in black and white…Haiku

maybe i’m ‘old school’
or just an anomaly,
i have a soft spot

my knees go weak for,
black and white photography.
color spells it out,

but somethin’ about
using imagination
to fill in the blanks….

’cause i see green waves
in those endless summer eyes
my mind is drifting…
that white stretch of sand…
embracing warm on our skin…
watching the sun climb

up a cloudless sky…
whispers as you slept…are they
words i long to hear?

i had to listen,
so i eavesdropped while you dreamt.
now i’m wondering…

secretly yearning
when waves roll into night, will
you whisper again?
images (44)
so i finally took the leap into the abyss, a poem in Haiku form.
a first attempt, a daydream, a reverie with special meaning to me.
the photo is a stock image i happen to like a lot.

62 thoughts on “in black and white…Haiku

  1. green waves in endless summer eyes… have to love old school my friend. Your Haiku shone like the sunset. {hugs}

    • ha, you chose the line that began this whole adventure, oh wise one. thank you, i enjoyed myself writing this, i didn’t feel limited like i thought i might. *smiles* and {{{ h u g s }}} back ‘atcha!

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  3. MicheleMariePoetry says:

    Beautiful poem… While driving, my kids borrow my sun-glasses that cast a golden sepia tone to the sky and world, and they teasingly ask me, “Is this what the world looked like when you were growing up?” Black and white movies and photos cause the same comments from them πŸ™‚

    • oh, what a sweet story and that they could somehow make that connection, and ask that question. kids do say the darndest things!

      hhmm, sepia tinted glasses, i like the sound of that. sepia is second only to black and white in photographs. i have 2 tints blue and dark rose colored pair. yeah, i’m an optimist! LOL! thank you so much for this wonderful comment, kinda’ made my day. *smiles*

  4. Oloriel says:

    Very admirable writing, something I will use as an inspiration for my own attempts. I loved the “endless summer eyes” line so much ❀ Hope youa re doing well, my friend!

    • well, i figured it was time to try the form, this poem lent itself well i think. i like the ‘stacked’ approach, i can tell a longer story but still maintain the discipline and to be honest, the constraints were challenging, but more than worthwhile . i enjoyed it, a lot.

      thank you Oloriel, yes we’re doin’ great here, waiting for Cbear to come over and tell me all about her first Lollapalooza yesterday! Imagine Dragons, Lana Del Ray, Local Natives, Band of Horses…oh man i can’t wait for the report!

      • Oloriel says:

        Do share it! I am wilting in heat here, dreaming of concerts by performers that will never come to my country! I can only begin to imagine the vybe the atmosphere she will recant you πŸ˜€

      • ok, i definitely will, maybe it’ll be a poem. she might, just might be going with Scout on Sunday too. man, i’m so sorry for you that musicians don’t travel to Serbia, why is that Oloriel?

      • Oloriel says:

        this is a very crappy country,that is why and most of musicians don;t even know where it is or if it even exists. Most foreigners think Serbia is in Africa and similar:) It is getting better tho, we are getting good gigs lately,just not the bands my family likes. My son is very picky about his music and I doubt Steven Wilson will ever come here:D

      • oh, Serbia sounds too much like Somalia i guess, maybe that’s the confusion, oy.

        well, thank you for that share, i just listened to this.…and the video is phenomenal.
        now i have something new to share with Cbear, she hasn’t mentioned Steven Wilson.
        tho she was singing a Brian Wilson, Beach Boy song yesterday, kinda blew me away.

  5. PΓ–3TIC says:

    Ah green waves in endless summer eyes, what a vision those words paint in the minds eye. An interesting thing about color is that no matter actually has any color, it either absorbs, reflects or refracts all, some, one or none of the wave lengths within a band in a light ray. The color an object appears to be is actually the color the eye sees of that particular wave length the object is reflecting back. Red is the longest wave length while green is somewhere in the middle. Sorry for the science lesson, it’s just what popped in my head when I was reading!

    • oh, please no apologies, i need a good science teacher. it was always my worst subject! LOL.

      actually, i studied a bit of color theory, a former painter here but honestly, thank you so much for your comment, and a warm welcome to you. i’ve been meaning to delve into your archives because i am such an admirer of your poetry, i have the next 3 days off, so expect a visit.

      • PΓ–3TIC says:

        Oh wow I am sincerely flattered…really! Just be sure to bring a flashlight with plenty of batteries because it gets dark down there πŸ˜‰

        I always read your posts but I rarely have enough time to comment on anyones posts during the week, so I apologize for being a bit of a stranger in that department. I am taking a break from posting as often so I can work on putting a book of poetry together but I will now have more time to actually comment on others posts so its a good trade off. Im glad you enjoyed the science lesson haha, I have always been fascinated by physics and just how complex the microscopic, unseen part of our reality really is!

      • oh, thanks for the warning, just bought a bunch of new batteries for my miners cap!

        look, no apologies are needed here, i’m in the same place during the week. i follow 100 blogs, so time is an issue for me as well between reading, commenting and then blocking enough time to write. and congratulations on the book, that must feel awfully good.

      • PΓ–3TIC says:

        Ah haha that will be perfect for archive spelunking!

