in the wings

a repost for my new friends from July 9, 2013,
and a special ty to my friend Cindy Knoke, an
incredible photographer for always rummaging
in my archives.
a great big hug to my daughter on her 14th birthday
for sharing this song which inspired this story/poem.
please feel free to listen to it as a soundtrack.

in the wings

they seemed to meet, quite by accident
but something in their eyes, told them otherwise
this wouldn’t be their first conversation
but.. it always felt like it could be the last

like a patient, who knows their time is near
with so many faces yet to see
and…confessions to make
and…sunsets to end

their now daily talks lasted for hours
even after they left that little cafe
feverishly texting on the bus back home
sometimes…through the hush of their night

they would talk of paintings, songs and poetry
any silly thing, as long as there was a reply
the hold on each other, so tenuous
an undertow…
the pull of fear as real
he not so accidently, brushed her hand on the table
she instinctively recoiled, placing it on her lap
she apologized quickly, she was sorry
but regretted showing him so much

his practiced stoic reaction, said little
this time his heart, tried valiantly to follow
‘but isn’t that how it always goes?’
setting a few more bricks in the wall

he was a little braver than she was
or maybe his clock, was just ticking faster than hers
he said the words, that they both feared
and knew it was wrong…
the moment he spoke
two hearts… waiting in the wings
for love to speak and heal their pain
all the words… they shared between them
could not help them say goodbye

Repost Friday……summer us

a summer favorite, and a light and breezy
soundtrack to read this poem by::::enjoy::::

summer us
how you try in vain to shield such lovely pale soft skin
with your lotions, umbrellas and wide brimmed straw hats
while i crave this Mediteranean sweat and bask in the burn

how you must swim in every fresh water or rolling surf
while i just dig my toes deeper into any warming sand
content just hearing your giggles and joy

how you refuse to wake up your sleep in vacation mornings
while i stay up sleepless nights penning you my poems of love
listening for the sighs and mumbles of your overtime dreams

how you dutifully RSVP each planned event and bbq
yet smiling face rush to any impromptu backyard party
while i ask you again and again please say ‘hey’ from me

how you always order your iced decaf Americano black
while i need extra soy in anything caffienated latte’ style
and who will really believe that we both sans the sugar?

oh darlin’!
my warm weather twin

and who would really believe our eleventh summer is almost here?
and why would anyone really hear the truth we simply can’t deny
that anyone can possibly share our summer joy more than you and i?
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on days like this
like so many days
and for no reason
and for all my reasons
this fragile heart can’t
face this relentless world

when all i hear is abundant cruelty
when all i know are slights and daggers
when all i feel is every desperate heart
when all i see is every place i don’t belong

remember… our first momentous night together

pine scented candles and your second hand flowered couch
when so tenderly stroking your forehead hushed you to sleep?
and content just to watch you breath your tranquil dreams

you knew then i could always do that for you and
i knew then i would finally share my every weakness
because there is no refuge in this world for me but you

our words




can, will,

write, scribble,
scratch, claw, type, etch
click, bleed, shout, scream,
whisper, cry, smear, speak, copy,
rethink, doubt, edit, erase,
dream, paint,


w o r d s.


yours spell
just like mine.


for any



connect, relate,
understand, fathom,
experience, absorb, believe
empathize, sympathize,
respond, remember,
listen, hear




not feel so

abandoned, frighteneed,
severed, lonely, misunderstood,
unreacheable, anxious, numb,
singular, distant,



this very
m o m e n t

w e

n o w.
t o g e t h e r.

talk to me




hear, feel…

repost Friday

dear friends…
because i don’t post on Friday and for
the benefit of my many new friends,
i thought i would dig into the archives.
this was my fourth poem after joining
20 Lines in April, it holds a special
place in my heart because it was the
first time a poem was inspired from
hearing a song for the first time.
thank you all so much *smiles*

many thanks to Sky Vani,
for sharing this song and beautiful video.
play it as a soundtrack, the words follow the tempo.
hope you::::enjoy::::
her last page

as early as her day begins, it ends
a sad memoir echoes in an empty room,
and she breezes
through her motions

…without a care in this world.
as if her love never really ended
wrote the diary,
the last page.

wide cupped latte’,
a quick croissant
and her habitual daily stroll
to every place they ever met.

she’s hoping without a prayer,
he’ll be sitting there as always
in his favorite,
corner chair.

she chooses spools of woven thread
from the French village mercerie.
…that suggestive red dress
he always loved,

and it’s noticeable tear.
as if life never did really end
wrote the diary,
her last page.
written April 21 2013
and submitted to 20 Lines A Day
prose and poetry challenge for April


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this…straggler in the night
this wandering the hallway of the weary
this sleepless searching for that elusive home

you, lit in your softest candle light
you fold away the colorful cotton coverlet
you beckon, ’lay your head down, take your rest.’

