‘it’s only a name’…Haiku

do you like your name?
the one someone chose for you,
spent months debating

whether they liked it?
the one you had to accept…
your identity…

that reflection
in your mirror everyday…
‘it’s only a name’

so what’s the big deal?
it’s a big deal to a kid!
you were a kid once

don’t you remember?
mom, you know i loved you but
what were you thinking?

a name to spite him?
you know i didn’t like him
i hate to agree,

but i think he was
right, right for the only time
when it came to me.

John, Paul or Michael
Michael, the name i should be
would have been better

than the name i’m not.
mom, you know i loved you but
‘it’s only a name?’

14 thoughts on “‘it’s only a name’…Haiku

  1. Wonderful prose and a good topic! I’m happy with my name~ aren’t you?

  2. Oloriel says:

    A very touchy topic for many.
    I was named after my grandma,to continue the name tradition and I must say I really don;t like my name,mostly because the only person that always calls me by my name is my mother and she does not do it when things are pritty. I have grew to like it partially only because I know it is in honor of my grandmother. Would change it any chance I could tho 😛

    • …hi Oloriel and yes it is touchy, i cannot tolerate my name, not even the second name is good enough to borrow. ..i wish i had changed it pre 9/11 when it was so much easier to do so, one of my regrets in life

      …..and yes, think i recognize the tone of voice, mom’s use when they want to make a point, seems unfair to use your name that way tho…oh well, i guess there are worse things to be unhappy about…

      > Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 21:35:39 +0000 > To: whocouldknowthen@hotmail.com >

  3. Chatty Owl says:

    Its not only a name. Its a title, label that we carry all the time. I dislike my name…

    • so sorry for the delay in my reply, this comment and the one you left on ‘parked on I65’, WP placed in the SPAM section, idk why?

      and yes, our names are a title, an announcement to the world a little of who we are, and i’m sorry you don’t like yours either. it’s been a yoke around my self image neck all my life and i wish i had changed it years ago, pre 9 /11 when it was easier. i’m considering changing my screen name when i update my Gravatar pic ready, to Michael, maybe that’ll help a litle….

      • Chatty Owl says:

        Thats ok. Considering the fact that you dont interact with me, im not surprised to be in spam 😛

      • no Miss, it’s not ok with me, and it’s why i thought it better to tell you. i think you know from our correspondence, that i would never shun a message from you.
        write to me, tell me, assure me that you are ‘back’, your M— is waiting…

  4. So this brought to mind three things…
    1- Johnny Cash’s A Boy Named Sue
    2- “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet” from Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet,
    3-“He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” from Harry Potter.
    I understand not liking one’s name…it is my last name I’d like to disentangle myself from But I have except I am who I am.

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