        Wow thats a lot of blogs to follow and keep up with, although I used to follow that many but I took about 2 months off from updating or posting because I just had so much going on and when I came back so many of them had left or didn’t post much anymore. Then I had to remove a few people who kept posting about 20-30 poems a day and with more than one of them doing it my reader was jammed all the time, I couldn’t even get through a days worth of posts.
        The book has been in the works since probably the end of last year so I really need to get moving on it. It will probably be more exciting when I get it put together and have an editor look at it but right now its a headache haha! Well happy reading and enjoy your time off, very nice getting acquainted with you today!

      • well, some days there are very few posts, than an avalanche. so i guess it evens itself out.

        i am so glad we got this chance to talk, and thanks for comin’ over and breaking the ice.
        i really appreciate it, have a wonderful rest of your day!

      • PΓ–3TIC says:

        Im very glad as well and not to worry, I wont be a stranger!

  6. Sky Vani says:

    Isn’t it great?! You did it very very good. i liked it.

    • i have to tell you, i had a fun time writing this poem, ha, i was a red light, thinking of a replacement word counting syllables on my fingers, and i got honked ’cause i missed the green. LOL!

      i just thought it was time and it helped that i had something special i needed to say, even if no one else really could understand. thank you, Sky i really appreciate your kind words.

  7. “my knees go weak for,
    black and white photography.
    color spells it out,”

    Delicate imagery and beautifully woven hailkus!
    Loved it πŸ™‚

    • oh, thank you, i really appreciate you seeing that, a natural flow in the progression is what i was most concerned about. i didn’t want the poem to lurch from one stanza to the next, that isn’t my natural writing style so i guess i did ok.

      i will be visiting your poetry again in the next few days, such a delicate touch you have. *smiles*

  8. Morgan says:

    I enjoyed this very much! πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing your talent and continuing to inspire me!

    • Oh Morgan thank you for telling me that. it warms my heart more than you could know, that my words might inspire another writer to write. {{{ h u g s }}} and *so smiling now*

      • Morgan says:

        I know that feeling well. This Blogging Experience is so much more than just writing and posting stuff…isn’t it amazing! Continued Blessings Friend πŸ™‚

      • ‘This Blogging Experience is so much more than just writing and posting stuff’

        you are so right, i had a conversation with another poet recently, i think it’s in the oh poet, please thread, about the circle of inspiration among us writers and poets here on WP. i’ve lived a while and i’ve never experienced anything like it. and to think, if i didn’t belong here, never signed up here at WP, if i wasn’t encouraged as much as i was and still am, i would not be writing poetry. how poetry has changed my life in this short time…

        so yes, amazing is the perfect word!
        and Blessings to you, Morgan and ty so much.

  9. My, my… have you touched earth after this flight into the grandiose? I’ll tell you this certainly magnified the shadows of light.!

    • oh my barometer, we all need to touch down every so often, refuel, fill the tank and clean the windshield.
      i’ll have my head back in the clouds soon enough, me and this world are not not long for one another.

      thanks for keeping me real, my dear friend and for the *smiles*

  10. Noora says:

    “’cause i see green waves
    in those endless summer eyes
    my mind is drifting…”
    wow. wow. wow! πŸ™‚

    • Noora, how do you do it? this whole poem was written
      around that one line. those words just arrived one day
      last week out of nowhere and i just started writing…

      i’m so happy we found one another, Noora.
      know you are treasured here, ty. *smiling now*

  11. SSMatthews says:

    A plunge well taken! They string together like pearls of dew on a splendid web, shining independently and near blinding in unison! Great writing!

  12. annotating60 says:

    For my mind, i’s not real unless it’s in B & W.>KB

    • i’m with you KB, we both grew up on b & w’s i assume, my first apartment i turned the entire kitchen into a darkroom and developed my own film. i used collages of my photos as a basis for my paintings, so yeah, i have a soft spot for b & W’s, def.

  13. brian miller says:

    when waves roll into night will you whisper again…love that close…really like the opening on black& white photography because i agree..i love b&w photos…you see more of the texture and shading….really cool progression in this…..and def like letting the imagination fill in those gaps…

  14. Your poem worked great in this form– I especiall loved the first 4 stanzas before the break, that 4th is outstanding! Something about “drifitng” super appeals to me, reminds me that my daydreams are the best source of my creations. Wonderful read, peace, Jason

    • yes i agree with you about daydreams and imagination as a primary source of creation, i’ve lived half my life in the clouds in my head. and ty, i really appreciate your enthusiasm for this poem, what else could one who writes ask for? ::::peace::::brother

  15. Veralynne says:

    Great piece! Really enjoyed it!

  16. Pamela says:

    A chain of haikus in such a lovely way, wckt. Each a pearl strung on a necklace. Nice work.


  17. Talicha J. says:

    Wow this was amazing, I loved every bit of it πŸ™‚

  18. SirenaTales says:

    waves rolling into night
    whispery black and white, dreaming
    of endless summer
    and her eyes….

    gorgeous images and generous emotions expressed wonderingly, tenderly, here, my friend. thank you for the inspiration.

    • Sirena, you seem to be very astute at finding my significant poems,
      my first Haiku and i can still recall the energy, the pure inspiration
      that allowed these words and images to flow. ty, i guess we all have
      our own favorites among the rest, this is one of mine.

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