Friday Repost……parked on I 65…Haiku

parked on I 65….
what a rude awakening
to reality.

a few hours ago
lollygagging in the lake,
floating on our rafts

blissful, unaware
that this world still existed,
and here we are now

In a wall of trucks
on every side of our car.
we all have to pee….

‘where is the next exit!?’
‘there’s some tall grass over there…’
‘are you kidding me!!!???’

car doors are open,
people are walking around
on the Interstate,

‘hey, what’s going on?’
‘hey, do you know why we’re stopped?’
‘heh, it don’t matter’

says an old trucker,
‘that grass there Is just perfect,
my pup has to pee’.