passenger of the Night

passenger of the Night

my pull behind the steering wheel done, i can daydream
while sacred acres of farmland shaved clean of crops flanking
I65 South sleep quiet as the quick miles blur on by.
grateful…that the skulking skyline of the city
I can so readily despise, is now just a
road dust reflection in the rear view mirror.

and Band of Horses
they’re belting out “Funeral’ in my Bose,
such mournful vocal harmonies a warming elixir
to a soul that finds an odd comfort in abundant melancholy.
their echo reverb guitar licks swirl in sad circles around memories,
like the relentless night spider spinning its prey.

dropped far below the flat earth horizon,
Winter’s reluctant Sun wearily gave up on this day hours ago,
letting darkness lays its claim to the road and sky in flat black melding,
where the night language of mystery reads in permanent unison.
these eyes easily make the incremental adjustment,
exulting as the stark detail of days slowly erase from view.

i welcome the oncoming headlights,
the float of illuminated dashboard gauges,
and celebrate the digital glow of my laptop
as i compose poetry in this rolling writers retreat.

because it’s in the Night i trust,
in this copilot who’s steerage is always true by me,
in this forgiving solitude that my creativity prevails,
and in this Hope for another chance that only Night provides.


20 thoughts on “passenger of the Night

  1. SirenaTales says:

    Well, this is a real beauty, my friend. You’ve woven the weary melancholy with the hope and redemption in such a sustained and lovely manner. I so appreciate the thoughtful and vivid word choices: “sacred acres,” “skulking skyline,” “Winter’s reluctant Sun wearily gave up on this day,” “forgiving solitude…” and the rest, taking us on a painterly, wistful and redemptive ride amidst the expanses of farmland shaved clean, but potent with possibility…like you and the night. Bravo. xo

    • ty so much Sirena, and so sorry for the late reply but as you guessed we took a road trip,
      we’re in Louisville with Scout’s parents celebrating Thanksgiving.

      i’ve come to realize thatas long as i have my music playing through my headphones and the
      solitude of the night to keep me company, i can write anywhere, that’s part of the message
      to myself in this poem, i’ve been adjusting to a new writing space at home since i’ve given
      over the room we shared to Cbear,it was my writing ‘Home’ and i was very anxious about losing it.
      i think maybe i’ve taken a little leap forward because of it

  2. MicheleMariePoetry says:

    You are a beautiful writer~ “…in this copilot who’s steerage is always true by me, in this forgiving solitude that my creativity prevails,
    and in this Hope for another chance that only Night provides…” Gorgeous lines!

  3. Skye says:

    Another beautifully penned piece!! I always smile when I see that there is an email announcing you have written something. This is just one of the reasons. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!!

    • hi Skye, ty and you know…i have the same smile when a notification
      arrives from you. it seems we have a mutual admiration society between us!
      and ty, we are as always, having a wonderful time with our family.

  4. nutsfortreasure says:

    Your piece made me long for the solitude I miss each night on Americas highways my nickname was midnight rider 🙂 Loved the long stretches without any lights coming at me as there were so rare. Glad you had a wonderful trip and learned another lesson about yourself in the process.

    • ohh, i like that..midnight rider. there is something very intoxicating about driving
      by ourselves in the night, i love the solitude of the open road. and ty, i’m such a
      novice writer, losing the only place i ever knew to write in was a little distressing
      but it seems like it’s worked out ok.

      • nutsfortreasure says:

        You recovered wonderfully 🙂 I like sitting under a tree being as close to nature as I can be 🙂 where I live means there is long periods of time in between 🙂 so the beach fills in. 🙂

        It was the most amazing time behind the wheel of the rig. Everyone in bed sleeping except us wild ones the music and CB’s lit up the nights 🙂

      • oh thanks for saying that nutsfortreasure, ’cause i wasn’t planning on posting a poem like
        this on Thanksgiving day but it just began writing itself, it needed to be released i guess! lol!

        and that’s pretty cool that you were a trucker, i have a lot of respect for truckers. it’s a tough
        job not suited for everyone, and i relate to those who need and can spend so much time alone
        how long were you driving, if i can ask?.

