Monday Haiku: i almost lost H o p e

to her….
will be random posting
of Haiku devoted to
Scout, my partner
i almost lost. H o p e.

i almost lost H o p e,

from all the beginnings… from

such tragic endings.
of trying so hard

to find. L o v e. where there wasn’t,

of tears shed alone,
another year gone….

of doubt there was someone there

waiting… and waiting…
i just wanted. L o v e…

in a life spent untethered,

rootless… adrift… and
without .F a m i l y.

spinning my lonely circles,’

’round and ’round and ’round…
why was it so hard?

had i become… L o v e ‘s. misfit,

would that be my fate?
it’s doubt that i knew,

why would this wounded heart ask

again for… more pain?
i almost… lost. H o p e,

i nearly lost sight that we

are… meant to be loved.
i almost lost faith

that… Y o u .would ever be found.

i couldn’t give up,
and i’ll tell you why…

i heard my .H e a r t. whispering,

it told me… try… try.

Multiple Love
I still believe in love at first sight.
A skip of your heart and a flicker of light.
So maybe there’s two and maybe it’s you.
But I don’t go quietly into the blue, ‘cos

I am happy alone.
I am happy alone, and I don’t
Need another half if I am whole
But maybe, persuade me,
And I’ll do the best that I can
ty Tiffany Coffman, a special poet
for the music share, this beautiful
song inspired this poem and
was written to its tempo


37 thoughts on “Monday Haiku: i almost lost H o p e

  1. charlypriest says:

    Gotta love this, and this Tiffany Coffman apart from having a beautiful voice the I actually agree with the beautiful lyrics. About being good with yourself by yourself but to be open for that persuasion of not being a lone.
    But your writing is still better. Nice Haiku.

    • hey Charlie, how have you been? and ty for your compliment, this poem has been rumbling around for a while. it came together when Tiffany Coffman who is a poet i follow, posted this song on her blog. so sorry for the poorly written passage.

      i posted the lyrics out of respect for those who can live their lives feeling whole, uncoupled.
      i just happen not to be among them, i’m just wired that way.LOL!
      and i agree, her voice is phenomenal.

  2. dawnhosking says:


  3. wunderwench says:

    oh so beautiful, we are ALL deserving of unconditional love. Love this song as well. What a nice way to start my day. Hope your day is filled with beauty.

    • yes we are ALL deserving WunderWench, ty for that beautiful thought.
      sometimes certain songs just reach me in the first hearing, this one
      has been in my headphones since Saturday…it’s just perfection.

      i’m happy i could bring some beauty to your day,
      we ALL deserve that too. have a wonderful day, hugs.

  4. …I nearly lost sight that we are meant to…be loved. This is such an amazing poem. Incredibly honest, raw and heartfelt. Moving. Universal and perfect. Your words are …um…meant to be.

  5. SirenaTales says:

    “…spinning my lonely circles…had i become…. L o v e’s. misfit….? i heard my .H e a r t. whispering… try, try…” Another beautiful, vivid and visual, aching lament… ultimately redemptive (yay!). I feel that part of the power of your prodigious pen, MasterWho, is that you reveal to us pain that is deeply felt, universally understood, yet contained somehow. So that the work is potent, raw, but also painted with some restraint. I really dig this piece of your writing. So glad you listened to your resilient and wise heart. xo

    • oh Sirena, ty so much for saying this to me,’ painted with some restraint.’
      i’m very conscious about possibly crossing the fine line into sentimentality,
      it’s why i write better when i have distance between what i’m writing about.
      and Haiku is the perfect form for such restraint, i mis chosen word is glaring
      when there are only 17 syllables.

      i’ve always been led by my heart and intuition,
      my head seemed to just cause me trouble! LOL!

  6. Tiffany Coffman says:

    I love how you were inspired by that song, and thank you so much for the mention. It wasn’t necessary but appreciated.

    I’m like you, I don’t enjoy being uncoupled, and it doesn’t make me any less whole of a person for feeling that way and wanting someone in my life. I often get ticked at people that suggest that.

    Your haiku was beautiful, honest, and promising. Always an inspiration to those of still hoping that one day we will find someone.

    • hi Tiffany, having a poem that’s been rolling around in my head, and then finally crystallize because of a song, well, that’s an event for me. it’s like being granted a wish, it’s small token considering the result!

      i appreciate you saying that, and it’s one of the reasons i loved this song.
      there is an opposing complexity between the lyrics and the melancholy music,
      much like it is in our lives. i totally understand your frustration at that
      suggestion, i heard it too. all i knew is i wasn’t meant to be alone, whole or not!

      ty Tiffany, i always enjoy your visits. sending love and hugs to you…..

  7. ‘had i become… L o v e ‘s. misfit’ Wow how many of us have asked ourself that..are we unlovable that love continues to elude the seems to be innate in us to shout back..’try try. Love is life and in the essence of survival we fight like lack of love is our dying breath and we won’t let it be our last until love comes to rescue us.

    • oh paintswithwords, your words so eloquently, so passionately
      described everything this poem attempted to express;

      ‘we fight like lack of love is our dying breath and we won’t
      let it be our last until love comes to rescue us’

      some people seem to be able to exist without love, i’ve
      never been ashamed to admit that i’m not one of them.
      ty you so much for this inspirational validation, wow.

  8. Liana says:

    keep telling…keep telling us

  9. Just beautiful my friend!! I’m speechless, honestly! Luckily I know a guy who’s not 😉

    “True love cannot be found where it does not truly exist; nor can it be hidden where it truly does.” – Francois De La Rochefoucauld

    • heh, love how you worded that compliment Eric, ty so much for that!
      and such a brilliant man that Mr De La Rochefoucauld is, sure wish
      i had known this wisdom a lot earlier in my life! LOL!

      • You and me both brother, I think he actually wrote two or three books of nothing but wise sayings haha! I just thought that quote fit your poem, and things said in comments too, so very well! Ive always loved that one but never really had a time to use until today so I am very glad you enjoyed that!

      • Eric, that quote couldn’t be more appropriate to this poem
        and what i was attempting to express, i think i’ll have
        to read some more of his work now, ty for the share.

      • Anytime Dude, yeah sometimes when I’m feeling especially uninspired I like to read those short little wise sayings and usually they spark a thought on something to write about, but if not they are always enlightening!

  10. I’m trying to put this exactly as I am feeling — it’s as the firee [her] found and met the faithful flame–[you]. Does that make sense?

  11. Chess says:

    Beautiful and tender.

  12. bgbowers says:

    This poem, and the lines below, resonated with me so much. Thank you for sharing. You are such a wonderfully kind soul who is so deserving of love.

    “spinning my lonely circles…why was it so hard?
    had i become… L o v e ‘s. misfit,
    i almost… lost. H o p e,
    i nearly lost sight that we
    are… meant to be loved.”

    • ty Bianca, we all do, all of us. and i guess that what i was trying to express, because in our loneliness, we forget. i’m just grateful to have found and be found, and i’m glad these words resonated with you. it’s as much as a writer could ask.

  13. I so relate to this piece…I certainly felt that way in the past and had almost given up…stopped looking and that is when love found me.

    • yeah, it’s funny how that happens, isn’t it? when we’re NOT looking,
      when we’ve got our back turned and are in doubt, love arrives unannounced!

      what a mystery this life continues to be!

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