dear friends

my apologies for not being around much, and my snail responses to comments but i woke up Saturday with whatever this year’s version of the Flu is. the body and headaches barely allow me to think, let alone sit in front of my computer to read or write. the only activity i seem to very good at right now is sleeping.
i’ll spend the rest of this week slowly catching up with what i’ve missed.

i just wanted you all to know.

42 thoughts on “dear friends

  1. Aww you poor little sausage – if you guys have Vicks Vapour Rub over that yes…one normally puts on the chest to help with colds etc – put some on the soles of your feet and then socks on – Vitamin C – under covers – sweat it out – that’s Mumsies advice- seriously do this – no seriously get better soon {hugs}

    • OMG…Vicks?..i remember that stuff as a kid, we had that blue glass vaporizor
      steaming up my entire room!. i haven’t heard applying it to the feet but sweating
      it out sounds perfect. ty for the down under advie and well wishes Jen.

  2. Lee J Dawson says:

    Get better first before catching up with the blogs. Try to get as much sleep as you can. πŸ™‚

  3. I hope you feel better soon, take all the time you need your health is most important (hugs)

  4. omtatjuan says:

    I too am sick here on the Left Coast. I have enough energy to sit in my recliner and type and that’s about it.

    • hi omtatjuan, i’m sorry to hear that. and yes i really understand,
      it takes all my energy just to compose and type a few simple comments.

      here’s hoping we both feel better soon!. ty for being here today.

  5. Stay snug in your bed until you are better. Sleep and dream the dreams of poets…words lining up in just the right way to bring the emotions of others to life. Be well my brother. Sweet dreams.

    • thanks Sis, that sounds like a perfect prescription! you would not
      believe how much i’m sleeping, sure hope those words are lining up in my dreams
      ’cause they’re certainly not in my waking hours lol!

  6. perchance to dream – get well soon and hope the slumbers bring up some great ideas for future prose

  7. Thank you for keeping us updated. That’s one of the many things I love about this blogging world– that we miss our fellow writers when we don’t hear from them and that they take the time to make us feel special as readers, too. Rest, rest, and rest. You will feel like a new man when that nasty flu is gone. Think of this as your hibernation period.

    • hi jenifer, i agree and i decided a while ago when 3 poets i followed
      very closely just up and disappeared i would keep my riends current.
      it was distressing to me, my friends and these relationships we develop
      are important to me, i treat them no differently than i would a friendship
      in real life. ty for being here today and for your well wishes.

  8. Tiffany Coffman says:

    You poor thing! Having the flu is awful but use it as an opportunity to rest and get taken care of. Stay under the covers, sleep, and watch mindless TV. Get to feeling better soon!

    • heh, awful is the adjective of the day, it is awful. and thank the Goddeaa
      for the remote and Netflix! i know i have lots of catching up to do with
      your work Tiffany, i wanted to listen to the song you posted but…..
      ty, hopefully i’ll be visiting you soon!

      • Tiffany Coffman says:

        Don’t you dare worry about such things! Get some rest and watch some good stuff on Netflix. I highly recommend Hemlock Grove. πŸ˜‰

      • hhmm, i saw that scrolling along on my way to the first season of Breaking Bad,
        it sounds like it might be a British production. is it a series?. i’m aleready
        deep in Homeland, The Masters of Sex, Boardwalk Empire, Dexter…lol!

      • Tiffany Coffman says:

        It is a series. Not British. Produced by Eli Roth of Hostel fame. They just added an Exec Producer from The Walking Dead to work on Season 2 which releases mid-March. One of the most bizarre, odd, and intriguing series I’ve watched in a long time. It’s actually a Netflix original series.

      • hhmm, ok, now you’ve gotten me intrigued. not that i really need another series
        to become obsessed about lol but it sounds like something i need to investigate.
        mid March…. i think Sherlock is starting again then. and it’s always good to
        have a plan LOL! ty Tiffany.

  9. Oh poor you and poor Scout LOL πŸ™‚

    Feel better-ly soon!

  10. Sending well wishes and healing energy, my friend. May you feel better soon, Christy


    • hi Christy, i so wanted to leave a comment on your post this weekend…
      i will when i’m a little better. when my brain works LOL!
      ty for including my little poem among those incredible quotes and poems.

  11. SirenaTales says:

    Sending a healing vibe, my friend. Hope you are feeling better. xo

  12. rabirius says:

    Then I wish you all the best and a quick recovery!


  13. laroseedespetiteschoses says:

    If I could, I would send you over some of my Vietnamese soup and you will be well very soon, in the meantime, rest and watch the British crime “Luther” it is a very well made TV production.

    • oh, and i wish you could too laroseedespetiteschoses, i know it would cure
      all that ails me. i used to make a very spicy Vietnamese soup at home all the time,
      i find the cuisine of your country to be quite restorative! far, far better than
      any bottled medication. ty so much for the reminder, i think i’ll pullout my cookbooks
      tomorrow, and ty as well for the Luther suggestion. i’ll have to look that up.

  14. dawnhosking says:

    Get well soon, take care.

  15. Are you still not feeling well? Tell the ickies that I said it is time to go away and leave you alone! πŸ™‚

    Miss you

    • yeah, the ickies are lingering, this flu has an intestinal ickie attached! lol
      and Cbear is here this week so my time is not all my own,i miss you too Melanie,
      hopefully by this weekend i’ll be back to normal…that’s the plan anyway!

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