I can see how such beautiful music would be so inspiring! I hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday. Your poem tells such a moving story; I love what you’ve created here.

    • ah yes she did Miranda ty. i can’t believe she’s 14 already! this was written very early on in this writing journey of mine, it was a breakthrough piece combining the prose i was more accustomed to writing, and poetry which i only began writing in April last year. i guess i have a soft spot for it still. ty for appreciating it as you have.

  26. lumar1298 says:

    Beautiful… Happy bday to your daughter…

  27. stacilys says:

    Wow, this was beautiful. I watched a bit of the video, but then decided to read your poem to the music, and I’m glad i did. The words and the music blended perfectly together. And I love the little picture at the bottom of the ballerina. Is your daughter a dancer?

    • hi stacylis, ty so much and a very warm welcome to you! oh i’m so glad you played the music as a soundtrack, in the end i realized i had written it to coincide with the crescendoes, much like lyrics would. i think you might be the first of all who commented on this poem to say that, are you a songwriter?

      and no, my daughter Cbear doesn’t classically dance, she’s a poet, musician and artist and wants to be an astro-physicist. my genes might be responsible for some of the artistic stuff, but i can assure you i did not have much to do with all her brains! lol.

      • stacilys says:

        Lol. Oh, I’m so glad that I was able to do the desire of your poem justice by using the music as a soundtrack. Your daughter sounds like an amazing and talented girl. Does she have a blog? And WOW, astro-physicist. Impressive.
        Yes, I write songs. I’ve posted a couple to my blog. Actually I’m posting one song a week as sort of a song series, just giving the history and story behind the songs and what inspired me to write them. I also write poems, although it’s new for me. It’s been a wild ride so far though and I hope that I can only, hopefully, reach your ability one day.
        I really enjoy your poems and will be following you with great expectation. You made an impact.
        Blessings =)

      • hhmm, no blog, not yet, she’s too dedicated to her schoolwork. she just aced the test to the best college prep high school
        here in Chicago, sorry when i get talking about her i will go on for a bit! lol i’m very proud of her.

        oh good, i will have to delve into your blog then, please expect a visit this weaken when i do most of my reading, mr mom
        is busy during the week. well, i’m new to poetry as well, actually April will be the one year anniversary of my first poem…ever.
        honestly, i can’t believe i’m writing poetry, but here i am 150 poems later. i’m anxious to read yours. i love finding other poets to
        be inspired by. and i’m looking forward to our budding friendship too, ty so much for being here!

      • stacilys says:

        Oh well, maybe in the future… when she has time. So you’re Mr. Mom. Wow. I’m impressed when I come to know about Mr. Moms. It’s a tough job. And no problems about going on about your children and being proud of them at all. I am too of mine.

        I can’t believe that you’re new to poetry as well. Well, my hats off to you. I also can’t believe that I’m writing as well. I’ve never considered myself a writer. Even with songs I’ve written. They were only really written because of sudden inspiration. My poems are very amateur. I’m learning. But lately I have all this passion that builds up and all of a sudden I’m coming out with something.

        I also am looking forward to our friendship. And thank you for you kind consideration.

  28. SirenaTales says:

    MW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! So exciting–14. And your daughter obviously has many gifts, including a wonderful da. Yes, this achingly lovely piece is still a fave for me, too–the haunting music, the palpable vulnerability, even in the refusal to be vulnerable, of the [doomed] lovers. Sweeping, rushing, tumbling…the heart’s undertow. Kudos, my friend. love to you and your sweet teenager

    • ha, i’ll pass it on to her, she loves it when she gets messages from my blogger friends!, ty Chloe.
      i’m not sure why but i always instantly connect with this poem, remember all the details writing it,
      realizing at the end i had written it like lyrics so closely mirroring the tempo. i have a few of these
      story poems to music, and ‘over the wall’ just made me go back and read them again.

      ty for commenting again Chloe, it’s always a gift to share some words with you. Love and Hugs.

  29. Mary says:

    Beautifully written, the emotion riding the surface of your words – yes, I was there with them.

  30. lionessawake says:

    First, I must say that I am inspired by your creation process. The music is so very moving and your words… I felt each one. (this is wunderwench, by the way, my “wunderwench” account was compromised and so I had to do some switcharoo work.)

    • oh.. ty for letting me know ww, i was wondering what happened and who’s blog i was suddenly on the other day! lol. and ty, that i could inspire another artist is the highest praise this artist could her.

  31. Kenne says:

    Just beautiful poetry – sublime emotional descriptions of those powerful but elusive moments of falling in and out of love, the language the heart only knows – I appreciate you giving the heart words. The music wetted my eyes. Thanks for re-posting this ~

    • Kenne, i outright cried when i first heard that profound piece of music, it didn’t ale more than 2 listenings until this story emerged from wherever our words originate…

      ty Kenne, i really appreciate your emotional honesty, and for taking the time to send such kindness my way.

