repost Friday

dear friends…
because i don’t post on Friday and for
the benefit of my many new friends,
i thought i would dig into the archives.
this was my fourth poem after joining
20 Lines in April, it holds a special
place in my heart because it was the
first time a poem was inspired from
hearing a song for the first time.
thank you all so much *smiles*

many thanks to Sky Vani,
for sharing this song and beautiful video.
play it as a soundtrack, the words follow the tempo.
hope you::::enjoy::::
her last page

as early as her day begins, it ends
a sad memoir echoes in an empty room,
and she breezes
through her motions

…without a care in this world.
as if her love never really ended
wrote the diary,
the last page.

wide cupped latte’,
a quick croissant
and her habitual daily stroll
to every place they ever met.

she’s hoping without a prayer,
he’ll be sitting there as always
in his favorite,
corner chair.

she chooses spools of woven thread
from the French village mercerie.
…that suggestive red dress
he always loved,

and it’s noticeable tear.
as if life never did really end
wrote the diary,
her last page.
written April 21 2013
and submitted to 20 Lines A Day
prose and poetry challenge for April

22 thoughts on “repost Friday

  1. A lovely picture in words of quotidian life ~ very good !

  2. charlypriest says:

    Great idea to put a video that goes a long with the poem.

    • thank you, it was the song i listened to while writing the poem and i used the woman in the video as a partial character profile.

      thanks for taking the time to comment and keep the::::light::::

  3. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    WOW to both…of you…each compliment the other….
    I would like to share…reblog of i may?
    Thank you for sharing….so beautiful…emotional realness
    Take Care…

    • ladyblue, you have my always permission, the kindest of all compliments, to reblog my words.

      anytime and::::thank you::::

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

        I had to drop in and listen again…
        y’all are a wonderful combination….
        I reblogged this morning…
        Take Care…and Thank you…

      • you are so kind ladyblue, thank you. 🙂

        that video and the incredible watercolor paintings really captured me, and i wrote the poem to the tempo of the song.

        have a wonderful day and keep the::::light::::

  4. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    Reblogged this on ladybluerose and commented:

    a creation of art painted in words as well as a haunting melody…
    I enjoyed it very much and i know y’all will too..
    Take care…

  5. dcardiff says:

    This truly whispers to my heart in a very personal way. I too take that habitual daily stroll.

    I will be coming back to this poem often. There is so much said, and unsaid, but through you I know this woman. My heart goes out to her.

    Take care…

    • welcome dcardiff, that these words reached you and offer you some solace landed a lump in my throat.
      i too know someone, she was everywhere in this song. please, visit as often as you need, my door is always open.

      peace my friend and keep the::::light:::::

  6. you have the heart of Gibran reincarnated into this century…

    • this reply went straight to my heart……

      i was so taken by this beautiful story, song and the incredible watercolors i made up a story about who she was and her restless soul. thank you for taking the time to read my words, it just means so much.

  7. Story of us all — us all none but “a one last page”. Brilliantly penned piece!

    • i am so so sorry, for some strange reason your beautiful comments were sitting in the ‘spam comments’, i left anther apology on your about page….

      thank you so much. i’m an ex painter so images and especially music now are my source of inspiration. when my friend Sky shared that video, i was so enamored with the incredible watercolors and music…. this story just evolved. i am so glad you liked it, it’s secretly one of my own favorites.

  8. Oloriel says:

    I really love all the videos you share, they really brighten my day 🙂

    • well, thank you, what a wonderful compliment and a warm welcome to you.

      so sorry for the delayed reply, work doesn’t always allow it. there are several other poems i’ve writen that were borne of inspiration just hearing a song, but this was the first so like a first love, i have fond memories of this poem. *smiles*

  9. why didn’t I see this? The music is the perfect backdrop for all your beautiful words
    she chooses spools of woven thread
    from the French village mercerie.
    …that suggestive red dress
    he always loved,
    can I say ..sublime…


    • …ty,…..that song, her voice and the watercolorings just took me to a place, the story and words kinda’ came on their own….idk, but at least according to my stat page, Friday is a very low reader / views day….maybe it’ s a summer thing……anyway thank you for finding it!

      {{{ h u g s }}} and *smiles* headin’ your way…

  10. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    as I wander through again….I wander where you are and you are doing… so many changes have accured that I sometimes just want to stop the merry-go-round and get off some days…
    I want to stop by to say I am leaving Wp and to tell you I always enjoyed taking with you and reading you and your thoughts….
    I hope all is well within your world these days….
    Take Care…You Matter…

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