i shine with her

070902 Half-moon rising over Bosporus Peninsula. DH
and as the sun
eyes its sneaky peek
above the flat line low horizon
golden shine the willowy frays, slow swaying
atop our sturdy fields of endless corn
i consider joining a sudden chorus,
three distant roosters crow echoing
their complaint to any who will listen,
that this too early hour expects
so much responsibility
a boisterous sun
needs little coaxing to
bless this world with another day but,
my humble, half moon companion retreats silent
behind her lacey veil of early day, as she is oft to do
roosters crowing earnest skyward
in star light tongues only she deciphers,
persuade the moon her return night after night
I take up the call, pleading with my demure sister of night,
for it is the midnight hours β€˜til dawn, that I shine with her

Return to Me
i am here, calling your name
i am here, calling you back
return to me…return to me
i am here, return to me

35 thoughts on “i shine with her

  1. Truly beautiful. Thank you for making my morning special with your words and music.

    • oh hitandrun, you are most welcome, and we can both thank the moon. i was at our farm this weekend, it’s become such a tranquility place, such fertile ground for writing. i normally write all night but there, i’m just never ready for the sun.

      i stood at the edge of the cornfield and this poem just spilled out. and ty for mentioning October Project, their music always elicits such strong emotions for me. her voice is something special. ty again.

  2. so love these lines
    I take up the call, pleading with my demure sister of night,
    for it is the midnight hours β€˜til dawn, that I shine with her
    perfect song for your glorious words MF (extra hugs on this one)

    • ty so much for the extra hugs, a wonderful way to begin the day!
      i’ve been so Haiku focused lately, this poem just felt ‘needed’,
      if that makes any sense, and those last 2 lines were the first
      lines i wrote, my favorite as well, ty and {{{ h u g s }}} back to ya!

      • strange how sometimes I choose the lines that have a special meaning with you. One can possibly out-Haiku themselves (I get tired of counting on my fingers) πŸ˜‰ Have a wonderful day MF.

      • ha, yeah, when i began Writing Haiku i did the finger count too,
        but like i wrote in ‘but Scout…”. the 5,7,5, syllable rythm
        has become intuitive now, i see it everywhere. there is something
        very profound about that 17 syllable form, it’s become a permanent
        fixture in my writing vocabulary now.

        and yes, it’s a little uncanny you seem to choose
        the important lines in my poems, ty fo that.

  3. dawnhosking says:

    A real pleasure to read, thank you

    • hi Dawn, how are you today? and ty so much. this was a real pleasure to write as well, the emotions allowed me to use some words i don’t write very often. that’s always a good thing in my universe, i’m so glad you enjoyed it, ty again.

      • dawnhosking says:

        Hi, I’m not too bad today thanks and hope that you are well. Yes, it was a lovely piece and I enjoyed it πŸ˜‰

  4. annotating60 says:

    Very well done with a strong voice coaxing images out like stars to shine.>KB

    • well ty KB, i appreciate that a lot. Haiku have been arriving continuously, i knew i wanted to celebrate an abundance of words in a poem, i just didn’t want to force it. you and i are creative creatures of the night…. i wasn’t ready for the sunrise that morning!

  5. Chess says:

    Hauntingly beautiful!

  6. Mary says:

    Whew, this is powerful stuff here. You express the early morning well. I sometimes am awake much of the night as well. (Thinking of poems, not actually writing) I loved the “Return to Me” stanza. Very plaintive and filled with feeling. I really like your style and will be back.

    • oh Mary, i hope you return, because i love your comments, ty. and if you do, an fyi,i almost always am inspired and write to music and lift a passage from the song lyrics that are meaningful to me and post them before the video.
      i wish i could take credit for the ‘last stanza, but i can’t.

      as for the night, it is my most fertile time, and there is a bit of melancholy here, because i’m never ready for the sunrise. thank you so much for all your enthusiasm.

  7. ayala says:

    I love this and I love that the night is your most fertile time with a bit of melancholy. πŸ™‚ I know that feeling….

    • hi ayala, ty so much. so glad to meet another night person!
      i’m finding my best writing happens, when i’m tranquil and uncluttered,
      when i’m in a half sleep / half conscious state at night and just after work.

  8. Truedessa says:

    There is so much beauty in a new day …from sunrise to sunset it can fill you with a renewed spirit. I often get up early just to catch a glimpse of the sunrise just as she peeks her head when the world is still a sleep.

    • hi Truedessa, and i so agree with you, i am bouyant at the gift of each new day.
      the time just before sunrise was always my favorite time, but now there’s a bit
      of melancholy there, i can’t be alone , i have to stop writing..oh it passes as it
      should i just needed to express i guess.

  9. brian miller says:

    cool…i like how these two play together…as if your calling in the end there is for that lacy veiled moon that just slipped away…pretty cool the sun needs no coaxing as well…kinda glad of that …smiles….greet the day well….

  10. Lindy Lee says:

    Appreciation for the Moon, same as you…

    • hi Lindy Lee and a very warm welcome to you.
      i’m so happy to see you on my pages, ty.

      since writing poetry i’ve become an inahabitant of the night,
      and sister moon is a loyal and inspiring companion. i find
      myself yearning for the sunset these days…

  11. Noora says:

    The title grabbed my attention immediately. Great imagery – as always. Very much enjoyed.

    • oh Noora, i just sent you a message on your blog and now you’re here, ty.
      yes, i played a little trixie with the title, it was purposeful.
      and it was actually very last minute too, i changed it as i was posting it.

  12. SirenaTales says:

    This stunning piece has lodged a lump in my throat. Achingly lovely. No surprise to learn that you are a painter, as well as a poet–here painting beauty with words as your medium. Thank you. Shine on….p.s. Thank you for your kind support.

    • and your reaction lodged one in mine, geez ty, Sirena. this was written on our farm,
      it’s a serenity place for me, i wake up if i ever go to sleep, feeling ‘clean and inspired’,
      ready to write. there is no, washing away the day as i have to do here in Chicago.
      words feel effortless there, and i wish i could live there full time.

      and you are most welcome, and likewise…..but i’m afraid you’r kinda’ stuck with me now! LOL!

  13. Beautiful! I love this stanza “a boisterous sun
    needs little coaxing to
    bless this world with another day but,
    my humble, half moon companion retreats silent
    behind her lacey veil of early day, as she is oft to do”

  14. I finally got a bit of sleep after 9 am this morning…slept till noon and was late doing things I had to do… got to love insomnia.

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