and we…just fall into place
and join all our perpetual puzzle pieces
and our hearts eternal melding, each to the other

but some nights…wear on
but dreaming…our different dreams
but leading…these sometimes separate lives

when hands, find entwining fingers
when an accidental brush across a willing limb
when…a whispered reasurance in the uncertain night

and candles relit, our love’s flame endures
and us, never allowing darkness to carry the days
and our committment…to an everlasting loving embrace

1000 little things

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my darlin’
i’ve lived you close
for this decade now
and can hum your tune
without a second thought

1000 little things you always do
when you don’t think I’m looking
because…oh, there you go again
making me love you a little more

do you really think I don’t see you
only removing clean plates
from the dishwasher everyday
but never, ever putting them back in?

do you really think I don’t see you
quickly shut your eyes when a movie
shows a poor animal cry out In pain
and silently moving your lips, ‘no, no, no?’

do you really think I don’t see you
die your little deaths, grieving every June
students taught as toddlers, graduate now 18?
hearing their violin cases close that one last time

do you really think I don’t see you
somehow make an empty potato chip bag
look half full, when there are only crumbs
and even that I know, fall for it every time?

do you really think I don’t see you
recognize, feel, the moment you arrive home
when this world has finally worn you down
or your bestie girlfriend just daggered your heart?

oh, my darlin’
after loving you this close, there’s nothing I don’t see
waiting ‘till the time is right, knowing you like to ask
a lesson I’m still trying hard to learn from you
you circle around in your silence ‘til you’re ready

ending up exactly where you always want to be
a little thing, standing there, with its head bowed
these large hands cradling that dark luxurious hair
reaching down, kissing your forehead, ‘ok Scout, tell me….’

1000 little things you always do
when you don’t think I’m looking
because….oh, there… you did it again
and making me just love you ever more
These Are The Things About You
You can really stare.
You can stare a thousand miles
And yet still I know exactly what you see.
These are the things about you.
These are the things about you.
These are the things about you I know

lyrics and music written by Ivy and a song i finally
get to sing to someone. and as always, the poem was
written with this song as a soundtrack.::::enjoy::::

banner of innocence

‘There is a light inside you
To shine if you choose it to
There is a light inside you
To light up the world for you
Light up the world with you
As only you can do’
oh wounded heart, and how many years
have we walked this journey you and i
the dead ends and aborted beginnings
just how many understandings have
been set aside for yet another day?

only i know your tragedy and depth of despair
because i was there with you every painful day
deflecting the blows hoping i could protect you
covering these ears not to hear words slice so deep

oh wounded heart,

please hear the words i have found for you
forgiveness, love, acceptance and healing
hear them because the bruises they all faded
it’s the words you heard and the cuts remained

these clouds and shadows you live in
the dark and silence where you reside
there is a parting, an unmistakeable stirring
is it the light you’re drawn to or the words you hear?

because i swear

by everything holy in this world or the next
no hurt will ever again reach your gentle shore
and if the ferocity of my sword somehow misses its mark
this man will stand before you, accept the blows, every one

because the days of this silence and this fear are done

so let us swipe away those darkening shades
and open all the windows each and every one
this ambivalent world has missed your tender voice
it’s time to speak in steady words of love and light

my wounded child, this world is nothing to fear
because i have found ears that will listen
because i have found arms that will hold you
because i have found words spoken waiting to heal

here, take my hand and hold it tight
let’s take these first tentative steps
together, side by each other’s side
believing in each other along the way

sing your sweet lullaby’s of love and light
and i will unfurl this banner of innocence
because ours is only a righteous cause
a flourishing, protected and fearless child

my little boy, this world is nothing to fear
as long as we are always loving and caring
and always together, side by each other’s side
and always believing in ourselves along the way

There is love inside you
To love you if you choose to
There is a love inside you
To love the world and you
Love the world and you
As only you can do.

Light of You
Emer Kenny

say…please say

throughout this decade long romance
our shared serendipitous journey home
and our day in, day out conversation
the ups and downs, living this crazy life each day

you see through me like no one else ever would
every imperfection, my softest underbelly on display
i’m trusting you, more than i trust myself sometimes
your unconditional love, an abundant never ending gift

but hey,
we figured out our role reversal many tears ago
you, that valiant hunter gatherer with a heart so bold
me, a nester, seed spreader with a heart so easily bruised
tradition? because only you and i know what works for us

and you know i never want to be your burden
but you know when i retreat to my silent shadows
and it doesn’t mean you said anything wrong
but darlin,’ whenever i get quiet and close my doors

…so i need to ask you for a favor

take a minute…look me in the eyes,
say…please say those three words
that will make my world all right
‘If You Don’t Know Me By Now’
we all got our own funny moods
i’ve got mine, woman you’ve got yours too
just trust in me, like i trust in you
as long as we’ve been together
it should be so easy to do
if you feel like a second read, play the song, pick up the
slow tempo and the first crescendo in the music will sync up
with the end of the poem. imho the best cover of this classic tune.