oh, sweet night!

dear friends, this song is meant to be
played as a soundtrack::::enjoy::::


i walk the streets of my city…

an insignificant spirit refugee,

stranded in shadowed concrete canyons.
in my hidden anonymity,

blank behind blue shades and

wind whipped hair across this face.
i search in vain for any spark,

peek for miracles around every corner.

on sidewalks choked, with rustling hordes,

in narrow blackened streets, of rolling steel.
in shallow lung tentative

breathing of our muck and grime.

an empath’s lament and responsibility,

absorbing each speck in sound and emotion.
oh low sun…

you’ve…had your day,

blinding these sensitive eyes.
my shy sister moon…

please…show yourself…

it’s our time to shine now!
oh million hidden stars…

appear now one by one by one

and light the way to my forgiving solitude.
lone distant stars, join and sing your song

in ancient melody, erase this day in stale memory,

deliver our world, the dense of black night i crave!
help me, scrub the crust of strangers from my skin,

and flush their anxious aura, from my consciousness.

cleanse a fragile heart, every absorbed anger and cruelty.

free this old soul, from the deadly weight of this world.
strip me innocent again,

bathe me, in your galaxy starlight voices!

sing in glorius chorus, of collective memory,

in universal dialect of wisdom and harmony.
tender night, calm this restless mind,

cradle a trusting heart in your embrace.

blanket me close, in ethereal spirit mystery

of self reflection and fearless quietude.
oh sweet night!
usher in the hushed
midnight hours ’til dawn…
it’s there… when the world
is invisible and asleep…
it’s then….

that i can hear
the kindness of the Universe,
whisper the poetry
of sweet emotional release!

34 thoughts on “oh, sweet night!

  1. I don’t know about you, but the 9th stanza is the stand out for me. The music held me in perhaps the Amazon.. I was with Amazon Indians at least in my head. Gorgeous as usual mf {hugs} and a beautiful day.

    • oh good, i’m glad that’s where the music took you, it was purposeful. as a keen contrast to the concrete canyons
      i find my spirit trying to thrive in. i struggle mightily in this city, any city really. the farm is my refuge
      and there are long term plans to transition there. and yes that stanza is the essence, ty, as always for finding it.

      love and hugs to you my friend

      • I am glad for the sanctity of your farm where you can rejuvenate and come alive. I don’t think I could live in a city either. Where I am, I am 15 minutes drive from the hills and the ferns and 35 minutes from the closest beach..not that I venture out to write, but being surrounded by concreteโ€ฆ does nothing for inspiration.

      • no, it really doesn’t, and i have Social Anxiety so being in constant contact with hordes of uninvited strangers,
        is not helpful for my serenity or my anxiety level…’cause strangers are ‘kinda everywhere here! LOL!

        i’m happy for you that you live where do, it sounds idyllic.

      • hmm okay I wasn’t aware, but you made me smile at the uninvited strangers for that is what it would feel like – and yes it is pretty idyllic, we are very fortunate.

      • oh, i wanted you to giggle at that, some days are better than others and that’s part of
        what this poem is about, tho i didn’t tag it as such. i probably should now that we’re talking
        about it. it’s not something i share often, but it’s huge part of who i am.

      • and lastlyโ€ฆ I just viewed my spelling mistakes ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and yes tag away – who cares what others may say.. oh dear how very poetical of me ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • yo, i fixed them for you..LOL!..i hate when that happens too and it happens regularly.

        oh, i knew i would share it eventually, many of my poems contain references to it.
        but i’m way past worry now, anyway, i write poetry to reveal, not to hide anymore.

      • lol at the yo – thank you.. I think I write the same way (though when my evil persona emerges. psst it’s not really me) I won’t hog your blog anymore ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • hog..no such thing, not on my pages.
        i have several days long conversation threads on different pages
        going as we speak, no, please never worry about that with me. i encourage it!

