one of those moments…

dear new friends and old

i felt it was important to let you know, because we share so much and you all are my extended family, that an urgent and immediate family issue requires my immediate and full attention. considering that the sun rises and falls with this person in my life, my complete devotion is required to understand, and hopefully make some decisions to resolve this.

there are moments in our lives when we need to be there for someone else, unconditionally, listen intently and when every word spoken and every reassuring gesture made is crucial. when time slows to a crawl, because it’s important to fully understand every detail and nuance.

and sometimes we just need to do what’s right, regardless of the rippling consequences to the rest of our lives; this is one of those moments.

so i’ll need to step away from my day to day writing for now, i’m not sure how long this will take to resolve or where this will eventually lead, this is all new territory for me and everyone else involved.

i did begin a poem, it’s an ongoing project, before i became aware of this situation and coincidently it’s about communication, the connections we have with one another. it has become more important to continue this poem as each day passes, and at least for now, will be the only writing i will do.

i will be around, i’m sure as i get a surer grip on what this all entails, i will need to get out of my head and into yours, so i will continue reading your wonderful poetry and be inspired as always. and to all my many new friends over the past few weeks, please accept this message as an acknowledgement and thank you for following my poetry, at least until i visit your blog and tell you in person.

thank you all so very much

81 thoughts on “one of those moments…

  1. I am sending you positive vibes

  2. amediablogger says:

    I am wishing you the best. I hope everything works out for you and those involved. Warm wishes from London.

  3. Cubby says:

    You must go where you are needed the most. Many warm thoughts and wishes for you and your loved ones.

  4. annotating60 says:

    Water is only wet, but it,s wet all over, the worst that can happen is you drown and come back as an otter. So troubled waters are the same as calm seas, both dangerous routes to travel if you fall out of the boat. Remember like in Apocalypse Now, Chef said, “always stay on the boat.”

  5. I am here for you my friend – be guided by your heart.
    My thoughts are with your and your family.
    …Peace… {{hugs}} x

  6. Hachege says:

    I am wishing you the best.
    I will be awaiting when you come back.

  7. tjtherien says:

    sending positive energy… take care of what you need to take care of… we will all be here when you get back

  8. Do whatever you have to do. Love to you and many warm hugs.

  9. SirenaTales says:

    Sending positive vibes and LOVE…

  10. Will be praying for you and your situation. You will be missed, but I am sure you will find us all waiting and glad to see you when you get back!!!! Hugs to send you on your way.

  11. ρöετις says:

    This place will still be here when you return and doesn’t require that level of devotion so please just follow what your heart is telling you needs to be done without another thought to us or this place because we will be here praying everything works out for the best for you and your loved one! When you have someone in your life to which you can be that devoted nothing else really matters anyway. Sending positive thoughts your way my friend and I wish you all the best!

    • well, maybe i’m just an old skool softie, but i worry about
      friends, poets that i follow that just up and disappear.
      it’s happened a few times now, it’s a little distressing
      having shared so much and then there is a void where there
      was a voice.

      and i realize it’s a gift, to have people in my life i am
      devoted to. it’s a profoundly powerful emotion, especially
      paternal devotion which is what’s driving me now. i think
      i’ll probably need to explore that in poetry somehow.

      ty for keeping me and mine in your prayers, poetic. it does
      help. knowing we’re not struggling alone. peace brother.

      • ρöετις says:

        Oh I didn’t mean to imply that friends here aren’t important I just meant that those loved ones we are devoted to will always take first priority so I think everyone will understand but I truly appreciate knowing why you will be gone as opposed to you leaving without a word and just sort of wondering if you were ok or not. You certainly aren’t struggling alone my friend so hang in there and I will be hoping for the best! Peace

      • no worries poetic, this is more of a ‘it’s me, not you” reaction. i’m hyper sensitive
        to folks disappearing, it’s a childhood issue that lingers and shows itself in times
        like this. it’s as equally important to know when i return, you and everyone else will
        be here, it allows me to focus on what’s important, now, without any distractions. ty.

        peace brother.

      • ρöετις says:

        Oh good! I just didn’t want any misunderstandings or hard feelings because I realize we poets are so used to using verse to communicate but as people we’re still getting the hang of this whole online communication thing and very often we can come across to others in a way we never intended so I am happy that this was not the case! All the best my friend, be well!

  12. Noora says:

    Now it is my turn to send you some good and positive vibes, my friend. Your WP family will be here, when you feel it is time to return. You’re in my thoughts. I wish you all the best. Love & light, – Noora

  13. The very best to you in these moments~peace, Jason

  14. I can’t begin to tell you how much I respect that you are going to devote all your time, energy, focus and love to the situation. You are a rare one. I’m glad to know you 🙂 Don’t worry about us or anything else. Your hands are full with exactly the right priorities. Love, peace and hugs.


    • hi Melanie and ty. honestly, it was an easy choice, i began writing this in my head
      as soon as i found out what the issues were. so now the delicate work begins…
      please know, how much i appreciate your love and hugs and you being here today.

