each new day……Haiku

i carry less weight

than i did twelve years ago,

i shed my burdens.

i am younger now

than i was twelve years ago,

i found my child’s heart.

i see tomorrow…

without fear because i met

you… twelve years ago.

and together we

shine brighter with each new day,

rising like the sun!

38 thoughts on “each new day……Haiku

  1. kis kiss hug hug – that’s all I have to say… oh apart from a beautiful romantic Haiku ~ smiles

  2. SirenaTales says:

    “i carry less weight….i am younger now…rising like the sun” Such a beautiful, thoughtful tribute–to both of you and to love. Refreshing and delightful, as well, to read the surprising “i am younger now,” the paradox so true. I understand that from my own experience. I appreciate how your pen is both lighter, almost playful here, with that underlying tug of wistfulness, gravitas. Renders your work beautifully complex. xo

    • ha, yes there is a little upturned grin here Sirena, how insightful you are!
      but there’s always a backstory or two to my stuff, comes with age i guess.
      it’s funny, the date on the template said i began this on Oct. 12, so it’s
      been bouncing around for awhile, but this morning i figured it out finally.

      i love your comments Sirena, thanks for being always here!

  3. How beautiful. Calming and sweet.

  4. Cubby says:

    Love these interrelated haikus! Really well done. Reowr!

  5. Chess says:

    Beautiful in both wordage and sentiment.

    • ty Chess, i’m so grateful i found this form, it feels
      like second skin to me and the discipline is having such
      a positive effect on my other writing….including the prose.

      you seem to have taken quite nicely to it too!

      • Chess says:

        I hope so, I’m trying to learn how to write a koan now. I did editing and reporting in college but this is all new territory to me. And you are absolutely write (little pun intended), the discipline is certainly helping me to develop my skill set. Thank you again and so much for all the encouragement you gave me to get started!

      • i looked up koan, i have to say i admire your courage and i’m
        looking forward to your poem. the ‘enlightenent’ criteria is of
        great interest to me. i wrote a Haiku about a month ago, ive been
        holding it back, i’m not exactly sure why but it asks a question…

        maybe i’ll post if for my Monday Haiku

        and encouragement it’s just giving back
        what i’ve been given plenty of here
        among my WP friends…it’s what we do
        for each other.

        i call it the Circle of Inspiration

      • Chess says:

        I am so grateful for all the support I’ve gotten but do give yourself a pat on the back because you gave me the courage to try poetry by sharing your story with me. Also, I think that by definition a koan poses a question, or at the very least causes the reader to think and meditate on the subject. I’ll look forward to seeing your haiku on Monday!

      • ok Chess, i’m just not so good at accepting ty’s is all,
        but it does make me profoundly happy that maybe
        something i said helped you find poetry.

        poetry is such a gift from the Universe,
        not sure what my life would be without it!

      • Chess says:

        It is truly a gift! And I am so inspired by the way you write about your love for Scout, it just blows me away.

      • Chess, i’ve been around a while, long enough to know what we share
        is not an everyday occurance, enough to remember being alone way
        too often or not with the right person….so, i guess i feel an
        overwhelming gratitude and i just never get tired of saying ty.

      • Chess says:

        I think it’s amazing to feel that connection with another human being and not be afraid to share it.

      • yeah, it is and now we’ve begun a new chapter in this evolution,
        she’s an unbelievable stepmom to my daughter and that relationship
        has become even more important these past few weeks.

        and sharing…i was reticent to talk about us when i wrote only
        prose, but since discovering poetry…well, it’s impossible not
        to be poetically inspired. LOL!

      • Chess says:

        I do think that living with your muse gives you a certain quality, I’m not sure how to describe it, but it is inspiring and haunting and uplifting all at once. i enjoy your poems about Scout so much 🙂

      • sorry for the abrupt departure Chess, something came up i had to respond to….

        your description is really intriguing, i guess i don’t think about the ‘living with my muse’ aspect since we share the same space, the inspiration is always there….haunting…i’d sure like to know more about this detail Chess….

      • Chess says:

        I meant haunting in the most romantic and lovely kind of way, it is so crystal clear how strong your love is and how much you give Scout credit for bringing out the best in you, the feeling you create “haunts” because it stays with one for a very long time after they read you.

      • Chess, it’s really amazing how much i learn from my
        wonderful friends like you here at WP. ty so much
        for telling me this, i would have no idea otherwise.

  6. peppahhh says:

    I like this, growing in love and growing lighter. Shine on!

    • hi peppahhh, ty. yes, me too .having the security of knowing
      someone will always be there, gave me the courage to
      resolve burdens i was carrying around for so long.

      so…here i am, lighter and brighter!

  7. Noora says:

    “i am younger now
    than i was twelve years ago,
    i found my child’s heart.”

    “i see tomorrow…
    without fear because i met
    you… twelve years ago.”

    This is so very beautiful and moving tribute. I can feel your love for her. Keep on shining! 🙂

  8. you’ve given me chapped lips in a warm room! Compression!

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