on days like this
like so many days
and for no reason
and for all my reasons
this fragile heart can’t
face this relentless world

when all i hear is abundant cruelty
when all i know are slights and daggers
when all i feel is every desperate heart
when all i see is every place i don’t belong

remember… our first momentous night together

pine scented candles and your second hand flowered couch
when so tenderly stroking your forehead hushed you to sleep?
and content just to watch you breath your tranquil dreams

you knew then i could always do that for you and
i knew then i would finally share my every weakness
because there is no refuge in this world for me but you

46 thoughts on “refuge

  1. Spoken from the heart of love…fragility of life…sadness…trust…security…beautiful poem!

  2. I want to scream how much I love this!! Instead I merely write words seen upon your page… I love this.

  3. Sky Vani says:

    wonderful, as well as any so far

  4. carmenw503 says:

    I don’t think this needs editing at all (although I’m curious to see what you would add) #profound words

  5. Jamaiquina says:

    How tender this is!

  6. wonderful prose! Really loved it!

  7. GauravSaxena says:

    Beautiful poem ..
    Love and Refuge… Cherish and Cheers.

  8. Finding THE person is the key to every door. The beauty of your words, the honesty, and innocence stay with me and give me hope.

  9. What a gift to feel that way about someone and have them in your life. Beautiful words.

  10. Oh, you…this is beautiful and tender. Having that ONE as refuge makes all the difference.

  11. dawnhosking says:

    Absolutely stunning

  12. Noora says:

    There is so much beautiful vulnerability in this poem. Wonderful work!

  13. kalabalu says:

    Heart a refuge
    Heart a reason to be
    Heart to feel empathy
    Why now?
    Why not?
    Why. abandon the love,life and just..
    Don’t take refuge in me..take strength to seek a remedy πŸ™‚

  14. Soooo lovely.
    P.s I’m terrible, I still haven’t read your story but more importantly, I will I will!!!

  15. Lindy Lee says:

    Devoted love is priceless…

  16. Kenne says:

    Beautiful words, and as so many have said, ONEderful that you have found the ONE person to share your life with.

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