reaching cheerful shores

and we are finally here
returning once again to the lake of memories.
the houseboat secured, knots tied to
those four familiar, barkless trees worn smooth, standing
on steep jagged shore of the cove we call our own.
signaling another summer warming to its inevitable end,
another year a family tradition fulfilled. our
simple food, and spirits shared with
an ever expanding family of friends, like a rippling
through calm waters, radiating, a
rolling slow motion of fingers reaching
cheerful shores. smiles and our laughter filter through
the cabins, reside at tables, float
lazily like brightly colored rafts in clean water. and
even us, who have taken this trek year after year, unapologetically
join the newly invited, still marvel at the serenity here, the endless loop of
siience that never begins and sees no end….. and can still
gasp at the Blue Heron flying weightless and
closer than it did last year,
preening just for us on
a narrow and slick stretch of pebbles
in this year of high water.

and could
this first night end any better?
huddled under the canopy sheltered
from the sudden downpour, flashlights illuminating
a spontaneous waterfall cascading down
the steeply sloped, stone bank
us all giggling like kids.

when Scout and i finally snug
in our cozy step down cabin,
stroking her hair drifting her to sleep
the gentle rhythm of love’s deep breathing
the only sound in this endless loop of silence

23 thoughts on “reaching cheerful shores

  1. ..dear friends, this was posted from my smartphone as an experiment from the lake we’re on in Tennessee……please forgive any mistakes. ….

  2. beeseeker says:

    The mysteries of the familiar?
    Enjoyed it immensely!

  3. I read – no I read twice – I hit the like button and couldn’t hit it again. Oh my friend you are going from strength to strength in leaps and bounds. I LOVE it all.

    an ever expanding family of friends, like a rippling
    through calm waters, radiating, a
    rolling slow motion of fingers reaching
    cheerful shores.

    I pictured the waves as fingers – the imagery is perfect – have a beautiful time – Ps: your phone worked fine 🙂

    • ..oh that you cited that passage just warms my got reworked so many times, i sat here rolling my fingers very slowly trying to say exactly what i wanted to say…..then i finally focused on my fingers making the motion as waves touching shore….ty, love is an endkess well of inspiration it seems..

      {{{ h u g s }}} and *smiles* sent your way friend..

      • it’s nice to be on the same ‘wave’ length 🙂 {{hugs}} Mr. Who 😉

      • ..there is no doubt it’s awfully special, i have to admit that it gets a little scary the deeper we get. …that sudden fear is what prompted that last line, the fear of being left has been a lifelong issue, tho it has subsided these last years.

        ..heh, thanx…i kinda’ like mr who…

  4. Simple. Soul soothing. Cleansing. Peace my friend.

  5. You make me want to join you on that beautiful vacation!

  6. Your words dance across my screen and I see, hear, smell and feel the essence of your ‘coming home.’ Oh, the serenity, of achieving one’s goals once again. You have a marvelous way with words that paint a picture upon the page – I hear the gently lapping water, the soft wings of water fowl, the laughter of friends united once again and as night falls the blankets pulled tight. A beautiful first night portrayal painted in words. Job well done.

    • ..oh, thank you for so much kindness, a wonderful way to begin the day…..we had another friend arrive yesterday from Brazil, a musician/ singer and our music has only just started…so many singers and musicians in one place….and this person who writes. …i hadn’t planned on posting but…..poetry has its own plan apparently.*smiling*

  7. as a whole– its flavors are assaulting; the flannels of the familiar folds so seamlessly ! A strip of swallows are my first vision !

  8. SSMatthews says:

    We’ve got some lovely imagery, a fabulous, almost sultry tone well maintained throughout, subtle undertones and I know I’m forgetting something else here, regardless excellent writing!

  9. Oloriel says:

    This felt very warm to read, I enjoyed it, so many times I will read something which will be devoid of emotion completely, then I need to come back to your tales and feel the Sun.

    • Oloriel. i so apppreciate you saying tha. ty….i only write what’s in my heart…and i will agree with you, the poetry i’m most drawn to has no fear expressing life. ALL of it, it matters less what emotion it is, i just want FEEL IT when i’m reading.

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