but Scout….. Haiku

i’m in trouble now…
i’ll be talking with someone
and my brain will shout,

‘hey! that’s a Haiku!’
my partner is not amused,
when my eyes go blank

in conversations.
‘but Scout, you said i should write…’
not when i’m talking!’

i hear everything
in five’s and in seventeen’s,
…..‘ooh, there’s another!’

40 thoughts on “but Scout….. Haiku

  1. πŸ™‚ it only goes downhill from here my friend πŸ˜‰

    • hi Chas, so happy to see you on my pages. and thank you *blush*,
      i’ll have to remember to show this wonderful compliment to Scout,
      maybe she won’t scold me so much next time! LOL!

  2. Ms. Marie says:

    Oh wow that is adorable. X3

  3. oh this is my favorite ..

    next thing you know
    scout will start barking orders
    in five’s and seven’s.

  4. dawnhosking says:

    Ah, not only is that a great example of Haiku it also teaches well, thanks for that πŸ˜‰

  5. dawnhosking says:

    Reblogged this on dawnyhosking and commented:
    It is with thanks to the author (who is very talented) that I know understand the concept of Haiku a little more and enjoyed a fine example. I couldn’t resist sharing this gem. Enjoy.

  6. maddy0290 says:

    hehe.. funny haiku.. loved it!

  7. Chess says:

    Loved this one πŸ™‚

    • well, thank you Chess and a very warm welcome to you.
      my brain actually does the syllable count automatically now,
      i’ve become a captive to the Haiku form, a prisoner in my own head…LOL!

      • Chess says:

        At least you get the Haiku in print, I fear poetry so I only get some decent lines in print once every couple of years.

      • hi Chess and very warm welcome to you.

        ty for such honesty, and it’s kind of amazing you said you feared poetry,
        because so have i…all my life as i feared love. i only began writing poetry,
        after swallowing hard in April and posting ‘renewal’ for the 20 Lines a Day
        poetry community. i got so much encouragement, i leaped into the abyss and
        posted anothr, and here we are.

      • Chess says:

        I haven’t written much of anything in the last four years but I was blessed 3 weeks ago with the opportunity to just get over myself. I had myself convinced that being out of practice would make it too hard to “reenter” but honestly, forcing myself to commit to the daily blog experiment and just find a few thoughts to share each day has already fostered an overwhelming desire to write, write, write, and write some more!!! I just need a little practice and I’ll get there…

      • write, write, write, and write some more!!!…i’m so happy for you!!!

        and it’s fact. if not for the encouragement of my friends here, i would not be writing poetry.
        you’ll find this community very nurturing and supportive, you’ll thrive here Chess.

      • Chess says:

        Much thanks for your encouragement!

      • …oh, you are most welcome Chess, you can count on it from me….i believe in giving back what i’ve been given…and i recognize so much of my story in yours, former painter creatively dormant for too long, until Scout encouraged me to begin writing two years ago….so this morning when you said, ‘writing, writing,writing i so knew what you were saying, it’s my enthusiasm / obsession as well.

      • Chess says:

        Obsession is an understatement, πŸ˜‰

      • Ha…glad to hear it!..ditto.

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