on a good day

an instrumental to read by

on a
.. good day,

………i’ll wake

……………up in the

……..M o m e n t,



……..to keep

…………my anxieties

…..from spiraling,

refuse to

…hear the








….at rest.

on a
.. good day,

…….i’ll believe

……………your L o v e

……will always

..rise on




…like the


on a
.. good day,

……i’ll keep

………..my ego

……H u m b l e,


…….myself to

…………remain K i n d

…………..to those

…who aren’t

on a
.. good day,

…….i will

……….celebrate my

………..H u m a n i t y

……….in this


of worlds,



……………T i m e,

……..that most


….of commodities

……..should never be


on a
.. good day,

i’ll cling


…….to my belief

……………that P e o p l e

…………..should prosper



……a philosopical

….misfit in a



on a
.. good day,

i’ll hum

…my S e r e n i t y,

……..even as i

………….clench these

……….eyes shut,

…..my skin


……. to split





on that
.. good day,

……..i can

………..reach H o m e,

…..cleanse myself.

..from each

…..absorbed sin

………in this uncivil city,

call on my Sister Moon to send the day away,

find my B l i s s in the hush of night

and finally hear this open H e a r t,

find W o r d s to express my T r u t h

and bask in the J o y

of all that i hold dear.
dear friends…if this poem posts, it will be a minor miracle.
my internet service has been down for days as the geniuses from ATT,
try and figure out what’s wrong. WP is still not allowing me to
comment or ‘like’ a post, so my apologies to those i faithfully follow
if i’ve missed some of your work.

57 thoughts on “on a good day

  1. to split ….along unforgiving seams ~ my favourite part. Your words went beautifully with the music. (hugs)

    • ty, heh, i wrote that line yesterday afternoon after having absorbed all i could,
      this was not a particularly good week, especially at work.

      • G’Day – I like it – fits well – aw crap what happened at work then?

      • a great friendly, neighborhood business has gone corporate dreaming
        of franchises. we had a long time core of committed ‘misfits’
        like me, they’re all gone now. and i’m a bit of a rabble rouser,
        as the senior member of my team i stand up for every injustice…
        especially for the new hires, who don’t know any better.

        this was one of those weeks,
        things got pretty tricky there for a few days,
        but all is well now…i’m just emotionally exhausted.

      • I hear you – so many franchises over here…too many.. taking away so much of the smaller business. Luckily release is through writing – take a breather and sip on a cognac or wine, play some music relax.
        YOU a rabble rouser….never 😉

      • heh, well i do have my moments.LOL!

        Cbear is here this week with us,
        so she grounds me when i get home.

      • excellent enjoy her 🙂

      • she’s been great..oh, and i’ve been trying to leave a comment on your ‘First Service’ post,
        so i’ll congratulate you here…that’s so awesome that it went so well!

      • you having internet troubles? Thank you so much – pretty chuffed, I hopefully will have another to do..other wise the nerves will start up all over again. I guess it’s an occupation where waiting …for… but I so enjoyed writing the service then conducting it and even more so when they told me how they felt about it.

      • well, good for you my dear friend, they’ll be much easier to do after this one i imagine.

  2. Your incredibly beautiful poem touch me deeply and started my day with beauty. I can’t thank you enough. You always give me hope that wonder and goodness are alive. Thank you so very much. The music as perfect. xxoo

    • well, i am grateful you found hope in this poem hitandrun, ty.
      honestly, i had no idea where this poem was going when i began writing it
      at the beginning of this difficult week. but by the end, things got resolved
      and seeing my smiling daughter everyday this week, just reminded me what’s important!

  3. SirenaTales says:

    Well, my eloquent and honest friend, this beautiful, and at times searing, piece describes vividly where I was not this morning. My bad. Thank you for the reminder of those precious gifts of T I M E, L O V E and J O Y. Hope J O Y finds its way into the computer, work and life spaces. Love this piece. xo p.s. Funny how the post I have been working/reworking/overworking deals with similar themes–human condition and cultivating passion/joy in the midst of the “mess” of life. Peace, baby.

