…just ’cause

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there’s this thing you always do
i’m not even sure you really know,
and i’m not going to ruin it
by making you aware, if you don’t.


i’ll just be standing there
my back turned, making coffee,
the warmth of your little hand
will slide along…and reach my heart.

and your lips mouth little kisses
against my arm and i just look down,
breathing in the scent of your hair.
and it’s the smell…of everything i love.


you’ll be talking, to yourself
your temple leaning so light against me.
i guess you do it…just ’cause i’m there
remind yourself, of things you have to do.

then just as quickly, as i’m breathing you in
you’ll be gone, this thing you do happens often
so i’m not going to ruin it, by making you aware.
and i guess you do it…just ’cause i’ll always, be there.
Swimming in Your Ocean
When I’m swimming in your ocean
Floating aloft on creams
And scented lotions
I can get pretty side-tracked
I hope you’ll understand
as always, this poem was written to the tempo of
this song and can listened to as a soundtrack.
one of my fav songs, male voices, lyirics, bands
and spoof videos, an acquired taste::::enjoy::::

46 thoughts on “…just ’cause

  1. Oloriel says:

    So wonderfull and warm.This, this is the Summer I like and admire, not the season, but people who emit their warmth, from their heart, with each their touch and each their thought.

  2. Sky Vani says:

    I agree with Oloriel. Beautiful

  3. tjtherien says:

    this was very very beautiful and touching…

  4. I enjoyed the drops of your own awareness to your surroundings, the coffee brew, the human contact of small habits that maybe overt yet, covert. Beautifully eclipsed by your hush tone. Fondly Debbie

    • thank you Debbie, so much. i’ve always been fascinated by the small details in life, things others might not notice but i always seem to. i have a head full of these details, from a lifetime of observing. i’m so glad you can appreciate them as you do, thank you again.

  5. So smooth and soothing, yet sensual.

    “…I’ll just be standing there
    my back turned, making coffee,
    the warmth of your little hand
    will slide along… and reach my heart…”

    Loved the flow… Beautiful!

  6. brian miller says:

    ha. yes i can get pretty side tracked in that moment as well…smiles….it is the little things the small touches like that when they are not really even thinking about it that make being in a relationship really cool….

  7. annotating60 says:

    Marvelously poignant.>KB

  8. and i think it’s also the best i’ve written KB, for the reason you stated; i wasn’t there. i wrote that very late one night, in a half sleep/half concious state in one draft, virtually no edits. i felt like i was in the same unconcious state she is in, when she talks to herself leaning up against me. and it’s so meaningful to me that you saw that, ty, ty, ty.

  9. I love the way you incorporate the words with song as unrelated and same…

    • well thank you Katie Mia, i appreciate you telling me that and a warm welcome to you. love and music are the primary inspirations for me, sometimes it’s the lyrics, or the music, the tempo but with this one it was everything. i love this song, and i’m happy finally to be able to pay homage with my own words.

  10. hisfirefly says:

    the words of a lover, tender, true
    the thing YOU do

  11. Truedessa says:

    This was beautiful caught in the magic of the little things that make ones heart pause..lovely that the hand reaches your heart.

  12. thank you Truedessa, i’ve learned the little things are the fabric thatholds so much meaning to our every day. i treasure those moments.

  13. Pamela says:

    Your first poem is quite lovely and warm.


  14. so beautifully tender, sensitive and loving..

  15. Mary says:

    I really love ‘Just ‘Cause.” Really warm and loving and real. Nice relationship poem. Smiles.

    • hi Mary and a warm welcome to you, ty so much.
      i have to confess, i live for these small moments,
      these little things that add so much texture and
      subtle meaning to our relationships.

      oh, she read the poem and still does that thing she does!

  16. You’ve painted a warm picture in our consciousness of actual true love and embrace. 🙂

    I like this a lot. 🙂

  17. Laurie Kolp says:

    So beautiful it brought tears to my eyes!

    • oh, Laurie now i’ve got the sniffles…

      ty so much for your reaction, because i have to confess
      that i’ve wanted to write about that thing she does for
      a long time, but i just never had the right words.

      i finally found them, and of all the poems i’ve written
      this is my absolute favorite. so ty again, your reaction
      just warms my heart.

  18. SSMatthews says:

    I confess I haven’t done the video yet and may not, as I think I prefer the soft warmth of these words without other interpretation. “then just as quickly, as i’m breathing you in you’ll be gone” And gone is okay, because the love is still there, undemanding, strengthening and creating. Beautiful writing!, My friend, you have such a strong talent for expressing gentleness, that it is mesmerizing! And as an aside, thank you for your comment, Dang! You almost made me blush!

    • you certainly deserve the praise on that poem Mr M, anyway, blushing is good for your health!

      i live for those tiny moments, and there usually isn’t a detail that i don’t see,
      i guess it’s a discipline i developed observing, when i painted and sketched. our lives are filled
      with such moments that usually don’t get noticed by anyone, between Scout and i, i want her to know i notice.

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