Thank You & A Few Hurdles Leapt…

So… this is a short update and a heartfelt thank you to so many of you, who read A Bucket of Glads last week. And if you remember, I wrote about Scout encouraging me ( well.. sort of demanding in her very sweet way ) to apply for a residency at an artist retreat, just north of us.

Thanks to all your encouragement in the comments, to set aside my anxiety about the interview process and go for it, this kinda’ pie in the sky, oh that sounds incredible but… idea that Scout had, just leaped over a few hurdles the past few days.

Thursday I asked MrJ, my supervisor at work about time off,

‘Wow! Hey, just make sure you give me plenty of advance notice.’

Now…if MrJ actually heard me refer to him as such, he’d be blushing through his dreadlocks. Him and I are longtime employees here, and we’ve become trusted friends over the years. About 6 months ago, a few of us vets were so disatisfied with the direction this company was going in, we were about to find other opportunities. One of the owners took me to the greasy spoon on the corner for some cheap coffee in those nice heavy ivory cups, and a heart to heart, and when I was asked what it would take for me to stay,

“I really need a four day work week. I want to focus on my writing.’

It was done the next week, just as I was beginning to blog here on WP. And yesterday I came home to an email from Ms. N, Scout’s friend who is on the board of directors of the Ragdale Artist Residences, and she apparently enjoyed Bucket of Glads as well. She was so reassuring that I had nothing to fear with the interview process, her encouraging words really allowed me to just set my anxiety aside. There is an opening for a tour of the house and grounds this Monday, which is my third day off at work and so far it looks as though it will happen.

She asked me to think of an ‘attainable goal,
something that I would or could accomplish in
the peaceful environment and free time offered
there, and surprisingly I’ve thought of two.

I believe the universe is whispering again
because very early last week, days before
Scout came home with the residency idea and
the bucket of glads, she came home with these;
pens 001
These are the world’s greatest, extra fine point,
permanent ink drawing pens. The last I’d known,
PILOT discontinued manufacturing this pen they
named Razor Point, it just stopped being carried
at all the usual outlets I had come to rely on.

I haven’t drawn in many, many years and this pen,
showing up now as it has, represents my long lost
love for drawing, especially in pen and ink.

I’m not sure the whispers could be any louder….

And lastly, to all of you my dear friends, this little blog of mine, that began in March with a very simple idea and very little expectation, is about to record it’s 2500 th comment. I still sit back some days and shake my head in wonder, that I could be writing anything that would resonate with anyone else, but myself.

And on days like this, days that I take a
necessary and grateful step back and realize
how far I’ve travelled in these past few months,
and why: It’s because of all of you.

Thank you all so very, very much.

74 thoughts on “Thank You & A Few Hurdles Leapt…

  1. Chess says:

    So easy to get behind your obvious talent and egg you on but even easier to get behind your person and encourage you because you take the time and care to give others encouragement and feedback. I think this artists’ residency is a bit of good karma coming your way. I certainly would have never allowed myself to write a line of poetry after not writing anything for 4 years but for your kind words. May you be blessed!

    • Oh Chess ty, ty so much. and i believe it’s about widening the circle, our circle of inspiration and encouragement here among us. i wouldn’t be writing poetry, if not for the encouragement of my family at 20 Lines a Day, i had written only one poem before submitting one during National Poetry Month in April.

      and here we are, you and i and others writing and sharing our poetry. your poetry is tender and honest, i enjoy it immensely and if i had anything to do with you taking the leap, well that just warms my heart to no end. ty for your wonderful words, Chess, you’ve made my day!

      • Chess says:

        I am blown away that you just started writing poetry regularly a few short months ago. Thank you for sharing that with me.

      • it’s the truth, it’s why i sound so wide eyed all the time! LOL!
        i’m in awe that this person who feared poetry all his life, is now
        so committed, and how it’s completed me, allowed me to create and
        become an artist once again after a long period of creative dormancy.

  2. SirenaTales says:

    Exciting and well-deserved whispers, synchronicity. Congratulations, and, yeah baby, rock on

    • haha, Sirena, you paste a smile on this mug everytime, ty for that.
      i guess i’m starting to believe a little, getting quite excited to
      see the house and grounds. this place has a lot of artist history,
      i’ll probably have a few things to write about after the tour.

      and yeah, i’m rockin’ this sychronirity. big time!

  3. I am so very happy for you:) Truly delighted. I want you to have everything you want in life and then a little more. I appreciate you as a person/brother and as an artist and I think your are brilliant and know that you will be outstanding in everything you do. No fear…you’re a natural. Many hugs and cheers.

  4. ρöετις says:

    I truly believe that we get what we give and you’ve obviously given quite a bit so now its time for you to get that much in return!

  5. Oloriel says:

    You are a huge inspiration, my friend, to how a poet, painter and a soul (among many more traits) should be. I am very happy for you!

    • as are you Oloriel, as are you. the breadth of your creativity is astounding,
      and if i could be any inspiration to you, i’m not even sure what to say. ty.

      so i’m not quite there yet, there are more steps in the process,
      but to even be considered to this historic artist retreat,
      is fueling a fire in my belly right now.

