dog loyal

thought i’d tell you, in case you ever doubt
there’s never been a need to lock the gate
to keep this puppy in your yard

…and Scout

just ‘cause your dog might sport
some grey on that old snout of his now,
your food will always be home to me

my darlin’

just needed to bark it out loud!
just in case there was ever any doubt,
it’s just that I’m so dog loyal to you

Scout the puggle and Gigi the French bulldog
our rescue dogs….devoted and inseparable

* the pics are by Scout, my keen eyed partner

her tranquil waters

 photo tumblr_lqwrkgnuuP1qg39ewo1_500.gif

Because it’s tomorrow she’s promised
his assured oft homeless heart,
sienna brown eyes her truth a whisper
‘Don’t worry, we can work it out.’

It’s not just another chance she offers
a sense of judgement judgement free,
alabaster smooth skin her lips dark hair
her tranquil waters he lies within.

A musician’s ear perfect pitch her voice
coos the lullaby of forgiveness,
sweet song our mysterious universe sings
her tranquil waters he’ll die within.

for Scout
written April 2013
much thanks to Karl

this poem was submitted to
20 Lines A Day prose and
poetry challenge for April.