the tenacity of innocence


born in tentative voice…
sadly that so many sentences have
since choked quiet in this throat, scathing
self doubt daring these lips to tell.

and such beauty witnessed i abandoned to fear
forsaking my pens their ink to run bone dry,
the unrecorded curiosity of an innocent imagination.
oh.. the decades white in pages…

and creativity… the purest gift…
hidden secret in wasteful dormancy, a shroud
in numbing cloaks of self medicated apathy
a faux justification of my feigned indifference.

the stark anomaly in my bloodlines…
an empath hyper alive in insensitive worlds
of blank eyes and suspicious glances,
my vulnerability worn like a deer in the clearing.

my back has bent bearing the
weights of this artistic expectation, grieving
unrealized creativity a constant burden, spiritless
this stale soul air filling its void.

sinister angel of drought!
i hear your cruel hiss of darkness
stirring memories echoing my tragic past,
the voice that would swallow me whole.

but i have lived to see my whiskers grey, and
i see my years through the merciful memory of eyes
that never forget… the beauty they’ve seen,
because it’s my innocence i will relive fondly now.

living rightly and whole today
i stand among the alignment of stars
projecting the destiny of a Light within, knowing
my last clean breath… will hold no regrets.
approx. 8″ x 8″ on vellum paper
pencil, watercolor pencil, white and black marker,
wax crayons and sourced from various Google pics
click to enlarge

60 thoughts on “the tenacity of innocence

  1. This is my of my ‘now’ favourites my friend… you are right ~ creativity the purest gift ~ one that you display exceptionally well. Gorgeous writing and art work.

  2. Beautiful words and art 🙂

  3. Muddletation says:

    Your soul, ripped bare is beautiful…

  4. E.D. says:

    delicate and sweet.. 🙂 eve

    • i always appreciate you being here eve, ty so much.

      • E.D. says:

        your welcome.:) I missed your post, then found it in “my google “all” mailbox” – loved the painting. How beautiful! I see there are many blogs dedicated to poetry. They seem popular. I guess photos with poems is about all most people want to read on line.. Reading on line is not easy – and pictures are worth a million words.. 🙂 eve

      • ty for lovin’ on the artwork eve, this one was specie for me.
        and yes, there are countless poetry blogs,i thank the universe
        for that gift of constant inspiration!

  5. Superb writing…and baring of the soul. Such a brave Warrior you are to share this. Thank you! And still sending healing energy your way. Blessings!

    • i don’t know how you do it MarDrag, but there is a buddha like steady spirit in you
      that is so inspirational to someone like me…in my emotional peaks and valleys.
      i wanted to tell you here and ty. Love and Hugs to you, fellow Warrior.

  6. Standing ovation. Raw and beautiful. The picture is flat out amazing. You are truly wonderful. This is really something, dear Brother.

  7. wunderwench says:

    ok… so I’ve typed out a response three times and erased each one LOL words cannot express… tears of understanding… tears of joy for your breakthrough… and a deep appreciation for the creativity you have been gifted with.

    • you are a beautiful soul ww, what you’ve written…you’re making me cry too.
      ty, i feel so humbled by such empathy, and that it’s from you who i admire so much.
      Love and Hugs to you, gracious heart.

  8. you have made the poet, watercolor & animal fairies very happy…beautiful eyes so real ,you have to pat the watercolor

  9. Lindy Lee says:

    Please allow me to concur with the many complimentary comments on your “tenacity of innocence”. You do possess a certain soulful attachment to creativity in writing & drawing/painting…

  10. Miranda Stone says:

    I think we all experience those “decades white in pages…” Some of us never know any other experience. But thank goodness you’ve embraced your creativity and given it a voice. A beautiful poem here, my friend. And I love love love the drawing! I could stare at it for hours.

    • Miranda, i’m not sure you know this, but i’ve only written poetry since April, writing without fear probably not knowing any better, lol…but the more i wrote, the fewer excuses i could justify for NOT drawing. what a mystery this life is!

      ty for your friendship and soulful encouragement Miranda, it means a great deal to me. and let’s hope for us both, we never experience the ‘white of pages’ again.