  15. Whatever it is friend ~t what your priority needs to be and, it may shape your writing time for a while but, when you return WE will be here welcoming you with happy hearts. My prayers will be with you. Blessings of peace be yours~Faithfully Debbie

    • ty Debbie, ty so much for your always profound, keen insight.
      and there is no doubt it will color my writing, i’ve lost my bliss.
      i’m in paternal protection mode and it rules the day, as it should.

      • You’ve my heart and mind 100% support! Your efforts will not be in vain, that I assure you. Be firm, be a father and then, as you know, a daddy. You’re a wise guy, use your head! You’ll receive inspiration ~ Faithfully your friend Debbie

      • and i have received inspiration, calming my
        cluttered mind and listening intently to
        what she needs right now.

        what is right to do, will be done, it’s my promise
        as a father. ty, you are truly remarkable, Debbie!

  16. Sky Vani says:

    You know that you can always count on me. Lot of love…

  17. BeWithUs says:

    No worries, just write whenever you feel like writing and we will always be here to read them…

    All the best to you, my friend! Cheers~ 😀

  18. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    within one moment of time may you enjoy a lasting peace
    to get what needs to be done …
    wishing you that moment that will go on until …..
    Take Care You Matter…
    know your being sent much energy on those whispers that pass through
    the trees on the wind…

    • and as the leaves rustle today,
      your energy is spoken by the trees.
      the moment to do what is right
      is upon me, i cannot fail.

      ty, maryrose,
      for always being here
      when it seems to matter most.
      love and hugs to you from me

  19. yelena says:

    my thoughts are with you dear poet..sending you and your family best wishes and much light …~~~

  20. Chess says:

    Love and light coming your way.

  21. May the blessings of the universe find its way to your door my friend. When one loves so deeply and knows the responsibility that love incurs, is willing to sacrifice everything for that love and its insistence on needed aid, things have a way of working out for the good in the long run. Hold on to that love, keep a faith in your heart, you are in my thoughts..positive energy sent you way with love.

  22. do stop in if for no other reason but to let us know you are faring ok and to fill up on the strength, positivity and genuine concern needed to see you thru

  23. May wisdom light your way.

  24. bgbowers says:

    Sending you much love & strength x

  25. ~REBECCA DAWN~ says:

    Take care! Keeping you in my thoughts that all will go well!

    • hi Rebecca, ty and a very warm welcome to you!
      we all pulled together and came throught this
      as well as could ever be expected.
      a blessing, no doubt!

      • ~REBECCA DAWN~ says:

        That is so wonderful to hear! and its wonderful that you had so many people praying and rooting for you!
        You are indeed very blessed!

      • you know Rebecca, i had such minimal expectations when i began this blog,
        to have so many wonderful friends as invested as they are, still amazes me!
        it’s something i’ll never take for granted.

        ty again for the reblog, that poem means a lot to me as will the last one.

      • ~REBECCA DAWN~ says:

        I felt the same way when I started this blog almost 7 years ago.
        I was so full of rage and pain. I had no one to talk to.
        true, it was on another site, no one really paid attention until I was on wordpress.
        I had all these wonderful encouraging comments. It really helped me.
        every day is new experience!
        your welcome! I loved that poem!
        I hope others read it here.

      • oh i didn’t realize your blog was 7 years old,
        that’s quite a commitment. was it always like
        a diary journal, as it seems now?

        and yes, the encouragement is incredibly helpful.

      • ~REBECCA DAWN~ says:

        yes it was. i found it quite theraputic to write out all my problems.
        i loved writing, i found this way was a great way to do it! 🙂

      • yes it is therapeutic and a lot cheaper than a shrink. and besides that, we can write in our pajamas and not have to leave the house! LOL! i love that free benefit.

        i actually wish i’d found writing sooner, but i guess everything has its time. have you always written Rebecca?

      • ~REBECCA DAWN~ says:

        Yes, since I was in elementary. I love to write. But I burnt myself out after writing a 465 pg pen!!! Never ever again!
        I also found my writing style had changed. There wasn’t any emotion or depth to my writing before, just a lot of words on paper. I got really frustrated and so I stopped writing.
        It wasn’t until 2005/2006 when I discovered LIVESPACE on MSN that I began to find my creative flow again.
        It wasn’t the same.
        It still isn’t.
        It really upsets me because I wanted to be a great writer like my fave author Jayne Anne krentz.
        But I can’t seem to get over this block I have.

      • i’m sorry to hear about the writer’s block, and being such a novice myself
        i haven’t yet experienced it. but i did have similar issues when i painted,
        i have found some similarities in the two disciplines though.

        my favorite painting teacher was named Paul, he was the most incredible painter i’ve ever kown, he taught but personally his work was not well received. he had 3 rules of painting which i named The 3 Rules of Paul, and the one that i think is applicable and hopefully helpful to you is;

        when you get stuck and you will, turn the canvas to the wall.

        as a painter this rule can mean a whole lot of things to each of us, take a walk, refresh your eyes, look at nothing, work on something else, or do something completely different, totally shake things up because sometimes what we are comfortable doing, is not enough to get to the next plateau. i believe creativity is a series of plateaus, we need to recognize when we’ve exhausted the current place, or plateau we’re on.

        i wrote about it in Haiku not long ago;

  26. Hello. Welcome back to blogging. Do not loosen your grip, my friend. Think of the still night water, every now and then… 🙂

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