bravely white on white…..Tanka


parchment paper birch

standing bravely white on white,

deep in snow… on snow.

its textured history bared

like ours… in subtle details.


slow nuanced layers,

peeled away in time… with trust…

from pretense and fear.
patiently waiting…alone,

hoping our Truth will be found.

pencil, watercolor pencil, acrylic paint,
paint markers, approx. 8″x8″ on vellum paper
sourced from various Google pics and my imagination.
click image to enlarge

37 thoughts on “bravely white on white…..Tanka

  1. SirenaTales says:

    Good morning, my friend. Thank you for the stunning post-grounded, grounding, deliberate, redemptive. Love the mixed media-of the artwork, the post, and you….

    • mornin’ dear Chloe and as always, ty. for your wonderful insight. i felt as though i had to plant both feet n the frozen ground after last week’s emotional outpouring. i love birch trees and i don’t get to see them often enough in the city. it just felt right.

  2. Beautiful. Words and amazing picture…beautiful.

    • ty so much Sis, the birch are amazing and inspirational to me,
      i think this might be the first time i’ve attempted to draw them though.
      (oh…and i’m still quite jealous of your hair!lol)

  3. Muddletation says:

    Yes yes yes !!!

  4. Reblogged this on 4writersandreaders and commented:
    There’s nothing like birches and snow. Perfectly captured here! ~ Bette A. Stevens

  5. I’m a proud owner of two birch-trees in my garden, both growing so close I can touch them through my window or from the terrace…
    I must have published some photos of them.
    But for the white-on-white topic, I admire your achievement; white is the most difficult subject, in photos, but even more so in painting.
    Some textures have inspired a photo-poem
    consisting of 4 haikus, starting with white

    summer sighs white aaah
    smile wide peach-leaved bellflower
    and sound like white sight

    • oh my and a Haiku lover as well, that’s a beautiful 17 syllables Andrzej.
      something tells me, we’re going to have a lot to share, and ty for appreciating
      the white on white challenge. i wasn’t sure i was up to the task, but i guess it
      works as a sketch. i might consider a painting once i get more confident and comfortable.

  6. Miranda Stone says:

    Simply beautiful, my friend. Just like the layers of birch, your poetry reveals more depth with each line.

    • well ty for saying that Miranda, that means an awful lot coming from you.
      i needed to write with sense of discipline and restraint, to reign in my
      emotions a bit after last week’s raw outpouring of honesty.

  7. Love the water colour/pencil my friend and like the layers of bark, your layers of words unwrapped and fell into my soul.

  8. beeseeker says:

    inspired and inspirational, not sure I can add to what others have posted, but this is a stunning piece.

  9. beautiful . are you also in snow?
    i’m thinking of parchment paper & cookie dough now.

  10. Tiny says:

    Just lovely and inspiring. Thank you.

    • Tiny, i’m so sorry for this late reply but WP placed your
      wonderful comment in spam and i just found it. ty ever so much
      for your compliments, that i might inspire another artist is
      profoundly rewarding.

  11. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    your gift of thoughts spun into words as your gift of imagination sketches the canvas of your imagination is always a wonderful journey I take within…
    Thank you for sharing…always a beautiful canvas
    Take Care…You Matter…

  12. Always a sweet blessing to read your words! They delight the soul with their glow my brother! Blessings!

  13. Oh, I love the textures and layers in your words here. Beautiful aren’t we all “hoping our Truth will be found.”

    Love the trees as well, your shading is so well done i can feel the texture there as well!

    • yes, i believe that’s a universal desire, to be found, to be understood. seems it should be so much easier than it is, but there always seems to be so much between being found, allowing someone to ‘see’ us through the layers we build. ty for understanding what i was trying to convey in this poem, and with the drawing as well. Love and Hugs to you Melanie.

    • ty so much echo, please know how humble you make this writer,
      to see your gravatar on so many of my poems. i’m not quite sure
      what light lit our paths to each other, but i am profoundly grateful for it.

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