36 thoughts on “in the sleep of Hope

  1. So beautiful. Flowers surrender to the inevitable, no fighting what is, just a quiet time in which to dream. Lovely and so peaceful.

  2. omtatjuan says:

    My phone screen is so small I cant make out what these trees are..

  3. Noora says:

    I’m in haiku heaven. This is absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. Lovely haiku….hydrangeas are my favorites. So beautiful. 🙂 Thank you for blessing my chilly day.

  5. Chess says:

    Love this, so peaceful and lovely in feeling.

    • ty Chess, what a brief reprieve in the cold weather will do for my outlook! lol!…honestly i imagined what it might be like being a flower, sleeping the deep sleep of Winter, dreaming of Summer like i am!

    • ty Chess, i was imaging myself a flower, sleeping the deep sleep of Winter. i would certainly be dreaming of Summer, as i already am!

      • Chess says:

        It was really lovely, and to dream of summer…. Right now I am a little wistful for Christmas in NewYork, remembering years with snow and all the beautiful lights in the city.

      • well ty Chess, i will always dream of Summer. you know, this and your last
        reply about leaving NY after 9/11 are piquing my curiosity, are you moving back?

      • Chess says:

        No, I miss it but with chronic illness, the winters would be too rough on me. I do get nostalgic around the holidays though! Do you ever miss it?

      • oh, i didn’t realize you were ill Chess, i’m sorry to hear that. and NY
        is rarely the environment to live in when we are battling illness.

        in retrospect, what i miss the most is the street life, the people watching,
        the live theatre right before our eyes. no other city campares to NY quite that way.

      • Chess says:

        I so agree with you, New York is just so alive!!! There’s no place like it. I miss the lights at Christmas and music in the streets and good delis. And don’t be sorry Scott, I have some chronic illness but I don’t let it rule me so life is good 😉

      • heh, when i moved to Chicago almost 25 years ago, i could rarely find a pizzeria that sold slices or a deli that sold sandwiches. compared to NY, this town was a wasteland if you were food lover, unless of course if you liked hot dogs, hamburgers and whole deep dish pizza pies. actually, now that i think about it, i also miss the street vendors. do you remember lunchtime on 6th Ave, when the sidewalks were choked with food carts.

        what i wouldn’t give for an old fashioned potato knish, split with a little mustard! lol

      • Chess says:

        Ooh, a fellow New York foodie, I haven’t had a knish in years!!! Can you imagine my culture shock when I moved to California and there were no hot dogs on the streets? And then I met vegans, LOL….

  6. Hydrangeas are pretty, as is your Haiku (hugs)

  7. f4ischer says:

    1st- I love the name of your blog….2nd beautiful words…inspiring

    • i’m so sorry f4isher, WP placed your wonderful comment in the spam file for some reason
      and i just found it. ty and ty very much for taking the time to read my words.i lucked out
      on the blog name, it was the title to a surprise poem i wrote my partner on our 10th anniversary
      and when i signed up it was available.

  8. There is beauty all around no matter the season, if we choose to see it. 🙂

  9. dawnhosking says:

    I love this one

  10. I’ve wondered about that– Personally I believe they already KNOW there’ll be Spring, summer etc… they are designed with that intrinsic knowing ~ Ok, I meditate too much. Faithfully your friend ~Debbie

  11. Mélanie says:

    magnifique… I love your hydrangeas, mine are already faded and dry…
    my very best, tons of inspiration and sunny greetings, cheers! 🙂 Mélanie – Toulouse, France, “old Europe”…

    • hi Melanie and a very warm welcome from very cold Chicago! lol!
      Toulouse is one of the cities i really must see, i regret not
      making trip when i visited Paris years ago. Hydrangea are wonderful
      flowers, every variety is so distinctive. i’m especially fond of
      climbing Hydrangea, that saucer size white flower is simply magnificent!

      i have to ty so much for reading so much of my poetry, what a gift to wake
      up to so many email notifications from you. you really made my day!

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