these old shoes……Haiku

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these old shoes

these old shoes of mine…

walked the twisting, painful path

that has marked this life.


my innocence lost…

psyche and body so bruised,

i ran at fourteen.


and these old shoes stood

steadfast and true…. with me in

my loneliest hours.


i can’t let them die…

stitching them back together,

again… and… again.


i don’t yearn for much…

these days….. my miracles are

the moments i’m in.

my needs are simple,

f a m i l y…. is my fashion.

‘shoes, just get me…..h o m e’

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for my sister Melanie,
ty for your courage.


28 thoughts on “these old shoes……Haiku

  1. dawnhosking says:

    You are a very talented writer. That is poignant and beautiful at the same time – a pleasure to read and share, thank you.

  2. Such a beautiful and touching piece! I think there is a very good reason the bottoms of shoes are called soles, a metaphor within a metaphor becoming food for thought! This poem really made me think, way beyond the touching sentiment presented on the surface!!

  3. Beautiful, touching, powerful, real, honest, pure, innocent, visual, calm, peaceful, awakened, free. Fabulous poem of acceptance and understanding. Truly wonderful. I appreciate you so very much.

  4. You-
    There are not words to express how much this means to me. Thank you. And yes I keep stiching these old shoes together and it is people like you who are the thread.

    Much love,

  5. of course beautiful….heart wrenching ,and heartwarming…………………………..

  6. Tiffany Coffman says:

    This piece speaks volumes to me as I left home at a young age. My daughters were definitely my fashion that kept me rooted in those shoes that gave me reason to persevere as I walked through years. Beautiful piece.

    • well, you most definitely understand as i do,
      as so many parents do, what is paramount. i’m
      not sure if you’ve found this to be true, but
      those of us who had family issues as a kid,
      make incredibly attentive and sensitive parents.

      it was a promise i made, to never make the
      same mistakes that my parents did with me.

      love and hugs to you Tiffany, ty for being here
      and for sharing your truth with me.

      • Tiffany Coffman says:

        Yes, I made the same promise. I made sure to give my girls the kind of mother I never had but wanted. Now I see my two oldest with their little ones and what loving mothers they are, and the reward is priceless. The best part is that it became one less painful promise my children needed to worry about for themselves in adulthood so they could focus on more positive ones.

        love and hugs back to you and keep inspiring.

      • ‘and the reward is priceless’, oh, i have no doubt it is,
        and i’m so happy for you all. my girl is 13, and she has
        the infinite possibilities in her clear eyes, curious
        and fearless. her gaze is priceless to me as well.

        good on us both!

  7. bgbowers says:

    I love the shoe analogy. Wonderful poem 🙂

    • ty bgbowers, this poem was an inevitable release of the past
      few weeks of family issues i’ve been focusing on. how it was
      resolved and what it meant just crystallized my core beliefs.

      i’m so grateful to have found poetry,
      and friends like you here on WP. ty.

  8. peppahhh says:

    “i don’t yearn for much…

    these days….. my miracles are

    the moments i’m in.”

    I love this sentiment, and find it grounding, going so well with the shoes analogy. Thanks for sharing your bounty of well-placed words!

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