a wish come true

dear new friends and old,

it isn’t often that a difficult issue, especially one that involves family, is resolved in precisely the way you hoped it would, that everything might just fall into place, and everyone might play their part according to a perfect but unwritten script. navigating family resolutions, at least in my experience, is like living in a colorless, flat landscape of unsatisfsctory compromises.

that absolute ideal, what you really hope could happen, rarely does.

well, i will tell you today that everything did fall into place, everyone did play their part perfectly, without rancor, without a single voice raised, with empathy and resolve and a single minded, selfless purpose.

because sometimes it isn’t about us, sometimes it’s about letting ‘us’ go, about being a conduit for what someone else needs because that person is counting on you to help make it happen, because they can’t themselves. and i will tell you i am proud of every single person involved because when i wrote ‘every single word, each reassuring gesture is crucial’ in ‘one of those moments’, i realized this wasn’t just a reminder to myself, it was a necessity for everyone else involved as well.

and so a wish was made…. and that wish came true.

yes…our lives will change significantly, everyone’s will, in the small day to day details and in profound, unknown ways. yet, as i sit here writing this and despite my weariness and emotional exhaustion, i am incredibly hopeful for what the future holds for us all, here in our family. this week will be a week of transition, and my singular resolve and commitment is no less important now, than it was getting to this point. i’m not ready to write just yet, but expect me on your pages as i catch up with what i’ve been missing.

this experience has certainly crystallized many of my long held beliefs, that our tragic history does not have to be repeated, that there is a pure universal truth in selflessness, that empathy and patience and love are by far, the most important human attributes.

that if we all work together… we can achieve anything.

i will also tell you there were days i lost my bliss, that anxiety held it’s grip and would not let go, that fear ruled the day, fear that this might not be resolved as perfectly as it was.

and each time i felt i might sink a little lower, i would get yet another encouraging e mail from one of you, from so many of you, or another wonderful comment would appear, some from new friends and old i have never spoken to, and about a dozen new friends arrived to remind me that i was being thought of even in my absence. and on days like this i think about how incredible this community is, and how lucky i am to be here among all of you. i consider you all part of my exteneded family.

there are seven words i hold dear to my heart in the English language, words that to me, are the most important words we can say to one another in certain moments.

‘i’m sorry’…’i love you’…and ‘thank you’.

thank you, thank you, thank you all.
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52 thoughts on “a wish come true

  1. I am celebrating in spirit for you! I am glad everything came together for you. Hugs sent your way!! Skye

  2. You have brought a smile to my eyes and a smile to my heart. I am so pleased that everything has worked out, though there may be tribulations, they will be accompanied with great joy. We will be able to fall in love with your writing when you return, never fear ~ we are still here waiting for you to return, when you are ready (hugs) my friend.

  3. SirenaTales says:

    So very happy and pleased for you and your family. Love: still the answer, my friend. Thank you for spreading the love with this heartfelt post, full of grace. Hugs….

  4. Chess says:

    I am so very happy that you and all the persons involved have met with a happy ending! Love and selflessness are true miracles and I’m glad you got to bear witness. Rest now and recover from the experience, we will be waiting to see your new work when you are ready. Love and light coming your way.

    • ty so much Chess, sorry for the delay but we all
      needed to have some dinner together. this all feels
      like one of those events that change everything, a marker.
      that we can look back on and say all of our lives changed.

      your love and light so gratefully acknowledged, ty Chess.

  5. Glad things are working out and you have your bliss back.

  6. annotating60 says:

    WT. I want you to know I wrote a poem and the main character “China Mike’ revs his car engine like Tony did. I couldn’t resist it. But he is only 5’4” and always wears a white linen suit and silk tie and never drives the car. >KB

    • ha, how cool! a linen suit and silk tie in Brooklyn?
      ok. now i need to read about China Mike, did you post it yet KB?

