‘aint no cure…Haiku

stopped at a red light
this hot and humid morning
a clean well dressed man

decked out in Ray Bans
and Rock and Roll attitiude
plays his air guitar

right on the corner!
i guess we’re his audience
’cause he’s not all shy

strummin’ his windmill
and doin’ his best Pete Townsend
impression for us

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it’s September now
there is a shift in the wind
of changing seasons

Autumn will arrive
overnight without warning
perfect hand holding

and jacket weather
a painter’s color palette
of richly hued days

but this sun loving
psyche is seeing red flags
among the colors…

my conditioned response
of winter’s foul history…
soul draining darkness…

lonely bitter winds
through this heart and empty arms…
of sad memories

better left buried…
sunless days that never end,
the grey after grey

white season of fears…
the unfairness of Winter
following Autumn…

so the light turns green…
but i’m not ready yet to
give up on Summer!

i say farewell my
street mime air guitar hero!
and i thank you for

snapping me out of
air conditioned stupor
down go the windows!

because there ‘aint no
cure for my Summertime Blues
but sun and hot air!

42 thoughts on “‘aint no cure…Haiku

  1. oh how this took me back and how our moods change with the Seasons and thank you for the song…we are in Spring and soon our summer and my writing will change with it….lovely *MF* 🙂 (hugs)

  2. I enjoyed this! I’m so not ready either and squeezing as much summer but how the days are shorter already! “perfect hand holding” this gave Autumn at least an A+ until that blasted Winter.

    • good morning tracesofthesoul and a warm welcome to you.

      oh, i’m so not ready! i can feel the days change and my psyche sends out these warning signals that i just can’t ignore. and yes jackets and handholding weather are but a temporary reprieve, oh how i suffer the winter, as it sounds like you do. thank you for leaving such an engaging comment, i really appreciate your response.

  3. annotating60 says:

    I thought this was a good read. I liked the the use of the air-guitar guy in vcontrast to your emotions.>KB

  4. …soul draining darkness. Perfect description for what’s coming. Wonderful poem. Chicago can be a dark and dreary “soul draining” place. Really excellent.

    • yes it can, you know very well what i’m describing. i’ve had some very rough winters here,
      much worse than when i lived in NY. and ty, hitandrun, it’s always so good to see you on my pages.

  5. that was wonderful.

    no one hates winter
    more than i do my friend
    not even scout.lol

  6. Cubby says:

    Conditioned response indeed. I love the way this flowed. What a terrific blues poem!

  7. beeseeker says:

    Evocative and, hey The Who
    Got to be a winner!

  8. SSMatthews says:

    ain’t no cure for a Pinball Wizard neither! Enjoyable reading. Feeling the heat, but the window’s down and I’m rockin’!

  9. I can’t relate~ my music tastes are different but, if I were just reading your impressionistic viewpoints and your insights I could catch hear strong motivations behind each writing /word.

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