in the wings

a repost for my new friends from July 9, 2013,
and a special ty to my friend Cindy Knoke, an
incredible photographer for always rummaging
in my archives.
a great big hug to my daughter on her 14th birthday
for sharing this song which inspired this story/poem.
please feel free to listen to it as a soundtrack.

in the wings

they seemed to meet, quite by accident
but something in their eyes, told them otherwise
this wouldn’t be their first conversation
but.. it always felt like it could be the last

like a patient, who knows their time is near
with so many faces yet to see
and…confessions to make
and…sunsets to end

their now daily talks lasted for hours
even after they left that little cafe
feverishly texting on the bus back home
sometimes…through the hush of their night

they would talk of paintings, songs and poetry
any silly thing, as long as there was a reply
the hold on each other, so tenuous
an undertow…
the pull of fear as real
he not so accidently, brushed her hand on the table
she instinctively recoiled, placing it on her lap
she apologized quickly, she was sorry
but regretted showing him so much

his practiced stoic reaction, said little
this time his heart, tried valiantly to follow
‘but isn’t that how it always goes?’
setting a few more bricks in the wall

he was a little braver than she was
or maybe his clock, was just ticking faster than hers
he said the words, that they both feared
and knew it was wrong…
the moment he spoke
two hearts… waiting in the wings
for love to speak and heal their pain
all the words… they shared between them
could not help them say goodbye

Repost Friday……summer us

a summer favorite, and a light and breezy
soundtrack to read this poem by::::enjoy::::

summer us
how you try in vain to shield such lovely pale soft skin
with your lotions, umbrellas and wide brimmed straw hats
while i crave this Mediteranean sweat and bask in the burn

how you must swim in every fresh water or rolling surf
while i just dig my toes deeper into any warming sand
content just hearing your giggles and joy

how you refuse to wake up your sleep in vacation mornings
while i stay up sleepless nights penning you my poems of love
listening for the sighs and mumbles of your overtime dreams

how you dutifully RSVP each planned event and bbq
yet smiling face rush to any impromptu backyard party
while i ask you again and again please say ‘hey’ from me

how you always order your iced decaf Americano black
while i need extra soy in anything caffienated latte’ style
and who will really believe that we both sans the sugar?

oh darlin’!
my warm weather twin

and who would really believe our eleventh summer is almost here?
and why would anyone really hear the truth we simply can’t deny
that anyone can possibly share our summer joy more than you and i?
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s c r i b b l i n g

Friday Repost
for my new friends,
a little dig in the
archives for you.
also, today is a
travel day so my
replies will be
delayed until
later tonight. ty.

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i seem
to remember
when i was a kid,
being in my


on my belly
surrounded by
page after page
of white and


of them
filled to the
edges, every
square inch
used up


how many
hours i spent
by myself,
so deep
in my

i m a g i n a t i o n


s c r i b b l i n g .

and it’s funny,
there was
fear of
failure then.

because there
was always




filled up
all the


empty wall…
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on days like this
like so many days
and for no reason
and for all my reasons
this fragile heart can’t
face this relentless world

when all i hear is abundant cruelty
when all i know are slights and daggers
when all i feel is every desperate heart
when all i see is every place i don’t belong

remember… our first momentous night together

pine scented candles and your second hand flowered couch
when so tenderly stroking your forehead hushed you to sleep?
and content just to watch you breath your tranquil dreams

you knew then i could always do that for you and
i knew then i would finally share my every weakness
because there is no refuge in this world for me but you

Friday Repost…..petals open slowly

Friday Repost

for my new friends,
a little dig in the
archives for you.

petals open slowly


across undulating fields of truthful wheat
across the window walled skyscraper cities
across churning surf and miles of embattled shore
and a mother’s loving comfort hearing her baby’s cry

know your nourishing and loyal day will arrive
an infinite Sky in her kindness and healing grace
offering all its patient memory and forgiveness
and a wisdom knowing that all petals open slowly

and renewal and its reinvention begin the day
because a child’s heart is a truth we can’t deny
my dearest friend the sun is warming at your window
and our new world awaiting to hear your hopeful reply

Who is of smiling face
Bestower of all fortunes
Whose hands are ready to
Rescue anyone from fear

It is the child in us
my morning music and a beautiful video::::enjoy::::

our words




can, will,

write, scribble,
scratch, claw, type, etch
click, bleed, shout, scream,
whisper, cry, smear, speak, copy,
rethink, doubt, edit, erase,
dream, paint,


w o r d s.


