in black and white…Haiku

maybe i’m ‘old school’
or just an anomaly,
i have a soft spot

my knees go weak for,
black and white photography.
color spells it out,

but somethin’ about
using imagination
to fill in the blanks….

’cause i see green waves
in those endless summer eyes
my mind is drifting…
that white stretch of sand…
embracing warm on our skin…
watching the sun climb

up a cloudless sky…
whispers as you slept…are they
words i long to hear?

i had to listen,
so i eavesdropped while you dreamt.
now i’m wondering…

secretly yearning
when waves roll into night, will
you whisper again?
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so i finally took the leap into the abyss, a poem in Haiku form.
a first attempt, a daydream, a reverie with special meaning to me.
the photo is a stock image i happen to like a lot.