      • nutsfortreasure says:


        I never plan the poems I write. They just come out of left fiield as I type yours are very pretty mine are so serious you would think I spent hours and not moments 🙂

        Now to trucking I drove for 27 years just about 3 mil. miles and half on highways across america and the rest in and out of the city of Boston as well as the rest of New England. One of my last runs was hauling US Mail. I would leave Nashua NH at 3 AM and take my load down through NYC and park in back row at 1st Rest Area on NJ Turnpike. Another driver would pull up beside me and we would switch trailers and I would head back through the Bronx and back to NH and call it a day!
        Long hours of dodging traffic darting in and out in front of me it was a dance I knew the steps to well.
        🙂 Best part was when they would look in their rear view mirror and see a blonde female driving the truck they just cut off lol

        When I learned to meditate at a silent retreat this past March I was so great at focusing I have trucking to thank for that part of who I am. I guess I had forgotten all the things I learned from up in my cab. I miss owning my own company and depending on no one but myself but I am working at getting healthy so I can get back out there maybe for more fun than work this time 🙂

      • hhmm, how did i miss your poetry, i’m sorry but i don’t remember you posting
        it on 20 Lines? is there a link on your blog or is it written privately?

        heh, navigating a car in Manhattan is a struggle, i con’t imagine an
        18 wheeler in that traffic and narrow streets. OMG, 3m. miles? wow,
        that is amazing. and yes, i agree there is nothing better than owning
        your own business, i had 3. i doubt i ever would again except to write,
        but i’m glad i was able to control so much of my destiny.

      • nutsfortreasure says:

        On my blog Living and Lovin I am sure they are under writing or poems lol not worth of a worry they maybe 2 or 3 years old now this year I have been so busy and most who used to do the challenges I have not seen post any I have yet to try the type that is popular on 20 Lines right now 🙂

        All I can say is my first trip into Boston traffic at night downtown with an instructor was nothing like my lst trip through the city I commanded my rig to do things others thought were impossible it is what I love the most about driving challenging myself to do what they say can’t be done 🙂 It gets in your Blood as they say once a biker or trucker no way to dismiss the love for the open feel of the road. The city streets are so pretty and sadly so many see her as ugly. Maybe it is just how a female trucker sees things beauty in all I do no reason for me to be here if not to appreciate all there is.
        Yes being independence changed me even more than my Mother said I always was. lol strong willed, stubborn and very compassionate all wrapped into this one person . Things you see as you travel across the country or your own local cities can change you in ways you never thought possible. I am a simple woman who has only 2 regrets not bad and to find out just this year the reasons for my life to be as it is has been so uplifting it is either time to write or truck and ride once again 🙂

  5. markrenney1 says:

    ‘Winter’s reluctant sun wearily gave up on this day hours ago’ – you have found grace and beauty in solitude. Thank you for sharing.

    • hi mark, ty and a very warm welcome to you.
      ‘Grace’ oh how i love that word and what it means.
      and yes, though it is a struggle from day to day,
      i do sometimes find grace in my forgiving solitude.

      and on those days i’m so thankful i’ve found poetry.

  6. wunderwench says:

    This reads like one of those wandering dreams. You know the ones that keep you in bed in the morning because you just want to see where it’s going to take you? Totally dreamy.

  7. “such mournful vocal harmonies a warming elixir
    to a soul that finds an odd comfort in abundant melancholy.” The more I learn about you the more I find we are the same 🙂

    Melancholy can be beatifully comforting. LOL I had a friend once who renamed me “Melancholia” 😉

    “where the night language of mystery reads in permanent unison”
    fabulous line!

    • heh, i’ll be Mr. Melancholia then! i’m so often fascinated with
      smiley happy people like Scout, ’cause i’m just not one of them ! lol!
      and yes, there are multiple layers to our ‘connection’ Melanie, i feel
      it too. semms, we’re both …let’s say complicated. and i like complicated!

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