yours spell
just like mine.


for any



connect, relate,
understand, fathom,
experience, absorb, believe
empathize, sympathize,
respond, remember,
listen, hear




not feel so

abandoned, frighteneed,
severed, lonely, misunderstood,
unreacheable, anxious, numb,
singular, distant,



this very
m o m e n t

w e

n o w.
t o g e t h e r.

talk to me




hear, feel…

repost Friday

dear friends…
because i don’t post on Friday and for
the benefit of my many new friends,
i thought i would dig into the archives.
this was my fourth poem after joining
20 Lines in April, it holds a special
place in my heart because it was the
first time a poem was inspired from
hearing a song for the first time.
thank you all so much *smiles*

many thanks to Sky Vani,
for sharing this song and beautiful video.
play it as a soundtrack, the words follow the tempo.
hope you::::enjoy::::
her last page

as early as her day begins, it ends
a sad memoir echoes in an empty room,
and she breezes
through her motions

…without a care in this world.
as if her love never really ended
wrote the diary,
the last page.

wide cupped latte’,
a quick croissant
and her habitual daily stroll
to every place they ever met.

she’s hoping without a prayer,
he’ll be sitting there as always
in his favorite,
corner chair.

she chooses spools of woven thread
from the French village mercerie.
…that suggestive red dress
he always loved,

and it’s noticeable tear.
as if life never did really end
wrote the diary,
her last page.
written April 21 2013
and submitted to 20 Lines A Day
prose and poetry challenge for April


dear new friends and old,
we are leaving in a few hours to spend
some time with family and to continue our
labor of love, restoring the 100 year old
house on our farm. i’ll be back on Tuesday,
in the meantime i thought i would repost this
poem, my second after joining 20 Lines A Day
in April.

thank you all for your continued and constant
encouragement, it means so very much to me.

if it weren’t for all of you, i wouldn’t be writing
this poetry of mine. please know what a gift you
have given me, that some days i still can’t believe
this is my blog, these are my words and you all,
are my friends.

thank you, so very much,
{{{ h u g s }}} and *smiles* to you all


Amid this winter’s grey mist grip
our April mocks her Spring impression.
Rush hour red lights stop and start,
frustrated and my happened glance at

a waif like girl no more than nine,
she’s mouthing words of imagined rhyme.
I watch her whispering monologues
as she tiptoes boulders in the park.

Pure innocence her soft protection
from cruel worlds I suffer much too well.
I mouthed my thank you to the waif
and she tiptoed boulders until dark.

written April 14 2013
submitted to 20 Lines A Day
prose and poetry challenge for April

a parting of ways

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there is a journey, i’ve been walking on
a road taken and in hindsight, a road too long
so many questions, a rain wash in torrents
so few answers, a few foolishly ignored

is it because my clock
has now hastened its pace?
because i thought i believed, any day,
was not a good day to waste

am i to believe, this trouble and strife
was all pre-ordained, was planned in advance?
that i played no role, in my many mistakes
or is this me sleepwalking, standing in place?

because, there is an unmistakeable shifting
the weight in these legs, considerably lighter
and wounds of a fragile heart, begin their heal
these clear grey eyes, see a parting of ways

and i would never claim, to have any answers
a few white whiskers…know more than that now
or maybe i’m not so afraid, to look hard in this mirror
to accept my imperfections, to reflect love in these eyes
The Cross of Change
If you understand or if you don’t
If you believe or if you doubt
There’s a universal justice
And the eyes of truth
Are always watching you.
the sparse lyrics, the title, the melodic, reflective music which can be
listened to as a soundtrack and a beautiful video to watch::::enjoy::::


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this…straggler in the night
this wandering the hallway of the weary
this sleepless searching for that elusive home

you, lit in your softest candle light
you fold away the colorful cotton coverlet
you beckon, ’lay your head down, take your rest.’

and we…just fall into place
and join all our perpetual puzzle pieces
and our hearts eternal melding, each to the other

but some nights…wear on
but dreaming…our different dreams
but leading…these sometimes separate lives

when hands, find entwining fingers
when an accidental brush across a willing limb
when…a whispered reasurance in the uncertain night

and candles relit, our love’s flame endures
and us, never allowing darkness to carry the days
and our committment…to an everlasting loving embrace