dear readers and writers…a co write

dear friends,

this is a co write between teardrops of ink and myself. we began this poem over a month ago, born from tentative blog converstaions of two internet strangers. we hope you enjoy it, as much as we did writing it.

dear readers and writers

(The Writer)
Frail lives
penned into strong, black lines
on display, hidden
in plain sight for all to see
The moment of truth
Afraid to try, afraid to reach out:
yet more afraid not to.

(a reader)
and it’s these moments…
in reading the poetry of real people,
of eyes that we will never speak to, the miles
we will never bridge, the shoulder,
our reassuring hand will never reach…
it’s these moments when pain,
her vulnerability so courageously
etched across the screen, a pain that
resonates so deep into my own heart, that
i wonder… what…if….should, i risk
saying what i really want to say…

(The Writer)
Some days, I don’t feel real.
Nothing does.
Except for these thin webs
connecting space, this
frail air full
of unspoken words
and spoken ones.
I am burdened to give,
to share
to hold nothing back
All of my heart, bleeding out for you
All of you. Those who I will never know
or see or touch.
Yet you know more of me than
those who can see and touch

(a reader)
she has revealed
so much of herself in such
naked honesty stripped of metaphors
could it…is it enough that
i suffer for us in
my silent solidarity,
click ‘like’ and move on?
i ache for us… both
that her words would ever need to be written
that my wound could still bleed as fresh
we’ve talked before…
in that day’s long conversation…
in her beautiful poem To Taste the Autumn
at least a tenuous connection
exists between us now…
will she recall it
fondly as i do?
or is it just
what i need
to feel?…

(The Writer)
can work both ways. He
could say one thing and I
read another, same words, different
thoughts born from them. Gently phrasing,
almost afraid to tread
too heavy inside
the dark recesses of others minds
lest I leave too much of a footprint.
Yet how will we know if we
are the same inside unless we break
open the shell a little
and look?
Absent touch
Handshakes reaching
through binary code

And the silence stops pressing in
quite so much.

(a reader)
the pain in her poetry
has scratched and scrawled into my heart,
taken root in decomposed memories
it resides there, in
wounds buried decades deep
below this sudden resurrection
but tears as wet
if there is more to grieve
then who better to empathize?
i’ll bare this truth
as she has,
expose my softest underbelly
empathy shouldn’t
feel like such a risk,
but there is
no turning away now

(the friend)
i am so profoundly happy for you!
ty so much for sharing that wonderful news!
i remember when Scout and i first realized we were in love…
nothing else existed….enjoy your time together.

and they say fairy tales
don’t come true….

hugs to you
my dear friend

(The Writer)
Pale and
ethereal tendrils
snaking through the dark overheads
Soft as newborn stars
More tender than petals
The reassurance of a stranger’s words
reaching through the universe
to embrace a lonely soul
Enticing touch of a tentative friendship
born through blood
and fire
and words
pressed into my heart and
Shedding sweet tears
til no bitter remains..

42 thoughts on “dear readers and writers…a co write

  1. bruisedbelly says:

    An absolutely beautiful and expressive piece explaining exactly how friendships and relationships are formed through words and emotions over miles and distance. I am in love this. 🙂

    • well ty so much bruisedbelly, for both of us.
      i asked teardrops of ink to reply as well,
      she should be along shortly.

      this was a truly wonderful experience, from our tentative first conversations
      on our blogs, taking little risks at every step, through the writing and then
      being able to share such wonderful news from her, because we had made a real life
      connection…i can’t say enough about her poetry and courage. i’m just so grateful.

    • teardropsofink says:

      Thank you so much, bruisedbelly. 🙂 It was an amazing experience for us both to try and sketch out the journey we both have taken up to this point.
      I’m sure many bloggers can identify with this poem, and have experienced what whocouldknowthen and I have. 🙂 I am so glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Beautiful and reaching…as if holding out ones arms…waiting to touch responding fingers. The play back and forth is wonderful and it feels newly born…asking and finding. I don’t know. It’s tentative and hopeful. Peaceful in the end.

    • what a wonderful comment hitandrun, i’ll ty for us both. i think her poetry is amazing,
      i was continually inspired each time a new passage arrived in my e mail. and yes, holding
      out one’s arms, that’s exactly how it felt and how rewarding a result it’s been.

      i’ve never done a co write before, i hope this won’t be the last!

    • teardropsofink says:

      Thank you so much, hitandrun and whocouldknowthen, y’all are so amazing and supportive! I loved doing this cowrite, our first one ever, and I think since it was about us and our communication and how we each felt as our communication increased, it just….happened, perfectly. 🙂

  3. SirenaTales says:

    Innovative and effective structure…the contemplation and communication. Human, vulnerable and redemptive–thank you and congratulations to both of you. xo

    • ty Sirena for us both. ‘redemptive’, yes, i love this description, validating
      the many risks we took along the way to our eventual connection. it’s a core
      belief of mine, in our lives, our loves and our creativity we need to take
      risks, explore the unfamiliar and unknown within us and around us.
      and it’s part of what we tried to convey in this co write.

