on days like this
like so many days
and for no reason
and for all my reasons
this fragile heart can’t
face this relentless world

when all i hear is abundant cruelty
when all i know are slights and daggers
when all i feel is every desperate heart
when all i see is every place i don’t belong

remember… our first momentous night together

pine scented candles and your second hand flowered couch
when so tenderly stroking your forehead hushed you to sleep?
and content just to watch you breath your tranquil dreams

you knew then i could always do that for you and
i knew then i would finally share my every weakness
because there is no refuge in this world for me but you

…just ’cause

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there’s this thing you always do
i’m not even sure you really know,
and i’m not going to ruin it
by making you aware, if you don’t.


i’ll just be standing there
my back turned, making coffee,
the warmth of your little hand
will slide along…and reach my heart.

and your lips mouth little kisses
against my arm and i just look down,
breathing in the scent of your hair.
and it’s the smell…of everything i love.


you’ll be talking, to yourself
your temple leaning so light against me.
i guess you do it…just ’cause i’m there
remind yourself, of things you have to do.

then just as quickly, as i’m breathing you in
you’ll be gone, this thing you do happens often
so i’m not going to ruin it, by making you aware.
and i guess you do it…just ’cause i’ll always, be there.
Swimming in Your Ocean
When I’m swimming in your ocean
Floating aloft on creams
And scented lotions
I can get pretty side-tracked
I hope you’ll understand
as always, this poem was written to the tempo of
this song and can listened to as a soundtrack.
one of my fav songs, male voices, lyirics, bands
and spoof videos, an acquired taste::::enjoy::::

her tranquil waters

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Because it’s tomorrow she’s promised
his assured oft homeless heart,
sienna brown eyes her truth a whisper
‘Don’t worry, we can work it out.’

It’s not just another chance she offers
a sense of judgement judgement free,
alabaster smooth skin her lips dark hair
her tranquil waters he lies within.

A musician’s ear perfect pitch her voice
coos the lullaby of forgiveness,
sweet song our mysterious universe sings
her tranquil waters he’ll die within.

for Scout
written April 2013
much thanks to Karl

this poem was submitted to
20 Lines A Day prose and
poetry challenge for April.