      • annotating60 says:

        No, it will be a while. It still needs work. I would send you my rough draft to your email but my AOL email is totally frizzed tonight. Suffice it to say, each tie is a different color with the same dragon on it, which is how he got his name, though he has never been out of his indistinct neighborhood, but like Tony is connected, though one morning before his engine turns over he meets an untimely and unsolved end while behind the wheel. It has possibilities to be a series of poems, but only as a lark really, though one never knows about these things. I hope things have leveled in your part of the planet for you. When I get my email up I may send to you what I have if I clean it up tonight. I am pulling an all nighter to get some work done, cleaning up after my editor and friend chewed some of my work to shreds. But like Clemenza said “These things have to happen every 5 or 10 years, to get rid of the bad blood.” Anyway I will work on it tonight for sure and hopefully it will meet with your tacit approval.Thought you would get a kick out of it. >KB

      • oh. this story line clicked my imagination into high gear.
        it has the making of a series KB, or at least a long epic poem.

        and like Clemenza, ‘i’ll be waitin’ in the lobby’ for your AOL
        to get up and running again, would love to see it!

      • annotating60 says:

        WT, I can send out and I found a way to view emails but have no way of seeing what your private email is. If you would care to give it to me or better I will send you mine which you may have and if you mail me a message I will return the poem. It is finished now. annotating@aol.com >KB

      • it’s whocouldknowthen@hotmail.com KB.
        enough folks know it now, so i’m not
        concerned about posting it here.

  7. You have been in my thoughts since you left. I’m so happy everything went so well. Wonderful news and so happy you’re back. My dear adopted brother, I send you love, warm hugs and some super charged energy. Be well and I am so happy for you and your family. xxoo

  8. Sky Vani says:

    “Miracles happen to those who believe in them.” (Bernard Berenson) β™₯ I am happy for you! πŸ™‚

  9. wow just beautifully written.

  10. Cubby says:

    I am so happy everything worked out for you. “I’m sorry, I love you, and thank you,” really are the most powerful phrases that we have in our possession. Much love and happiness to you and your loved ones. πŸ™‚

    • aren’t they though?, when you boil it right down, to those
      profound and important moments in or lives, those 3 phrases
      say it all. and ty Cubby for your kind words and for being here.
      tonight was an especially good night here!

  11. I am so happy for you! Beautifully expressed and filled with wisdom =)

    • well, there are some hard miles under these shoes of mine,
      any wisdom is certainly borne in experience and trying hard
      not to repeat what i was taught. our history does not need to
      be repeated, we humans can creaate a new history.

      ty for being there for me and being here today, mindlovemisery.
      love and hugs to you and your family!

      • Thank you so much (hugs) you are so right I am doing my best not to repeat my own mistakes and my best not to emulate in any way the mistakes of my parents

      • ’emulate in any way the mistakes of my parents’

        yes, that’s been a lifelong fear of mine as well,
        with so much mental disease and alcoholism in my
        family history. luckily, i didn’t inherit any of it.

        it’s a subject, a poem that’s been rolling around in my
        head for a few weeks now. not an easy thing to write about
        but, much of what we write about isn’t.

      • I have the same fears as mental illness and alcoholism run in my family as well. No it isn’t, so much of what I write deals with pain

      • have you written about it, i’d like to read it if you have any links?

  12. everyone wishes they could write like you! you reminded me at the end of the michael j fox show…he said there are 7 words to say to women…you’re right, i’m wrong…i’m sorry or something like that.

  13. My heart and spirit are singing with yours πŸ™‚ Many hugs for you, Scout and CB…spread them around πŸ™‚

    • oh they most definitely will Melanie, ty for being so invested and
      sincerely happy for us. there is a serenity that comes when we do
      what’s right and necessary, i’m feeling that calm finally.

  14. I rejoice with your blessings & new found peace amid your challenges- those that have been successfully handled and, those that could still arrive at your door, the fact that you’ve navigated thru your storms wisely & selflessly brings me sweet consolation ~ Blessings dear friend ~Debbie

    • and i feel blessed Debbie. there wasn’t a thing in this
      world that was more important, than what happened, than
      what was resolved. i feel my serenity returning now,
      ty so much for being here.

  15. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    I am happy for you…
    congratulations….though not sure what I am saying that for other than it feels like a celebration…
    Take Care…You Matter…

  16. dawnhosking says:

    Very happy for you πŸ˜‰

  17. yelena says:

    many hugs to you and your family, dear poet….happy for you πŸ™‚

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