those seventeen syllables….Haiku


the. U n i v e r s e .speaks
quietly in syllables,
to those who listen…

is the. H a i k u .form,
a collective memory
of ancient voices?

The Fairy of Eagle Nebula

50 thoughts on “those seventeen syllables….Haiku

  1. Lesley Dawson says:

    The Universe – so vast – and yet everyone and everything has a place. Beautiful poetry – it’s given me a lovely calm start to my day and a welcome sense of belonging. Thank you!

    • hi Lesley, ty so much and a very warm welcome to you this morning!
      it warms my heart that my poetry could start your day peacefully,
      a person who writes can’t ask for a better reaction.

    • hi Lesley, i hope you see this message. i’ve been trying to connect to your blog since last night and i keep getting ‘sorry page not found’ message from WordPress…i’ll keep trying…

      • Lee J Dawson says:

        Oh, if you see my latest post that will probably explain why! I was mucking about so much with it, it’s a wonder I didn’t wipe out the whole thing. I hope it’s back to normal now.

      • oh my…ok, i’ll try again tonight when i get home, ty for letting me know. i thought it was my computer again! LOL!

      • Lee J Dawson says:

        I hope I haven’t caused too many people to have a headache! πŸ™‚

      • well, believe it or not, i get the same message sometimes when i’m trying to
        view one of my own posts from my Dashboard page, WP gives me fits sometimes
        so you can always blame it on them ! LOL

  2. Lesley Dawson says:

    Reblogged this on Confab and commented:
    You have to read this, it’s so beautiful.

  3. annotating60 says:

    The haiku is not a collective unconscious. It is a personal quest for the loss of self-consciousness. A quest for purity of thought in which the mind is allowed to be open to the whole of the world. >KB

  4. So beautiful. If only we would listen.

  5. Bastet says:

    Wonderful and interesting question!

  6. You know, that’s a damn good question! I have always thought that nature holds all the secrets and knowledge in the universe but we just don’t know how to listen with our eyes!

    • Oh, i’m full of questions Eric, many more questions than answers these days.
      and listening is an uphill battle in our day to dsay lives, i find i have
      periods of serenity when i can hear, but it’s not easy to maintain that state.

      • I am the same way, I have moments of clarity when things just all make so much sense and then other times I leave the house but leave my keys inside locking myself out haha! Questions are what life is all about, finding the answers. If we aren’t asking questions then we aren’t learning anything

      • OMG….keys are the bane of my existence, at my age if i
        don’t follow the strict routine of leaving them in the exact same spot….LOL!

        you are right of course, but somedays it becomes burdensome to be so curious,
        when the many questions provide so few answers…ya know what i mean?

      • Yeah don’t get me going on keys either hahaha!
        Hmmm, you have a good point, maybe we’ll call those times “times of reflection” so it sounds like we’re aren’t just sitting around not thinking πŸ˜‰

  7. Noora says:

    Food for thought. Your haikus are awesome. I also love the picture. Great work, my friend.

    • hi Noora, ty. the astronomers call that cosmic shape a ‘fairy pillar’,
      when i read that i just knew i would have to use that incredible photo!

      sending love and hugs to you, my sweet friend.

  8. ayala says:

    True words, lovely!

  9. thesewordsiwrite2012 says:

    Pretty immaculate; thanks for posting this.

    • ty so muchthesewordsiwrite and a vey warm welcome to you.
      ‘immaculate’… i needed to be reminded of this beautiful word,
      it seems so rare we can use it in our day to day lives, ty for that!

  10. The miniscule is always layered therefore VAST! EXCELLENT !

  11. dawnhosking says:

    Thought provoking and beautiful at the same time — I’d say it’s perfect πŸ˜‰

  12. Christina ~ says:

    I love when I read something that makes me think…basically I just love your words….the way you use them…more than compelling…more like…beguiling…

    • hi Christina and a very warm welcome to you, ty so much.
      what a wonderful compliment and ‘beguiling’…..what a
      delicious word that is. now i’m wondering why i haven’t
      used it yet in a poem…

      i think i need to now, thanks for the reminder! lol

      • Christina ~ says:

        Thank you so very much for the warm welcome! Apologies for my belated reply, seems to be my motto lately haha. I am very happy indeed to bring a delicious word to your remembrance! Word lovers unite lol! πŸ™‚

      • lol and United We Write! oh no apologies needed here Christina, it’s quite alright. it seems to be my motto as well. i’ll often delay my responses to poetry i read, letting the words simmer a day or so before i write a comment.

        i’m really glad we finally connected, and i’m very much looking forward to your next poem. have a wonderful night!

      • Christina ~ says:

        Oh yes I do love that “United We Write!” πŸ™‚ Thank you for understanding…I like that you wait and let your thoughts ‘simmer’ before responding. I like that very much indeed!

        I’m very happy we have connected as well and I also am very much looking forward to reading more of your work…you do have a wondrous and magical feel to your words…I am captivated! I hope you also have a wonderful evening and week ahead!

  13. Chess says:

    Lovely and thoughtful.

  14. ! Lovely thought… sent shivers down my spine.

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