Repost Friday……summer us

a summer favorite, and a light and breezy
soundtrack to read this poem by::::enjoy::::

summer us
how you try in vain to shield such lovely pale soft skin
with your lotions, umbrellas and wide brimmed straw hats
while i crave this Mediteranean sweat and bask in the burn

how you must swim in every fresh water or rolling surf
while i just dig my toes deeper into any warming sand
content just hearing your giggles and joy

how you refuse to wake up your sleep in vacation mornings
while i stay up sleepless nights penning you my poems of love
listening for the sighs and mumbles of your overtime dreams

how you dutifully RSVP each planned event and bbq
yet smiling face rush to any impromptu backyard party
while i ask you again and again please say ‘hey’ from me

how you always order your iced decaf Americano black
while i need extra soy in anything caffienated latte’ style
and who will really believe that we both sans the sugar?

oh darlin’!
my warm weather twin

and who would really believe our eleventh summer is almost here?
and why would anyone really hear the truth we simply can’t deny
that anyone can possibly share our summer joy more than you and i?
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21 thoughts on “Repost Friday……summer us

  1. Oloriel says:

    This was lovely to read, the images,everything, especially the dipping toes into the warm sand, that feeling is amasing. I am very happy to read this piece of happiness from you.

    • oh…warm sand, isn’t it the best?!!!! i crave the heat, the beach, sounds, smell of water…water that i love to be near or on rather than in..LOL! Scout i am convinced is a mermaid, she would live in the water if i let her….

      ty Oloriel, i am so glad we found each other in this great big WP world!

  2. BEAUTIFUL and picturesque ! I can smell the salt!

  3. Smiling the whole way through ~ just wonderful. Such a beautiful ode to your summers full of love. Every detail full of such thought and meaning. Beautiful.
    How funny that we both share this trait with our soul mates?
    I was thinking of doing a post on allllll the pictures I have of Matt in the ocean/lake. Looking at them reminds me of how much I enjoy watching him enjoy.
    I love that you and I share this.
    Still smiling!
    <3~ love, love!

    • and now there’s a big smile in my heart as well, thank you. i kinda’ thought after reading your wonderful post…:-) we don’t always have to share the same interests, you are so right, the joy is in seeing our partners enjoy themselves. i would welcome that post, myself. 🙂

      so many {{{ h u g s }}} to you, and so smiling still. 🙂

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed your poem, the background music too.

    • ….oh i’m so glad you did, thank you and a very warm welcome to you. …i have tovconfess that i have a soft spot for that poem. was the first one i wrote that had a sense of humor in it, and that song is just one of my summer favorites….Acoustic Alchemy are brilliant songwriters/ musicians, ty for telling me you realky enjoyed means a lot to me.

  5. You are always “just what I need,” to have a happy morning:) The perfect brother….

  6. wunderwench says:

    Such sweetness. I adore how you appreciate and enjoy your differences… longing for warm sand between my toes now…

  7. Miranda Stone says:

    A lovely poem! I’m one of those rare people who actually prefer winter to summer, but after such a horrible cold spell here earlier this week, reading this was a delight!

    • oh i wish i had half your enthusiasm Mirandalol, i struggle mightily during these months especially as an S.A.D. sufferer. ty so much for your comment, it was a great way to begin my day.

  8. Chas Spain says:

    So lovely to read. I had a gorgeous swim this morning with my lads (son and hubby) in the local pool. It was a cool morning after a very hot day here yesterday so we had the pool to ourselves – just lovely to glide through the unbroken water.

  9. You had me smiling the whole way through 🙂 Sounds like you should take a trip here…beaches 15 minutes away just about any direction ya go 🙂

  10. Kenne says:

    You weave such wonderful warmth in your poems… the warmth that successful love is made of… all to tactile images.

    • well ty Kenne for your kindness, i guess my accidental diversion
      into poetry is influenced by my early truing in painting and drawing,
      i have a head full of images, very few details escape my eye.
      and i’m lucky enough to be loved! lol

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