shy like me

for a shy Miss…
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i knew this girl, when i was a kid
and wasn’t she, the quietest little thing
the palest skin, an overabundance of freckles
a Dutchboy haircut and bangs that covered her eyes

she was the first girl, i ever saw blush
when i handed her a homemade Valentine card
but she hardly ever said a word, in class or at lunch
and i’m guessing, that’s why i kinda’ liked her so much

oh, did Dianne ever come alive on the swing tho
i would stand on the wooden seat, and she would sit
and we would look in each others eyes, as we got higher
she would have the biggest smile, as she threw her head back

and the wind would blow through her hair
and i really loved, just seeing her face light up
we were only friends, we liked each other’s company
i was so grateful to find someone who was, shy like me
as always, this poem was written to
the tempo of this song::::enjoy::::

21 thoughts on “shy like me

  1. and my shoulders moved to the music as I read your beautiful thoughts {hugs}

  2. Oloriel says:

    Very beautiful walk down your memory lane, I loved the part with the swings and the picture you chose also! 🙂

  3. Robyn Lee says:

    Sooooo delightful! I have always loved to “swing” — Actually had one put on a tree in my yard several years ago –just for me ~ Something energetic about the momentum … your words just reminded me how much I enjoy ~ here…will share this since it’s decorating one of my pages ~
    have a wonderful weekend kind friend!

    • wow, that is a beautiful spot, that old tree, the high plant cover behind you. what a great way to keep in touch with your ‘child’s heart’ too. thank you for sharing that, i’ll know now to visit those pages.

      we kids lived on swings growing up, total exhiliration and almost freedom reaching into the sky…
      .ty Robyn, and you ::::enjoy:::;yours as well.

  4. annotating60 says:

    So she wasn’t all that shy and neither were you.>KB

    • oh, you are wise my friend. no, together with each other, we weren’t shy. it certainnly is part of what i was trying to express, that we can transcend even painful shyness for that ‘someone’. Dianne was extremely shy, a transfer student from the Netherlands i think i might have been the only classmate she spoke to, on a regular basis.

      as for me, i have a condition that goes beyond shyness. i had planned on talking about it this weekend, it just seems like the right time to. nevertheless, the night i saw Scout for the first time, i came out of my shell because i just had no choice. that ‘something’ left me no choice.

      ty, for offering your insight, it means a lot to me.

  5. Chatty Owl says:

    Oh my… Such a brave and bald writing for a shy miss.. Wonderful!
    I can see two figures, just sitting on swings, smitten with each other 😉

  6. oh, i’m glad these words could spark a sweet image like that, ty. i can easily see that too, now that you mention it. *smiles*

  7. brian miller says:

    smiles…that is really cool…those first friends and even first loves are so strong in our memory…esp finding one like us…very cool and nostalgic…

    hey missed you question earlier at dverse….go ahead and toss it in…you have about 90 minutes left before the prompt closes…

    • hi Brian, thanks for bein’ a pal to come by and let me know about d’verse tonight, the truth is i fell asleep as i usually do on Fridays after work. *smiles*

      i am so glad you enjoyed this little poem, i had fun remembering her. it’s amazing how some memories are so crystal clear, even after some 50 years!….oh man , did i just write that? LOL!

  8. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    they sway of your words sway with the song making me feel like
    I was listening to your not so shy friend!..
    Such a fun walk in your memories….Thank you….always a smile
    ad what feels like hug when I wander in …
    Take Care…

    • oh, thank you for picking up on the ‘sway’, i really wanted to give that feeling of swinging back and forth, i thought the tempo of this song was perfect.

      ‘….always a smile and what feels like hug when I wander in …’ ladyblue, please know how wonderful this makes me feel, because it is how i want you to feel when you spend time on these pages, ty so much.

  9. a very beautiful swath of remembering that few write about with such a giggle ~ Wonderful !

  10. Sounds a lot like me all around.

    • i’m so grateful to have a mental image of you, thank you for that. if i can ask, are you shy and quiet still and most importantly do any freckles remain? it’s so rare to see freckles any more….

      i’ll have my moments. but for the most part i’m still that shy boy, actually there is a diagnosis for my shyness with strangers, finally.

  11. I really appreciate how you are able to paint pictures of experiences and relationships with words. This one reminded me of things that made me smile. I am so glad you shared this.

    • oh my little friend Dianne, she was so unbelievably sweet and cute but no one else seemed to think so. we just had this special bond, always finding each other on the playground. ty, i’m glad it could make you smile, it did me when i wrote it.

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