    • heh…’your bad’…..no, i think you and i are just normal, trying to get by.

      sometimes it’s just really hard, and i get overwhelmed pretty easily so this
      whole week i just came home and added a stanza or two. i’m looking forward to yours,
      honestly i think a lot of us are feeling the season change right now….

      • SirenaTales says:

        Yes, definitely, the season change–so much of the writing on WP reflects that (to say nothing of my own experience–yes, let’s :)). Here’s to getting by, with as much joy as possible. xo p.s. Intriguing that you wrote some of this each day…no doubt therapeutic, and effective as all get out.

      • ty Sirena for such generous praise, it’s amazing to me as a writer
        how much i learn about my own work from wonderful friends like you.

        love and hugs to you, fellow traveler.
        keep on movin’ on!

  4. Desiree G says:

    I need more Good Days in my life.

  5. Chess says:

    Just amazing, a true and beautiful expression of humanity, and it flows so eloquently, I love it!!!

  6. Chess says:

    And in a side note, I feel your pain with the internet experience, I have limited time on a borrowed laptop so it’s quite frustrating when outside influences interfere with what you are trying to do. Hang in, it will smooth out….

  7. I love all your posts. You have a very peaceful voice which spreads to me when I read your work.

  8. Noora says:

    This piece flows beautifully. I always enjoy reading your work. Hope you have a good day, my friend. 🙂

  9. I hope today is a good day and tomorrow too 🙂

  10. dawnhosking says:

    I like that, it flows beautifully and touches the heart.

    • good morning Dawn and ty so much for your kind encouragement.
      i was so unsure about this poem but the responses from friends
      like you, tells me i sometimes know less about my poetry than
      you all do.LOL!

      • dawnhosking says:

        I’m so glad that you posted it — it was a treat to read and really emotive. It flows so well.

      • i certainly am glad i did too LOL! i wrote a stanza a day last week,
        it was a tough week, the words just weren’t there as they usually are
        so when i thought i’d written enough, i couldn’t really judge whether
        it worked or not. i kinda’ held my nose and just hit publish LOL!

        this is why i love comments so much, giving and recieving them are a gift.

      • dawnhosking says:

        Well done you. I can relate to what you describe. I’m so glad you went for it and published.

        Comments are really appreciated — it lets you know what works and what doesn’t.

      • yes, i totally agree, especially with poetry.
        what a miraculous and mysterious thing, poetry is!

        ty again Dawn. sending love and hugs to you.

      • dawnhosking says:

        Poetry is amazing. It is thought provoking on many levels and challenges the mind think differently. You have it off to a tee — have mastered it.

        Sending love and hugs to you too, have a great day.

      • well, i am trying, am obsessed with poetry since discovering it in April.
        it’s so funny you used the word master, ’cause my friend Sirena nicknamed
        me Master Who since i have no easy screen name yet.LOL!

        you have a wonderful day too Dawn!

  11. A beautiful piece. 🙂

  12. Reblogged this on ~Crazy ~ Beautiful~ Addicted~ and commented:
    Someday…..but that someday is not going to be today, even though I so wish it was.

  13. in the serpentine of traits you’ve made the bold marquis in your piece creates an invitation to keep reading & threading oneself in the poem. Each trait is a new keyhole and each awakening is a key. Hope things are better for you & yours friend ~Faithfully Debbie

    • your replies speak so directly and poetically
      to my essence, my Barometer, you reach the
      very truth of the matter so effortlessly…

      i am in awe of your insight and perception,
      sending love and warm hugs to you Deb, ty, always.

      • You’re a charming gentleman friend ~sincerely. I’m grateful I can slip in and read your sharp mind, I, too, learn! Keep writing rung by rung till we can touch the starlight ! Faithfully Debbie

  14. Lindy Lee says:

    Good days & other days come round. Seems we recall better the bad “others”– they make stronger impressions.
    Enjoy all your posts very much…

    • hi Lindy Lee, ty you so much, yes i believe your right about the bad days
      making more of an impression. i guess we need a plan to chase tose bad days away then !

      have a wonderful day. peace.

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