  32. Thank you for bringing this out of your archives. You have a wonderful knack of reaching into my heart and pulling its strings when I read your work; by combining your gentle and carefully chosen words with such feeling music. You have a gift.

    I am sorry that I have not been on your page as often as I would wish lately. I hope you will forgive my lapse. I am running on fumes; energy that has been provided by a few souls who offered me compassion and friendship.

    Thank you for filling up a bit of my tank today-this time with the beauty of your soul.

    Blessings & Light,


    • Holly if i did some to renew your spirit with my words, it is i who am grateful. what more could an artist possibly ask of his work? and please, no apologies, your energy is where it should be. these words aren’t disappearing anytime soon lol, my door will always be open!

      Hugs and Love to you Holly.

  33. teardropsofink says:

    This………this was beautiful. Please, stop, you’ll make me cry…….why do you have to be so wonderful? 🙂

    • teardrops, where have you been? so good to see you on my pages again, ty. and no crying please, i think we’ve all cried enough! lol and sorry for this late reply, but WP put your comment in spam and i just caught it this morning.

      • teardropsofink says:

        I’ve been absent mindedly dropping in and out of WP, like a stranger coming home and remembering a favorite try. I’m not crying….it was just achingly beautiful, I felt it touch my heart in the place that makes me cry. 🙂

      • i understand, even though this was a fictional piece, there was enough personal truth there to put me in that place when i read it again. and i hope you didn’t mind that i used that poem we were co writing and dedicated it to Scout on Valentine’s Day. it’s here,

        i kinda’ thought you’d given up on WP, are you posting again?

      • teardropsofink says:

        I don’t mind at all! I do apologize that I never got back to you with me next piece. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to write about being happy. I don’t know how to put it into words. My whole life has been drenched in misery of some sort or another, and I honestly cannot think of a time when I was happy for more than a few hours at a time. Bottom line is I am just not used to being happy. I don’t know how to handle it.
        No, I have been posting lately – I guess you haven’t seen it though. And I don’t blame you, it’s been few and far between. But no – I could never leave here, at least not without saying goodbye first. And I don’t plan on leaving for a good while yet. 🙂

      • oh no apologies teardrops, i sort of figured it out and i didn’t want to put you on the spot by asking.
        ‘My whole life has been drenched in misery of some sort or another, and I honestly cannot think of a time when I was happy for more than a few hours at a time. Bottom line is I am just not used to being happy. I don’t know how to handle it.’

        geez, this just pierced my heart teardrops, i’m not even sure what to say but i’m so sorry. but …i see the seeds
        of another co write in this sad honesty because i felt that way too for most of my life. these days i celebrate the
        moments when i can, appreciate in hindsight how far and between those moments are. it might be a very interesting
        contrast to write about

      • teardropsofink says:

        Let’s definitely do a co-write. I need that piercing, deep kind of cleanse. The new life before me deserves no shadow of darkness from what I leave behind.

      • ok then, that’s awesome teardrops. i’ll follow your lead!

  34. Noora says:

    “two hearts… waiting in the wings
    for love to speak and heal their pain
    all the words… they shared between them
    could not help them say goodbye”

    … these lines hit home. This is painfully beautiful.

    I hope your daughter had a fantastic birhtday!! ❤
    I have a thirteen year old son, btw.

    • hi Noora, i guess there is a bit of Universal truth in this poem, i think most of us have had a similar wrongly timed relationship. there is a lot of personal experience of mine here as well, though it’s a fictional piece..

      and yes she did. ty. three of them as a matter of fact! these early teen years are a very interesting age, aren’t they?

  35. InfiniteZip says:

    You are so very gifted. The emotion and love shine through:)

  36. Dianette says:

    Hello… there… this song and your poem… are made for each other…
    She turns soon fifteen… oh my… 😉

    • hi again Dianette, it does feel that way to me also. the poem and the story were pure inspiration just from hearing the music for the first time…it’s actually my default song that i listen to when i write prose and other melancholy poems.

      heh… yeah, an incredible 14 year old, what a gift she is!

      • Dianette says:

        I believe you… is really inspiring…
        Now it’s my favourite, too… (sometimes just for relaxing or thinking about things… you know…)
        Your poems are amazing… I’m glad I found you.

      • really?…i’m so glad you like it that much, music should be shared.
        besides love, music is a constant source of poetic inspiration for me,
        my headphones have become a necessary appendage, i’m rarely without

        and i’m glad we found each other too, Dianette, you’ve put a smile in my heart tonight.

      • Dianette says:

        Headphones are a man/girl (woman) best friends… I feel naked without them…
        Same here… I’m smiling…
        Wish you a beautiful day and inspiration…

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