to her…of tomorrows

to her….
will be random posting
of Haiku devoted to
Scout, my partner

oh how she…sparkles!
i believe the promises
in her endless eyes.
music i listen to and dream of tomorrows…

23 thoughts on “to her…of tomorrows

  1. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    the endlessness of eyes conjures the depths of soul – so very nicely put

  2. Sky Vani says:

    the promises in the eyes … i like this very much

  3. dawnhosking says:

    You love her dearly, that come across clearly – beautiful

  4. annotating60 says:

    A very felt piece. >KB

    • KB, i was thinking back to one of the first conversations you and i had
      on your blog, and at the ambivalence we both felt about the Haiku form then.
      i’ve immersed myslef now to the point that the syllable rythm is intuitive,
      but what i really wanted to accomplish, and not lose, writing in Haiku was
      a true, passionate expression of my emotions. i wanted the Haiku to resmble
      ‘my poetry’, within the discipline.

      so your comment is really meaningful to me, that maybe i’m making some progress in what i was hoping to fully express in 17 syllables.

      ty so much for this valicdation.

  5. Chess says:

    Deeply moving, that this is a once in a lifetime gift of love comes across very clearly.

  6. a beautiful Haiku indeed, capturing the essence of your feelings for Scout in ’17’ – not easy to do – but you have succeeded. {hugs MF}

    • well ty, very much. i wrote this a few days ago and scheduled it,
      then i was rereading it this morning and one 3 syllable word just
      wasn’t right. so i changed it, and i think it made all the difference.

      and that’s one of the things i love about this form, one single word….

  7. mtphotoii says:

    Love the Haiku!

    Scout sounds like a wonderful person and full of life!

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