much more than


i can still remember
when i first saw this
cavernous apartment you
lived in, all by your lonesome.

and i said to you,
‘my artist painted chests,
would look so good paired with
your folk art window panes.’
and i imagined….
my classic 50’s lamps,
they might look kinda’ cool on
those antique end tables of yours.

there was little doubt
my stainless steel pots and pans,
would be delighted, side by side
just hangin’ next to your Calphalon.

my darlin’

i remember feeling
so safe in your arms then,
my Homebody wanted only
to make a home with you.

be coupled and paired with you
together with all our stuff.
and hoping your, Always Goin’ Out,
would really want that too…..
and our, almost 12 years later
my folk art, black cat collection,
now takes up an entire shelf, meowing.
Christmas, i always find one under the tree.

‘oh Scout,

do you remember
the sad leafless plant,
that orphan we both
could never give up on?’

still planted in your 50's era,
pale yellow pot i always liked,
‘have you noticed lately
that it’s grown 12 leaves now?’


some days
your Somebody
just looks around
at all the memories,

our life…this home
we’ve shared together.
and i think, ‘stuff can mean
so much more than, just stuff.’
*pics by moi, of our stuff
London Rain
(Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)
And when somebody knows you well
Well there’s no comfort like that
And when somebody needs you
Well there’s no drug Iike that

And where l’m home,
curled in your arms
And I’m safe again

15 thoughts on “much more than

  1. Oloriel says:

    Gorgeously heartwarming, everything, the shelves, the memories, the yellow pot, just everything!

    • Oloriel, when i first saw her stuff, the artwork, the furniture, the eclectic collections, it was like a mirror twin to my stuff and now this place is like a gallery. and we never have to check with each other if we see something we like, and we’re alone we just bring it home. and fit it in, and we both step back and nod in approval!

      ty, and i do have to ask you, are you with d’verse because i didn’t see a poem listed yesterday?

      • Oloriel says:

        Yes, I wanted to submit something, but I felt a bit as tho I would be intruding. I could have swore I followed them allready,but noticed yesterday I didn’t and I felt like “Meh, I will be just popping in here like a random!” so i dedicated yesterday to reading every single entry posted so far and that ate away all my time. I will see if I can post something today, the place really looks awesome and inspiring 🙂

      • well, if you read that much, you’ve seen the quality of the poetry then, awe inspiring. and incredibly generous and encouraging if you need direction. Saturday there is a workshop, to learn classic forms, to get feedback on your work…i just lurk then.

        try not to be so shy next week. i’ve been there 3 weeks now and have made lots of new friends already.
        and they forgive you if you’re like me, and can’t write to prompts for the day. i so hope to see you next Tuesday! *smiles*

  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    I thought I had already read this…hmmmm
    A good flow of combining energies to make them fit….
    Take Care…

    • ..yes, …somewhat..i replied right away because i was so sorry…you read an accidental first draft that wasn’t supposed to be posted.

      ..i came back to the screen and saw your comment and my heart skipped a beat!

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

        I thought I remembered you commenting LOLs..

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

        oh I do remember, I went back to read what you wrote on the page and it was gone…

  3. ManicDdaily says:

    Super charming! From the pots and pans to orphan plant to home in arms. Very sweet poem. Lovely conceit for a poem. k.

    • ManicDdaily says:

      PS – thanks for your knid visit and comments. k.

      • you are most welcome, i meant to read more of your poetry, but that post got me involved. women’s issues always do that for me, always have. thanks again for posting it, it was important.

    • oh, thank you so much, i needed a little lite fare. i’ve been doing some ‘plumbing the emotional depths’, the past few poems and these words were the prescription i so needed.
      i am so glad you enjoyed it, i had a little fun with it, and Scout my partner had a few giggles too. *smiles*

  4. romance brought by simple things and love that blossomed from a yellow pot – this is… I love this

    • thank you, i have to confess i had a little fun writing this,
      our stuff, our collections and paintings are so meaningful to us
      on so many levels. i am so happpy you enjoyed it too.
      {{{ h u g s }}} and *smiles*

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