      • Ahhh good then for I have the propensity to babble at times ๐Ÿ™‚ Could I ask a favour of you then? You can decline if you wish, some of my readers have been giving me 3 words to inspire me and I have written several pieces – I would be honoured if you have any you could *throw my way* – something you feel I could or what you would like to see me write with.

      • well, if it makes you feel better, so do i, if you haven’t already noticed! LOL!
        oh sure, let me think on it a bit. where should i send them, in an e mail or…?

      • grab one of my pieces that I have written from 3 words and add onto that – if you want evil me – why did I love thee – or caring me, my one tonight ๐Ÿ™‚ your choice.
        Glad to know we are both babblers ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • ok, i’ll do that soon then.

  2. Sky Vani says:

    it fades slowly, doesn’t it? i always thought that it was the matter of the time. very nice ๐Ÿ™‚

    • yes it does, some nights when i’m writing, time seems to never end,
      and then there are dawns that arrive, the light changes and i’m just
      not ready for the night to end. this has all happened since writing
      poetry, i’ve become an inhabitant of the dark.

      ty, Sky. i thought you might understand this one.

  3. This is phenomenal wow! I can see what you mean about being able to relate because I definitely connect with this poem but I am not able to write this beautifully or this articulately, I wish I could write like this Outstanding =)

    • oh hi mindlovemisery and a very warm welcome to you, ty so much.
      i was actually thinking of you as i did a last few edits this morning,
      after our brief conversation yesterday. i’m so very glad it does,
      i didn’t think this poem was going to truly resonate with too many folks.

      • Oh thank you so much =) I find my work doesn’t always resonate with others either which makes it all the more precious when someone reads my words and connects.

      • yes, it is very preicious, i so agree and i am grateful we found each other.

        it’s not often that i see so much of myself in someone else’s poetry,
        as i did reading yours. it’s quite an interesting set of reactions that
        happen when the poem is unfolding, and i found myself nodding time and again and then all these emotional recognition responses are firing off inside.

  4. Tiffany Coffman says:

    Oh wow! What a full experience! I loved the piece with the music. It transported me and really brought in all my senses.

    • hi Tiffany, thank you so much and i’m so happy to see you here. my poems are all written and or inspired by music,
      it’s not often that i ask my friends to listen to it while reading like i did here. i’m so glad you enjoyed it, it warms my heart you did.

      this is one of those poems i surely didn’t expect to resonate. ty for leaving such a wonderful reply.

  5. “i search in vain for any spark” makes me think about finding one person in a sea of many who may actually have some depth.
    Great poem!

    • oh farfetched friends, i’m so happy to see you here, ty so much.
      and yes, i understand how that feels in a city this size you would think
      it would be somewhat easy, but i have a hard time making those connections with people too.

      • I think people are the same no matter what sized city. It’s just difficult to find someone genuine.


      • yes i agree with you Vanessa, i hear that a lot these days and it’s distressing.
        maybe it’s just me, but it does seem harder now, than when i was younger.
        my life is self contained now, with family, my partner and friends at work
        so i’m not actively ‘looking’, but that’s the very strong impresion i have
        from speaking with friends who are.

      • Yep. Finding friends can be tough. A friend and I were just discussing it yesterday. In high school, the pool of friends from which to grab is large. As an adult, one has to make an effort to meet people, and hope that the people met are quality people.

  6. Reading your lines and hearing the music makes me want to rush fall all that much faster. Summer heat seems so much more uncomfortable in the city – almost as if people touch, they will stick together. The many sounds mixed into the music was as refreshing as cold water from a mountain stream. Beautiful words.

    • oh what a beautiful reply Sheri, and yes for so many reasons, summer is
      hardly the ideal season for a city dweller. suffocating humidity is near the top.
      thank you for listening and taking the music in as you have, this is the music
      streaming through my headphones as i walk the city, keeping it at bay.

  7. As it fades … it widens the memory & collective serenity ! The stars are brighter! Faithfully Debbie

  8. Chess says:

    Eloquent and beautiful, as always.

  9. Noora says:

    Exquisite, my friend, exquisite!

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