i know now

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can it be,
after all this time?
the entirety of my life
of this continual yearning,

the ever constant questioning.
so late in my day, i now know why
i inhabit, have lived in this lanky frame,
own these extended limbs, these large hands.

that whenever you come to me now, hurt and seeking solace.
and me, enveloping your tiniest vulnerability, with all that i am.
and me, absorbing each and every cruelty, a world can deliver.

drawing you close into me,
these hands cupping your head
feeling every luxurient tangle
of blackened mahogony hair,
roping my fingers as they meet.

these lips i wear, found a home
know their sudden reason to exist.
meeting the palest skin of your forehead
and rising, to accept my grateful kisses
as if i’ve never kissed another, before you.

and me, breaking my habitual silence
whispering every reassurance, to you.
quietly mouthing my truth, all of my love
so only you, will hear my every solemn vow.
and i know now, i’ve never been loved, until you.
When You’re Gone
There’s nothing simple,
when I’m not around you.
But I’ll miss you
when you’re gone,
that is what I do.
as always, this poem was written to the tempo of
this song and and can be played as a soundtrack::::enjoy::::