      • Miranda Stone says:

        I did not know that! And wow, what a poet you’ve become in such a short time. Writing without fear is the best way to write, my friend. Thanks for sharing your beautiful drawings with us as well. And I feel the same way about you–I appreciate all of your insightful comments and am thankful for your friendship. I’ve also gone for long periods of time without writing, but about a year and a half ago, I endured one of those dark nights of the soul, and I realized that writing gives me purpose, and it helped pull me out of that darkness. So I figure I have to keep writing now. Either that or go crazy! 🙂 Hope you have a great week.

      • yes exactly, as i said to another friend in this thread;
        at this stage it’s way cheaper than
        therapy and way healthier than meds! lol!

  11. SirenaTales says:

    MasterWho, Wow. Congratulations on this anthemic poem and stunning artwork. Like Jen above, I believe this is my new favorite-partly due to the theme, partly due to your artistry in handling it. The “tenacity of innocence:” how I am heartened by the ring of that lovely and triumpant title. So thrilled that you have heeded your destiny and picked up those pens and paints-to your benefit and to ours. Love to you, my friend….P.s. On a related note, great timing for me personally on your publishing this, as I got to read it as I headed out the door to a long commute and rehearsal. Thanks for firing up my after burners!

    • Chloe, it’s why i wrote what i did on your poem, our themes meshed seamlessly.
      and this poem came straight from a sad but profoundly grateful heart, wrote it
      practically in one sitting. the words were just waiting there. there is something
      about feeling ‘whole’, like slipping back into a favorite pair of well worn jeans
      that have been lost in the bottom of your closet for a long time. no fanfare or
      fireworks, it’s just sublimely right.

      so glad this post could kick you into gear, a high compliment indeed to inspire
      another artist. ty Chloe for all you are. Love and hugs to you, sweet dancer.

  12. Skye says:

    Even more beautifully touching and delicate when read aloud. Thank you, Dear Friend, for sharing your heart. It always blesses.

    • really, aloud? Skye, i know other poets read their work aloud, but i guess it’s my
      natural shyness to never think of doing that. it even makes me blush considering it. lol
      maybe i’ll ask Cbear to read it tomorrow, she’s a poet now. ty so much, Love and Hugs to you.

  13. C.K. Hope says:

    This is beautiful, I love the poetry and the artwork!

  14. Just gorgeous, friend. Thanks so much for the image this morning.

  15. The greying whiskers.. that touched me a lot… And you art is exquisite.

  16. The poem and the beautiful artwork, what a great mix. Such great texture!

  17. While reading your words I felt as if I was sitting by a fire and drinking some cognac! Your words made me read it several times…so excellently done my friend…thanks for the follow and also thanks for the blessing I embraced today…you are an awesome poet/writer!

  18. Magnificent words…and brilliant spirit! I’ve been in that place you write of so many times…and the last line…well…that brought tears to my eyes…for that is where soul journey also takes me! Thank you for the purity and truth!

    • you are most welcome island rain, the sharing is what inspires me to write
      especially when beautiful souls like yours leave reactions like this one.
      ty ever so much, Love and Hugs to you islandrain.

  19. Oh beautiful soul never let that self doubt silence you again. Both your poetry and your art need to be seen. The drawing is magnificient…i keep staring into those eyes.

    No more white pages, except for us to flll with beauty.

    Love and hugs

    • No more white pages, except for us to flll with beauty.

      ok, i promise! somehow it’s so much easier for me to share my work online than it ever was person to person, i’m still a little reluctant but i guess it’s just who i am.

      ty my sweet friend, you are treasured here,
      Love and Hugs to you.

      • Just came back to re-read the beauty here. The emotional outpour is simply palpable

      • well…i ty for that Melanie, this poem was some 30 years in the making. sad it’s been that long between my last drawings and these recent efforts. there is always a chance at redemption and resurrection, if we just keep trying.

  20. Noora says:

    “living rightly and whole today
    i stand among the alignment of stars
    projecting the destiny of a Light within, knowing
    my last clean breath… will hold no regrets.”
    … what a fantastic ending to such a moving poem.
    Thank you for sharing your heart’s voice with us. You are an inspiration.

    • Noora, i’ve overcome a lot in this long life, events that happened to me
      beyond my control. i just don’t want to have regrets not changing what i
      can control, like my own fears and doubts.and creativity is a terrible
      gift to waste. ty for the beautiful soul you are.

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