Repost Friday……summer us

a summer favorite, and a light and breezy
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summer us
how you try in vain to shield such lovely pale soft skin
with your lotions, umbrellas and wide brimmed straw hats
while i crave this Mediteranean sweat and bask in the burn

how you must swim in every fresh water or rolling surf
while i just dig my toes deeper into any warming sand
content just hearing your giggles and joy

how you refuse to wake up your sleep in vacation mornings
while i stay up sleepless nights penning you my poems of love
listening for the sighs and mumbles of your overtime dreams

how you dutifully RSVP each planned event and bbq
yet smiling face rush to any impromptu backyard party
while i ask you again and again please say ‘hey’ from me

how you always order your iced decaf Americano black
while i need extra soy in anything caffienated latte’ style
and who will really believe that we both sans the sugar?

oh darlin’!
my warm weather twin

and who would really believe our eleventh summer is almost here?
and why would anyone really hear the truth we simply can’t deny
that anyone can possibly share our summer joy more than you and i?
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little ladybug…..Haiku

little ladybug

‘little ladybug
there’s nothing to fear from me,
i mean you no harm.’

‘my mom taught me well
to respect all living things,
she had a big heart.’

…i miss her a lot…
‘we had a praying mantis
come to our window

for one whole summer,
and eat lettuce she fed it…
i would watch in awe

as it ate each leaf…
i can’t remember the name
that i chose for it,’

…where has the time gone…?
‘but i remember the eyes
moving all around….’
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‘little ladybug,
you can stop being scared now.
i was just reaching

for my ice cold glass
of delicious lemonade,
and it’s homemade too!

can you continue
to do your little dance on
the rim of my glass?

when you raise your wings,
is it the sugar you like?
or are you in love?

little ladybug,
i’ll just pour another one
’cause we have plenty.’

my encounter with little ladybug happened on the farm,
while i was sitting by myself at the picnic table.

the praying mantis came to our kitchen window everyday
for an entire summer. i was six and my mom would lift
me onto the counter, so i could watch it eat.

the why of rain

the why of rain
and sitting here
alone and content
at the worn wooden picnic table
just beyond the kitchen of our farmhouse,
sipping a glass of homemade iced tea.

in this quiet i hear
the soft clattering of
dinner dishes being cleaned,
and the voices of those i love
finding their way to my ears

and to my heart
from the half open window above the sink.
…now a steady pattering of raindrops through the trees.
how i so readily accept the why of rain
here on the farm, because

there are no
umbrellas parked in the foyer
and no scurrying for cover
to dodge every drop. i’ve
decided instead

to enjoy being wet. closing these eyes
i savor and absorb these warming drops,
as they dot my arms
and soak my hair.
i’ll agree

nod in approval with
this year’s crop, the budding
soybean plants who sustain our farm
when in unison whisper,
‘there is never a nuisance in the rain.’

‘aint no cure…Haiku

stopped at a red light
this hot and humid morning
a clean well dressed man

decked out in Ray Bans
and Rock and Roll attitiude
plays his air guitar

right on the corner!
i guess we’re his audience
’cause he’s not all shy

strummin’ his windmill
and doin’ his best Pete Townsend
impression for us

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it’s September now
there is a shift in the wind
of changing seasons

Autumn will arrive
overnight without warning
perfect hand holding

and jacket weather
a painter’s color palette
of richly hued days

but this sun loving
psyche is seeing red flags
among the colors…

my conditioned response
of winter’s foul history…
soul draining darkness…

lonely bitter winds
through this heart and empty arms…
of sad memories

better left buried…
sunless days that never end,
the grey after grey

white season of fears…
the unfairness of Winter
following Autumn…

so the light turns green…
but i’m not ready yet to
give up on Summer!

i say farewell my
street mime air guitar hero!
and i thank you for

snapping me out of
air conditioned stupor
down go the windows!

because there ‘aint no
cure for my Summertime Blues
but sun and hot air!

night water stillness…Haiku


the best time of day,

when I’m really awake is

when i hear the rest


of the world asleep.

and here on this lake tonight,

trees along this cove


are deep in their dreams.

the leaves whispered their good night’s

and vowed to rustle


again tomorrow,

when the lake breeze comes ashore.

do fish ever sleep?


i don’t hear them now

in this three a. m. quiet…

splashing the surface


filling their bellies

with bugs skimming the water.

they’ll be awake soon…


but at this moment

when the only sound I hear

are these words i write,


i count my blessings

and thank the universe for

night water stillness.

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in black and white…Haiku

maybe i’m ‘old school’
or just an anomaly,
i have a soft spot

my knees go weak for,
black and white photography.
color spells it out,

but somethin’ about
using imagination
to fill in the blanks….

’cause i see green waves
in those endless summer eyes
my mind is drifting…
that white stretch of sand…
embracing warm on our skin…
watching the sun climb

up a cloudless sky…
whispers as you slept…are they
words i long to hear?

i had to listen,
so i eavesdropped while you dreamt.
now i’m wondering…

secretly yearning
when waves roll into night, will
you whisper again?
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so i finally took the leap into the abyss, a poem in Haiku form.
a first attempt, a daydream, a reverie with special meaning to me.
the photo is a stock image i happen to like a lot.