    • teardropsofink says:

      Thank you for your kind comments and beautiful descriptions, Sirena! 🙂 🙂

  4. how in shades of words, we learn the shades of ourselves. A beautiful collaboration conversation from two very talented poets. Really enjoyed this ~ so thank you ~ both of you. {hugs}

    • i guess for a first time collaboration for us both, we did ok eh Jen?
      i loved every minute of every step of our eventual connection, it wiped
      clean any anxiety i ever had about working creatively with someone other
      than myself. we ty so much for taking the time to read it and appreciate
      our work, i’m sure teardrops of ink will have her own reply as well.

      sending much love and hugs to you Jen, always

      • Thank you ‘my friend’ I think I may just start calling you ‘Coods’ 🙂 We really do open ourselves up when we delve into a collaboration and yes you did just fine. It is an eye opener having different thoughts mingling with your own ~ that is why Miriam and I created Words from Here to There- ~ purely for our collaborations- two voices – two minds – one pic etc. I love it. Though she lives in Germany and time wise it’s a bit tricky getting our acts together. Have you seen our site?

        I appreciate you answering and sending a warm Aussie hug and love your way to Coods 😉

  5. dawnhosking says:

    This is very special, indeed, believe me 😉

  6. dawnhosking says:

    Reblogged this on dawnyhosking and commented:
    When I read this it captivated me, I had to share it and I wanted it close to hand on my own blog so that I may read it again — it’s beautiful.

  7. This is fabulous. So evocative of genuine emotion. This conversation plays out like a verbal dance and you two were well suited partners. I’ve read it twice already and I’m sure it will not be the last time. True, tender, lovely.


    • ty Melanie, we did work really well together. tear drops of ink is an inspirational poet
      and each time i recieved another passage in my e mail, it would just spur me to write mine.

      i’m so glad what we attempted to express, has been appreciated by so many others. ty again

  8. Reblogged this on Wordifull and commented:
    Anyone who has found friends and family here on wordpress that seem more true, more real than those you have in real life will be warmed by this a co write between teardrops of ink and who could know then.

    • we ty Melanie, ty so much for reblogging our co written poem. the whole experience,
      as the first time i’ve ever collaborated with anyone on anything creative, was so
      relaxed and ultimately so rewarding in every way.

      • teardropsofink says:

        Wow, thank you so much, Melanie! What an incredible honor to share your pages and what sweetness it is to hear how much you enjoyed our collaboration……I am so glad you liked it, it was an absolute joy to work on this with whocouldknowthen. 🙂

  9. You are both most welcome. Beautiful work needs to be shared.

  10. I’ve just commented on teardropsofink’s page. A truly wonderful job done by both of you. I love this. It so clearly describes the connections forged between writers and readers. Beautiful.x

    • hi scottishmomus, ty so much and a very warm welcome to you!
      i loved every minute of this co write, from our early tentative
      conversations to the last word we wrote and every email that
      contained a new inspirational passage from tear drops of ink.

      there IS a special connection, it’s very real to me. i feel that way
      with all my friends. it’s a Circle of Inspiration and Encouragement
      between us all here on WP. a gift i’m very grateful to have.

      ty so much for leaving me such a wonderful comment scottishmomus,
      and i hope you have a wonderful day!

      • You too. Well deserved after expressing what so many of us feel. A truly wonderful place to be and build relationships. ‘ a Circle of Inspiration and Encouragement’. Exactly.x

      • well, we think it definitely struck a chord with those who read it,
        so far it’s been re blogged 4 times across every spectrum of blogs.

        it’s been a little overwhelming honestly *blush*

      • It merits it. I think it must resonate with so many. Full of love and reaching.
        No blushes. Be proud. You both deserve to be.x

      • ok, ty. lol
        because i’m such a visual person, sorry i really have to ask,
        did you capture that photograph that is appearing on your
        notifications and is that the color of your eyes?

      • My son took a close up of my eye with some fab app. That is the colour of my eyes. Sort of hazelly or something. And there is a ring in the iris. But the close up makes it much more pronounced. Probably wouldn’t notice it otherwise.
        He was just messing about with his phone and had done it with his own eye. I liked it and thought it would fit with the subtitle of my blog…what I see.
        In fact, I’ve only just noticed recently that you can kind of make him out in the reflection of my eye. He was that close. :)x

      • that’s a capture from a phone? that’s really an amazing shot,
        and yes i saw the reflection of a figure right away and wondered
        if it was a self portrait.

        i have hazelly eyes too, but they sure don’t look like yours! lol!

      • God, any selfie I take is awful. I can’t work a camera very well. But I’m asking for one from Santa in hopes of learning. Not enough free images on the web. Scared I get done for copyright infringement. 🙂

        You noticed the figure right away? I’m amazed. I only noticed it recently. But then I am incredibly unobservant sometimes about certain things. I never notice what anyone is wearing and couldn’t tell you the colours in people’s homes. Some things just seem to pass my by. But I do notice other things that matter to me! Justifying here. 🙂
        As I said the app makes it all the more pronounced. You’d probably be amazed at what your eye would look like up close.x

      • well, in fairness my early training was in painting and illustration, so i observe everything.
        i’m fond of saying, ‘i’m a collector of small details that would otherwise go unnoticed.’

        and it’s true, very little escapes notice, unfortunately sometimes the images clutter up
        my brain and they need to be released. thankfully poetry and writing came along! lol

        i read 4 of your poems a bit ago, yes, other important things
        most definitely make an impression on you. just wonderful poetry!

      • An artist’s eye. Must be, as you say, difficult to switch off from visual observations. Mine are definitely not so much of the visual variety. Thank you for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed the poems.x

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