this poem is meant to be read with the music as a soundtrack::::enjoy:::::

i never knew this
about myself
i only learned it by
sharing my life with you

i’m built for the everyday
those little things we do
that i used to
think were boring

i was alone and lonely
and i would see couples
smiling through
their daily routines

being at the
supermarket buying groceries
was the greatest
thing in the world

making dinner together
was enough
to set their
world on fire

it seems no matter
what they did together
it was enough
to make their day

now here i am
feeling the exact same thing
when the diamonds wake wide in your eyes
and your sun shines my way

i want to know
every little thing
about you,
not less

the shade of subtle lipstick
coloring your
lips that kiss me
for no apparent reason

what French lotion
softens the skin on your hands
that tiptoe every
angle of this lanky frame

where did you buy
that retro nightshirt
that shows
every…ahem…soft curve of you?

there’s not a thing
that i don’t see
when it comes
to seeing you

the light dims low and
your diamond eyes reflect moon shadow
it’s time to
nuzzle every scent of your hair
envelope little you
in my long embrace drifting
in peaceful dreams knowing that
everyday i open these eyes
there is you

there’s not a thing
that i don’t love
when it comes to loving you
because i just am, just built for you