Poem – Blogging on hope

dear friends….i posted a poem on Thursday that i left up for a few hours, then buried it to the bottom of the recent list. i was anxious about how much it contained, how much it revealed, easily the most nervous i’ve been posting a poem. i write from my heart, and sometimes this heart takes my words to places my head isn’t quite sure about, isn’t quite prepared for the honesty. a few wonderul friends liked and commented, and then The Happy Lifeaholic posted this link in a comment,

.‘Also, I made a special mention of you in one of my latest posts. Check it out, and keep smiling.
i reblogged this incredible poem because those of us who write poetry might relate to these beautiful, insightful words. and in honor of HOPE, i’m restoring my poem to the top of the page again, because i trust my heart more than i do my head.

2 thoughts on “Poem – Blogging on hope

  1. tjtherien says:

    just wanted to say I am glad you do write from the heart don’t change that and please don’t be anxious. I always enjoy your words…keep up the good work

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