Friday Repost: darlin’, sing to me

Friday Repost
for my new friends,
a little dig in the
archives for you.
darlin’, sing to me…..Haiku
I was reminded
hearing you play the guitar
today, just how easy

your voice nails those notes…
i could feel your vibrato
flutter through this heart,

just like the first time
when you sang that song for me
on our second date…

the whole crowd stood up
at that karaoke bar
and shouted encore!…

your voice filled the room
and your eyes looked right at mine,
i saw nothing else

but you in my arms…
heard that yearning stir again…
my lonely heart sigh

soft like a prayer…
‘’her voice…it’s the song of hope
i’ve been waiting for…’

so I surrendered,
to the promises of love
in that voice of yours…

and here we are now
all these many years later
a prayer answered…

only your love, can…save…me…
keep me from fallin’

time and time again…
don’t…don’t stop…singing your
song of love to me.

Loves Glory
‘Cause baby I believe in all of loves glory
And no one’s gonna talk me down
I’m not afraid to stumble
Baby I can fall
I’m not afraid to stumble
Baby I can fall
I’m not afraid to stumble
Baby I can fall

52 thoughts on “Friday Repost: darlin’, sing to me

  1. Oloriel says:

    So so beautiful, it is like a song and a movie at the same time,but most importantly it is Life and that’s what makes it even more beautiful.

    • …oh Oloriel, as always your comments are so spot on, ty. …i let our musician friends who came to our houseboat this week read my poetry, and all of them said the same thing; so many of my poems to Scout could be lyrics..some are interested in maybe writing music to them…. all just kinda’ blew me away, i would love to hear music accompny these words

  2. Noora says:

    “but you in my arms…
    heard that yearning stir again…
    my lonely heart sigh

    soft like a prayer…
    ‘’her voice…it’s the song of hope
    i’ve been waiting for…’

    so I surrendered,
    to the promises of love
    in that voice of yours…”

    I have no words, so I quote yours!
    Sigh. So beautiful.

    • …oh Noora, that night when she first sang to me, i heard her incredible voice singing a song to ne in front of all those people…it’s taken me awhile to find the words to tell this story, ty for telling me i might have finally…

      i wish you could hear her sing!.. i spoke to Scout this morning about writing music to this and singing it yoo…so maybe…

  3. Eva van Beek says:

    Wonderful account of two people falling and staying in love!

  4. yelena says:

    absolutely delightful, these haiku sing with love and light. just beautiful! 🙂

    • oh Yelena, so sorry for the late reply, we were on the road. i have to be honest, i’ve been slow to embrace the form, but i’m appreciating the simple discipline and lyrical quality i ca achieve if i choos ethe right words. thank you sweet friend, your comments always put *smiles* in this heart.

  5. InnerDialect says:

    Reblogged this on LYRIX & LIFE.

  6. what a Haiku, your words strum in my heart like the strings on the guitar…oops that could almost be one – ‘scrumptious’ my friend

    • ty so much dear friend, i dug deep for this poem, that night was another of those transitional days very early on, with Scout and I. …a feww more more bricks removed from my walls…

  7. SSMatthews says:

    Your control of tone and language works so well with these- I want to say love ballads, but they are something more than that. Your gentle, caring use of expression positions these well above the norm. I’ve read more than enough love poems that were, if heartfelt, so poorly expressed as to nauseate, but here I find myself flowing from line to line, feeling the motion and the emotion that you weave. Bravo friend- a born again love poem fan!

    • well Mr Matthews, you just might get me to add that ‘P’ word to my busiess card with more incredible comments like this, ty. wow, that you could enjoy love poems again , what the heck am i supposed to say….

      i think when i was writing prose, i would guard against ‘pretty wordism’ and sliding into sentimentality which is quite easy to do. i think that early discipline of mine, is benefitting my ‘love ballads’, i kinda’ like that actually…

      • SSMatthews says:

        as well you should. And there is to the discerning ear, a difference between ‘pretty word-ism’s’ and lyrical language. I would personally go so far as to say it is the difference between ‘Art’ and ‘half-heart.’ I have read writers and poets who applied both, and it was the difference between reading something they wrote and everything they wrote! I will be back for more!

      • Art’ and ‘half-heart., this resonates and is truth for me. these words i write for Scout, i am emotionally spent for a day or so after posting them. it’s one of the reasons i post only a few poems a week, there is an after life to the experience for me, i continue to listen to whatever song i write the poem to, i want to be in the ‘poem’ when folks comment and i’m just not in a rush to move along most times…ty, Mr M.

      • SSMatthews says:

        I get this. When I’m not doing poetry ‘lite’, my heart and soul is going into the piece and when it is done and when it feels right, there is a sense of exhaustion but also one of elation. Sometime it is an epiphany moment, and I run around inside my head tossing imaginary pages into the air shouting Eureka!

