renewal redux

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renewal was the first poem i wrote
after joining 20 Lines A Day on April 9th,
the second in my life.
i thought it was time now to add to it.



wde eyed,
it’s because

i am.


a little
in awe of what
i’ve become,

so late

in my


a new
friend he
asked what

i did?


‘i write poetry.’

expecting a




just that
listening to
this heart now…


…nothing of
to say

to express.’

12 thoughts on “renewal redux

  1. and thought is lovely….. haven’t you travelled far my friend in such a short space of time. x

  2. charlypriest says:

    Simple subject and at the same time you make it sound cool, beauty of creativity

    • thanks brother, i appreciate that a lot.

      what sparked was an actual conversation i had with someone last week, he asked what i did for a living…and out came my response. i was as shocked as he was! LOL!

  3. Oloriel says:

    There is always magic hidden in conffesional knowledges like these. it is highly mesmerizing when one decides to open up the ears of his heart and listen.

    • so sorry for the late reply Oloriel, i had to go to work today.

      i don’t know how you do it, but you always get right to the heart of the matter. amazing are you! ty. and yes, this heart is opened and i’m listening,.. plumbing the depths that haven’t seen the light of day in a long time….

      this poem is obscure and i’m sorry for that, a lot of very presonal meaning to me….the words are not ready yet. i guess i was anxious that its obscurity would be misunderstood, i’m so raw new with this but i just decided to trust my friends like i always have.

      i thank you so much for your insight and incredible understanding

  4. writing in essence is the cultivating of the soul… that’s what you give me when I encounter your writing friend ~ Blessings ~Deborah

    • and such words from a poet i so admire, you humble me with this praise and if i may, Deborah. thank you for this.

      and if you like to address a name to a reply as i do, ‘who’ is just fine with me. 🙂

  5. eloquent…profound…so much depth succinctly stated…I am so glad you live your Poet’s heart to grace our otherwise dull lives!

    • and a warm welcome to you, thank you for so much understanding. this was the first poem i was a little apprehensive about, more oblique than more normal words and maybe prone to misunderstanding. you just erased all my fear and i thank you so much for that.

      it seems the more i write my poetry, the more this heart opens….

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