14 thoughts on “Monday Haiku….become

  1. annotating60 says:

    You reallyhave no choice when you think about it.>KB

  2. we finally see you my friend *smiles* a pensive Haiku for your Monday (hugs)

    • i guess the 2 are related, it just seemed it was about time. definitely the first this shy one asked to have a pic taken, but Scout has been at it since the houseboat trip and yesterday on our back porch the lighting just happened to be right.

  3. Even if we forfeit our choice, we do so by choice.

    • good morning to you, and yes you are so right! at least for me that was an epiphany moment, the realization it was no longer them, or it, or him or her, it was me. i could no longer fool myself after that, not that i still don’t try, heh, at least i know i’m trying to pull the wool over my own eyes now.*grinning*

  4. I’ve always believed each head is a world all its own! Terrific haiku!

    • thank you so much and a very warm welcome to you. i was just on your blog loving every single flower photograph of yours, really impeccable work. i have a soft spot for flowers, i was a landscape designer for 10 years and they are a particular passion of mine.

  5. dawnhosking says:

    That’s food for thought – I’ll go chew it over 😉

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