  6. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    you have so much to be thankful for, not least your array of artisitc talents but it is we your readers who must thank you for sharing

  7. You, my friend, have entered our hearts with your poetic masterpieces. We are grateful to you for allowing us to travel by your side on your journey with the written word. How amazing to go to a retreat such as this and do nothing but write and draw and… (had to slap myself then as I drifted off into wouldn’t it be wonderful land) Thank you for your skill, your artistry, your support and encouragement of others who follow you. I wish you well {{hugs}}

    • and ty for your constant support, know you are treasured here,
      knowing you will always be here has meant so very much to me.

      and we’ll see how the next steps unfold, the tour of this retreat,
      on acres of land aside a prairie preserve will probably happen Monday.
      the setting alone is inspirational, i can feel myself already getting excited.

  8. Say yes to the universe with all your heart. This is wonderful news. Enjoy — and onward and upward.


    • oh my gosh, Melissa! you’ve put such a smile in my heart that you’re here!
      i don’t know, even with the words i use so often, if i could possibly convey
      what the 20 Lines family has given me. thank you for creating a place where
      we can grow and encouraage one another. what a gift you’ve given me.

      because without that support, i wouldn’t even be writing this poetry of mine.

  9. Sky Vani says:

    I’m happy for you! 🙂

    • hi Sky,ty. there are mre steps to take, so i’m not there yet,
      hopefully tomorrow i can tour the house and grounds with Ms N.

      but i am beginning to visualize this in my head, maybe that’s a little dangerous?

      • Sky Vani says:

        Dangerous? I don’t think it is. I believe that you are on the right road 🙂

      • oh i think so too Sky, it’s just that this retreat has some very
        well known artists and writers as alumnus. to even be considered
        for a residency is such an honor, i guess i’m trying to find the
        right balance between being very excited, and preparing myself
        for the possibbilty that it won’t happen. do you know what i mean?

  10. A watchful eagle I’d name you ~ LIFE and LOVE is in the details for You! Watchful Eagle ! I’m GLAD I met you!

    • oh i like that an awful lot Deb, it has a Native Americam feel to it.
      and yes, the details that often go unnoticed, will be found here, ty.

      i’m very happy we’ve met as well, you are a gift!

  11. Congrats that is awesome =)

    • hi mindlovemisery, and thank you so much. i’m still trying to wrap
      my novice writer’s head around this possibility, considering all
      the well known artists and writers who have and are residing here.

      Scout spoke to Ms N last night and the tour is next Monday,
      and then the interview…so i’m knockin’ on every piece
      of wood we own ! LOL!

      • I would be petrified myself so I totally understand lol It is an amazing opportunity and you are extremely talented. I have mostly Ikea furniture but I will knock on all the wood I can find at home lol

      • oh, believe me, i’m awful with interviews. i have Social Anxiety (fear of strangers)
        so any kind of questioning that involves a judgement, is a panic attack in waiting. but Ms has put me at ease some, she has told me not to sweat it, that many of the artists there have similar issues. that the approval is not based on the interview. so that has really helped…

        haha, IKEA furniture! you made me LOL!

      • I have Social Anxiety as well and interviews have been the bane of my existence as well. I just started therapy for Social Anxiety, technically I had tried a few times previous but I could never make myself talk about the social anxiety ironically. Oddly I have found therapist are not as psychic as I imagined them to be that you have to spell everything out which is quite a hard time to do when you are horrifically uncomfortable around strangers. I know your pain. It sounds like a great place! hehe my husband is making furniture but it takes time and it is expensive so until then its Ikea, practically everyone has the same house on the inside, gorgeous buildings on the outside, Ikea interior. We make our own art though even if it is crappy I am not having Ikea art too lol

      • oh, we have some IKEA stuff too, but i have to stop at the ART offered. LOL!

        i was misdiagnosed for the longest time, given drugs that just made
        everything so much worse. now i’m drug free, i have an employer that understands, i work with dogs all day, so very little human contact. my family understands, so these days i just avoid what i know are my triggers.

      • I have tried anti depressants anti anxieties, adderall, meds for bipolar, anti psychotics you name it but I found they only made me feel more unstable and that they made feel very disconnected, unreal. I am not a big fan of psychotropics and prefer to find my own strategies as you have done. The plan is that we will make mostly everything in our house. Before we lived in Sweden our apartment was filled with handmade furniture and art but we couldn’t afford to ship it and it would likely me destroyed they plan is to do it again haha Right now hubbie is making a table that walks but it is more as a personal challenge I believe

      • yes, your description of how you felt on any of those drugs matches mine too.

        and good for you, because i think part of the coping strategy for us
        is to feel in control, and being at home, making artwork,
        well, that’s sounds just perfect for so many reasons!

      • It does sound perfect! Since I have started to seriously write I feel so much happier and so much more vibrant

      • oh, do i ever understand that, writing has completed me.
        i’m consumed by it, and with a restless mind and a hyper sensitive heart,
        i needed a creative outlet to put all that energy and emotion into.

        yes, vibrant, that’s the perfect word for how i feel these days!

      • I am glad to hear it! Keep writing you are meant to write =)

      • ty, it’s a pleasure to talk with you,
        have a wonderful night!,

      • You as well and a wonderful weekend =)

  12. congratulations; i know you it will be wonderful.

  13. All smiles reading this! Hugs to you, congrats!

    • ty, i have a few steps left to take, we will be visiting Ms N, who is
      on the board of directors this Saturday to finalize the tour she wants
      to take me on of the house and grounds. then the interview, and then…..

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