  8. Kirsten says:

    This brought tears to my eyes…so beautiful! Your love flowed through every single word and pause!

    • Kirsten, i write about her a lot, most of my poems are about her and some of them, like this one affect me more than others. this poem just spilled out in one sitting, and when i read it over for the first time i’ll tell you without embarrasment that i had tears too. i’m not a religious person, more spiritual in nature but this is as close to a prayer as i’ve ever come before.

      thank you so much for appreciating these words, and i’m so glad we’ve met here on WP.

  9. Chatty Owl says:

    This… Is heartbreaking.

    • hello Miss, i was glad to be able to finally write, find the words to tell about that night. it was pretty magical, it wasn’t a plan, we just happened to walk by this karoake bar she was in once, she walked right up, put her name on the list and suddenly she was on stage…singing to me.

      and her voice is as easy as breathing to her, perfect pitch, wide range…well, i was just speechless. ty for taking the time to read this and for your wonderful reaction.

  10. Tiffany Coffman says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. Your love for her, and the way you see her, is beyond gorgeous. Everyone should love like that and be loved like that. Thank you for sharing this with me.

    • you are most welcome Tiffany, and ty for reminding me about this poem
      with our converstaion. i’d forgotten about it.

      she is special, i’ve spent a lot of lonely days in my life,
      i just can’t help writing poetry about her, and us and how
      knowing her has changed everything.

      • Tiffany Coffman says:

        Can you teach a class? [sigh]

      • heh, yeah, unfortunately it’s a very common lament i hear from our married and single friends.

        but i ‘d be much too shy to ever speak in front of a group, i know it probably doesn’t seem that way ’cause i’m so chatty. i have Social Anxiety, so if you could get me to say more than 3 words in a group i would annoint you Saint Tiffany…or somethingLOL! i’m much better one on one, once i develope a trust with someone, but normally i’m more a good listener and observer in real life.

      • Tiffany Coffman says:

        Well, what if by ‘teach’ I mean drugging the participants, utilizing soft, but firm, hypnosis, and a free coupon for a return session? Does that help?

      • LOL! oh that would work perfectly for me, i could talk a mean streak to
        someone if they had no idea i was there and the free coupon, instant
        validation! you are quite an insightful problem solver, invaluable
        in my universe!

      • Tiffany Coffman says:

        Alright. Scout can sing to them and be the shiny coin in the room while I roll up their sleeves and cotton swab their shoulders. Don’t need the Health Department throwing a fit. I’ll start printing flyers. 😉

      • hhmm…i suspect you’d be a formidable chess player if you aren’t already,
        you’ve already figured out how to get these unwilling subjects to the
        auditorium. yes, Scout could be the siren, rounding them up like a pied piper,
        they’d most likely be in a very pliable and submissive state when they arrived,
        numb to the pain of the needle you’ve just slipped under their skin.

        hey, i think we have a plan! LOL!

  11. Bastet says:

    lovely what you’ve done to these haiku! People useally opt for tankas or choka, but putting the haiku together like this is absolutely beautiful. The video accompaniment is great.

    • good morning Bastet, and ty, i’m so glad you enjoy them ‘stacked’ this way.
      i’ve become obsessed with the form, the discipline of the syllable count
      has improved my other poetry and prose as well. and you will almost always
      find music as and accompaniment to my poetry, sometimes, like tomorrows
      poem i use it as a soundtrack to read by.

      besides Love, music is a primary inspiration for me.

      • Bastet says:

        understand about the haiku “obsession” got me for the same reason months ago 😉 I often write to music, but its been a few months since I posted with it…will be looking forward to tomorrow’s post!

      • oh you have posted with music too?. i planned on visiting you
        this weekend when i do most of my reading, do you have some
        links to the music / poems? i would love to read them Bastet!

      • Bastet says:

        They’re only a few, about 6 actually under the category Sketches. This is one with a muezzin in the backgroud. click muezzin and read the sketch. The other numbered sketches have pieces of classical music attached as does the collaboration work between Sahinbird and myself, she wrote a poem and I a prose poem (which I call sketches). Here’s the link to Djibouti 1975:

  12. Your words ARE music…always.

  13. Chess says:

    WOW! So beautiful.

  14. Beautiful, lyrical 🙂 “i could feel your vibrato
    flutter through this heart” perfect.

    • yes, i could too, her voice is amazing. i miss her singing, she doesn’t get
      a chance to very often anymore so this summer on the houseboat trip, she did.

      hearing her again, awakened this memory
      of ours and this poem. ty, Melanie

  15. I like to believe you knew there were more than promises in her lilt but rather the unshakable securely linking of notes and melody ! Lovely !

    • yes, my heart knew right away Deb, but my head didn’t allow me to believe it.
      i ltrust and listen to this heart of mine without question now, as it should be!
      as always, your replies are pinpoint accurate, My Barometer. sending Love and Hugs to you!

  16. lumar1298 says:

    So beautiful and touching…

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