our decade…of dogs

for Lexie, for Flash
my dear Scout

there is something
about a kindness given,
and in service to dogs
is every kindness returned

and there is something
about these life circles too,
’cause we’ve been THERE and
here we’re standing, once again

both our lives shaped so early by
our dogs, our childhood best friends
my emotions, memory so vivid of Flash
i can weep, just writing these few words

and by the mystery of reasons, we met that night
at a party, we both had no intention of attending
the universe granted me the gift of you…to love
and with you…came the Buddah serenity of Lexie

a few years old, almost four foot tall
such a majestic Black Lab, Great Dane
too much of a bother, to its owner
you loved on her, a lifetime bonding

so inseparable, were you both
so valued was her opinion, to you
so important was my introduction, to us

so it all began, our decade…of dogs

and how hundreds of your students
had a gentle Lexie, in their young lives
for so many, a first experience with a dog
lying so silently in your studio, hearing violins

and she accepted Willow, my black kitty
and when a kitten jumped in our red Honda
and it was snowing, she welcomed Penny too
and for eight years our 16 legs, was our family

for the 15 1/2 years, Lexie was with this earth
spreading her quiet joy, to any who would listen
and then, the saddening diagnosis from her doctor
us crying at the finality, for you the harshest reality

but true to your devotion, you found a vet
knowing Lexie so disliked those office visits,
he said, ‘Lexie could fall asleep in her favorite spot’
so right there as always, near the chair in our bedroom

and we said our goodbyes, to our good friend
and you hugged her, as she took her last breath
and we watched, as she crossed over Rainbow Bridge
and us kids, can someday play with our dogs…forever

there is something
about a kindness given,
and our service to dogs
is now a kindness returned

and there is something
about these life circles too,
’cause we were THERE then and
we’re here with dogs, once again

there really should not ba a surprise, now
that these circles, revolve throughout our lives
because if there was any job, that i wanted to be
it’s to be in service to dogs, which is what i am

i spend days playing, training, administering meds
and keeping them company when their owner is gone,
a caretaker, a walker in every kind of weather
and the four years now, this job is no job at all

so, it would be months before you
didn’t come home, and cry yourself to sleep
then one day, ‘i don’t want a big dog again’
and for the first time, i sensed a yearning

and because i was so familiar now
with the traits, of so many dogs in my care
‘i know two Puggles, i think you should meet’
both of us favored large dogs, until then

for weeks we looked, for rescue Puggles
not an easy find, so popular was the breed
then Craigslist, an ad from a rescue foster home
outside Indy, we packed up my daughter Cbear

we all drove nearly 5 hours, from Chicago
and arrived almost in time, to see the whole parade
twice a day, two geese, a tabby cat and a Puggle
walked the path through the woods, single file
named Scout, in the arms of Cbear, coming home
Now it turned out, that puppy Scout
was a ‘busy’ boy, and kinda’ needy too
and this certainly wasn’t in our plan but,
‘i know 3 Frenchies, you might want to meet’

and after weeks and weeks, we found one
so rare to find a French Bulldog, on Craigslist
and on a worknight, off we went to Wisconsin
5 hours, north of Somewhere, i still have no idea
Gigi at home, that first night
fierce Gigi
comedian Gigi

our brave Linda

dear friends this is a writing departure
but i hope by the end you will understand
why it had to be written…ty.

so what ever
happened to trust?

so what ever
happened to honesty?

so what ever

to caring at all that
a little skin on skin
with someone else isn’t
really gonna’ fill that void?

in these past ten years
just how many of your friends
have come to you crying?
yet another marriage up in flames

and now your bestie girlfriend Linda
and my own sympatico soul sister
her heart is now ripped inside out too
found he was cheating 4 of their 16 years

so what ever
happened to everlasting?

so what ever
happened to committment?

so what ever

to caring at all that
a little skin on skin
with someone else just
causes such unbearable pain?

and we thought she was safe
their marriage passed the test of time
and we felt so shocked and helpless
you just listened…letting her cry and cry

and darlin’
you know i don’t get this mad very often
but this news just sucked out my breath
so i just had to put this upset somewhere
and writing poems…it’s how i show i care

look in her eyes

for you Linda
from me

from what souless depths does it begin
or can your smooth deceptions justify
breaking her, piece by piece?

and mouthing your nonchalant swift lies
as if her world was still everything she knew,
spinning on it’s easy axis.

did you really think a day would never come,
that day you could not look in her eyes
and tell her what you’ve done?

crying eyes photo: Crying Eye eye-26.jpg

so yeah,
it was touch and go there for a while
with you coming home late after later nights
being that best friend forever that i know so well

and sometimes it just all works out the way it should

so darlin’,
our brave Linda she slowly found her footing
maybe even sooner than she believed she could
and nailing a framed copy of her poem to the wall
nonchalantly showing that now ex husband to the door
both Linda and Scout, my partner are singers and this song
speaks about the power of music. if you feel like a second read,
please play the song and pick up the tempo the poem was written to.