Friday Repost: coverlet

Friday Repost
for my new friends,
a little dig in the
archives for you.

i dreamt…

i wrote you a poem last night

i traced the words with my finger

across the cotton coverlet

i wrapped you in

to keep you safe and warm
i watched

you breathing as you slept

sat on the edge of the bed

for hours remembering

every kiss i ever gave you…

every laugh i ever made you…
i’ve sewn

all our memories together

into this blanket of love

i wrapped you in

so you will always remember

all that you are to me
i wrote

the poem lightly with my finger

so not to wake you

and over and over and over

i traced the words so you never, never forget

‘please… don’t ever… ever leave me’


53 thoughts on “Friday Repost: coverlet

  1. dear friends…i didn’t plan on posting anything this morning, i wrote this yesterday and thought i could wait and post it when we returned from our vacation on the housebout……but i couldn’t.

  2. how romantically sweet – sensual and honest…luscious my friend {hugs}

  3. Sky Vani says:

    I think that this one goes to the top of the list of my favorite written by you πŸ™‚

    • geez, Sky….you and i have talked about some of the poems i’ve written,
      and what they’ve meant to you. and for you to say this now about this poem,
      i’m not sure what to say but, thank you so very much. it means so much to me.

  4. annotating60 says:

    Really fine piece of poetry.>KB

    • that means so much to me coming from you, thank you.
      i’m not sure where this all came from, my partner and i are
      reconnecting again, i guess it just triggered that old
      fear of mine i carry around.

  5. yelena says:

    *sigh* this unfolds so delicately and feels very tender, truly caring and devotional. i was lost for comments anywhere these days but your poem made me find my words again. thank you for sharing this beauty, and for inspiration your writings always deliver~

  6. Noora says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful poem! I’m in tears.

    “i’ve sewn
    all our memories together
    into this blanket of love
    i wrapped you in
    so you will always remember
    all that you are to me”

    I could have quoted the whole poem, but these lines touched me the most. I WISH I had written them. LOL!!

    Your heart is so pure and your wife is one lucky woman.

    • it’s the words that go straight to my heart, as well Noora.
      Scout and i are doing so great, rediscovering our love again as happens
      in a very long relationship….and yesterday, i don’t know, i just got so
      scared for awhile….so i just poured my scared into this poem.
      oh, now you have me lookin’ for a kleenex….

      Noora, ty so much for always reading these words of mine.
      your comments and reactions just mean so much to me.

  7. Cubby says:

    Preciously written. Beautiful. πŸ™‚

    • so sorry for the late reply, we were on the road..and thank you for such kindness, i really appreciate the encouragement. this poem just spilled out yesterday, i had no intention of posting anything on a travel day but i guess poetry has its own schedule! *smiles*

  8. I read this as a mother-child poem… it was a warmer & purer love ~ Blessings friend, Debbie

    • I’ve talked a little about us rediscovering each other, i do beleive we’ve uncovered, transitioned into a deeper, more devotional ‘love’ now. and i’m not sure how to put words to it exactly to describe it, but i think what you said about ‘purer’ is, as always, so acuurate. ty so much, i learn so much from your comments and reactions Deb.

  9. This is mesmerizing !
    Like a silent secret prayer..
    The world needs more love.. it needs more people like you!
    Thanks for sharing this, dear friend!

    ~ Much Love,

    • ….yes, it did feel like a prayer when i was writing it M, we are experiencing a rebirth, a renewal of our devotion to one another….this new love feels quite different than what we’ ve known, i’m trying to express what it is and how it feels in my heart.

      ….and yes, you are so right that our world needs more love…ty, your heartfelt reply tells me maybe i’ve begun to capture this in words…

      {{{ h u g s }}} and love returned to you M.

  10. claudia says:

    i love the idea of wrapping someone in with a poem…what a place of warmth and comfort…

  11. Tony Maude says:

    This is delicate and sensuous and so full of love – brilliant.

    • Well thank you for such a wonderful compliment. My partner and i are experiencing a renewal, a rebirth in our relationship, of our devotion and love..i’ ve been trying to find the words…..

  12. Oloriel says:

    Very romantic and heartinvading, it is like an Angels song of Love.

  13. A glimpse into someone’s heart is a treasure, I feel as though we have experienced something quite beautiful and delicately powerful through your words. Enchanting!

  14. brian miller says:

    wow…so heartfelt…love the blanket made of their memories…the drawing of hte poem with your finger ever so lightly …and the hoping they never forget you there in the end…swoon-worthy…smiles.

  15. Grace says:

    How sweet and romantic ~ my heart fluttered ~ From reading the comments, I am happy to read that you & your partner are reconnecting and experiencing a renewal of your relationship ~

    • ..oh thank you Grace, honestly we have the flutters here as well…how remarkable this all is, it has taken both of us by surprise, i guess it’s not a such a bad problem to have!

  16. SSMatthews says:

    The tenderness expressed is handled with exquisite care. The composition itself is laid in layers like comforting blankets. This is a fine work in devotion and love. Great poem my friend!

  17. Pamela says:

    I hope my sweetie doesn’t forget me either. Nice romantic piece, wckt.


  18. ayala says:

    Sigh… Intimate, sweet and beautiful.

    • …i love when a comment begins with… lets me know that maybe my words expressed what i wished they would, ’cause that’s how i feel about her…i never tire writing about her either, thank you very much Ayala..

  19. beebeesworld says:

    You truly let your heart speak in this prose-very nice. When I see your photo on your blog, you seem so deep in thought. It makes me wonder what you are thinking. So many men I have met just don’t ever have :deep thoughts, your lady is very fortunate to have a man who does! beebeesworld

  20. hi beebee, i’m so happy to see you on my pages, ty. well, i will tell you i’m not a very religious person, more spiritual, but this is closest i’ve ever come to writing a prayer. that’s how it feels often, when i think on how fortunate i am having her in my life.

    and thank you so much for mentioning that photo, and this might seem very odd to most folks who have no problem in front of a camera, but i most certainly do. this might be the first pic taken in 10 years, certainly the first one i asked to be taken, and only Scout could make me feel comfortable enough.

    i knew i wanted that certain look i think i have, in my mind’s eye..

    this is how imagine i look when i listen to her tell me something important, when i’m lost in what passage should be next in a poem i’m writing. it took hundreds of attempts, but finally i stopped fidgeting, felt serene and peaceful on our porch filled with flowers, with the midday sun behind us.

  21. Liana says:

    I liked it before and I like it again…so LOVEly

  22. Beautiful and so very, very sweet. This poem would work well in a dictionary to define the word LOVE.

  23. dawnhosking says:

    Very, very nice.

  24. So tender, so TRUE….now that is love. You have me misting up πŸ™‚

    • Melanie, we’ve been together near 13 years now, but there are days when
      i just come apart at the seams, and irrational fears grip me and this poem
      was written on one of those days. i sat on the bed as she was sleeping
      thinking of what my life was like before her……and would be IF.
      and yes, i too had stuff in my eyes that night.

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