15 thoughts on “respite…..Haiku

  1. Lee J Dawson says:

    I really like autumn and Bella, my little dog, loves running through the leaves. Autumn is a beautiful respite before winter.

    • hi Lee, yes i found myself kicking through a few piles of leaves yesterday too,
      i love Autumn. it’s easily my most favorite season. i’m a lover of jackets and sweaters,
      so i hope the temps hold for a bit!

  2. SirenaTales says:

    enchanting…thank you. xo

  3. Chess says:

    I can feel the crisp chill in the air, wonderful.

  4. dawnhosking says:


  5. yelena says:

    *sigh* quite beautiful, dear poet…sorry for not replying for a long time…i shall when i can (am lost for words these days for some reasons).
    be well please. many blessings to you and your family~

    • oh sweet poetess, you have been in my thoughts these past few days,
      i have missed you and your poetry. ty so much, your kindness always
      reaches this heart of mine. your words will come when they’re ready,
      try not to despair. you will hear from me very soon….

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