time to step away…

With the the weather finally getting warm, I hear our farm calling my name so it’s time for a windows down, head clearing road trip to enjoy some of what I’ve been hoping for. This long awaited trip is precisely what this winter worn writer needs to reinvigorate these weary eyes. The farm has always been a creatively fertile environment, my secret writer’s retreat…but seeds of a different sort will be sown this year.

Some of you may know I was a landscape designer for 10 years and with the 2 year renovation of the 100 year old house nearly complete, it’s time to turn my attention to the neglected landscape. The house sits on a 3 acre clearing amid 100 acres of crops, so it’s time now the entire property, the walkways, patio, foundation plantings and garden beds get a complete redesign. I’ve designed some very large properties in Chicago, but never one this size: 3 acre parcels don’t exist.

I’m very excited to get started, so my attention will be focused on this and other projects for at least the next few weeks. There is no internet service on the farm, a detail I sometimes complain about and vow to correct. But there are times like now, when I just need to step away from the digital world for a while and get my hands in the dirt again, wipe some real sweat from my brow, enjoy the sunset and stars and listen to the heartbeat of the soil.

ty as always for your creativity, friendship and support,
and I’ll catch up with everyone when I return.

until then…Happy Writing!